15+ Best CPS Affiliate Networks in 2024

Do you want to know an effective way to promote your products and services online? Or do you want to learn how to earn money online without investment?! In this article, we will find answers to these questions for you. If you are keen to learn, keep reading.

In today’s business world, marketing plays a crucial role in the success of a newly launched product or service. Many effective marketing strategies can help you achieve this. Digital marketing is a modern and popular form of marketing nowadays.

It is so popular that it has overshadowed any other form of marketing. Cost Per Sale is an effective method of marketing that helps you reach the right audience. This arrangement consists of the CPS network and a publisher and advertiser engaging through that network. The publisher is paid by the advertiser every time a sale occurs through his Ad campaigns or other forms of marketing used by the publisher through that network. 

What is the Cost Per Sale?

There are many models of affiliate marketing that you can benefit from and reach a larger audience. CPS, or Cost Per Sale, is one of those effective models. CPS is a form of affiliate marketing in which the brand advertiser or a specific product will pay you a commission when that product is sold. This means you will get a commission per every sale of the product. Many CPS networks provide these services and serve as an effective platform to connect advertisers and publishers. These networks partner up with some of the biggest brands in the world and have a wide range of offers and other features that can make revenue generation a piece of cake for you. 

However, it is always important to make the right decision regarding choosing one of these networks. Because sometimes, people can face many issues when they work with the wrong CPS network. For example, if a network has a bad reputation for not paying the publishers on time even after a certain target is achieved. You would not want to work for someone like that. Right?!

Another benefit of the CPS model is that it reduces the chances of fraud as the payment is made online only after the customer pays for their purchase. This makes CPS one of the most cost-effective and fraud-protective methods of affiliate marketing. 

Best CPS Networks 2023:

CPS networks are one of those many affiliate marketing models that can help your business promote products and services and for publishers to earn money online without any investment.

Now that you know what CPS is and how it works, it is important to know about some of the Best CPS Networks in 2023 and 2024 out there to help you select the one that you think would be amazing for your business. The list includes:

  1. Rakuten Advertising
  2. TradeDoubler
  3. Mobidea
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. Commission Junction
  6. eBay Partner Network
  7. ClickBank
  8. ShareASale
  9. LinkConnector
  10. Impact Radius

1. Rakuten Advertising:

Rakuten AdvertisingThe Rakuten affiliate network is a part of Rakuten Advertising and has been on the rise for many years. Rakuten has now been named the #1 affiliate marketing network for the past 11 years. It provides offers with many models especially Cost Per Sale. They have a global reach, international strength, and a strong support system that makes them the best or one of the best affiliate networks. Therefore, if you are looking for a network that pays you good commissions and drives significant sales for your products and services, then Rakuten is the right choice. 

They have successfully connected with a larger number of advertisers and publishers and gained their trust throughout these years. To get good affiliate commissions or increase your sales volume, partner up with Rakuten Linkshare; you won’t be disappointed!

Rakuten LinkShare is a platform that connects advertisers with some of the best publishers so that they can help them reach the target audience and also influence repeat customers. Such repeat customers bring in new customers with them. This gives your business a chance to grow and generate more revenue hence a greater return on investment. 

They mostly use a holistic strategy where your revenue keeps increasing and your performance is optimized to its best. What else could be more amazing?! It is known that in 2016 they facilitated about 100 million orders worldwide which easily speaks for the success they’ve accomplished over the past several years. 

One of the most amazing facts about Rakuten Linkshare is that they can process payments to more than 250 countries in 25 currencies. Their outstanding account management makes things easier for you and helps you grow your business. They have a minimum payment threshold of $50 and the payment methods include direct deposit, check, and PayPal. 

2. Tradedoubler:

tradedoublerTradedoubler is among the best CPS networks that use innovative technology, has a global reach, powerful conversion optimization tools, a great customer support team, and intensive customer targeting that will help you to their level best to generate more revenue. They have affiliate marketing expertise of 19 years and bring all innovative solutions to the table. Being a global affiliate network, they have a large network of advertisers and publishers and work with the biggest agencies. 

They work with about 2,000 brands around the world in 83 countries and have 180,000 publishers. Their offices are located in 9 different regions in Europe and have now opened up an office in Singapore. Some of its big clients include HP, Puma, Philips, Groupon, ING, and many more. 

3. Mobidea:

Mobidea is a beneficial and intriguing CPS affiliate network that successfully connects advertisers and publishers. It provides an amazing opportunity to earn more revenue from the many offers available on their website. Any affiliate network is recognized by the degree and excellent quality of the brochure of their proposition which determines the level of their success. 

You can join this network for free and it will only take you about a few minutes. This is a mobile-only affiliate network that will instruct you on how to drive more traffic to the desired offers either directly or through their Smartlinks technology. This gives the affiliates cost-optimized recommendations to keep monitoring their business traffic. 

Mobidea enormously focuses on mobile recommendations for their advertisers and publishers. They provide a free performance tracker on their network to keep on checking your performance. This is an amazing way to find out about the progress you made and the things you need to work on. 

They have different types of offers including dating, sweepstakes, adult, finance, gambling, mobile submits, etc Their minimum payment threshold is 50€. 

4. Amazon Associates:

Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates has gained the reputation of being one of the best CPS Ad networks in this field. It can generate a lot of revenue for you and they offer some of the most amazing products in the market. It provides a good rate of commission on advertisements at 10% which can be considered a good entry point. There are many options available on Amazon. All you have to do is sign up and become an affiliate first, then you can promote those products and sell them on your site right away!

Once you reach the minimum threshold level of $100 you will be paid a hefty sum of money at regular periods for your efforts. Amazon has a reputation for working with the top online shopping stores and therefore they have a better opportunity of promoting sales and producing higher conversion rates. With the Amazon CPS Ad network, it is easy to keep an eye on your performance as well as on the ongoing progress in sales, revenue, clicks, and dates. 

5. CommissionJunction:

CJ- Commission Junction:

CommissionJunction is among the leading CPS marketing networks. They have gathered some of the best and most hard-working publishers and advertisers on the network and therefore are working with successful agencies. They provide high optimization tools, successful targeting of customers, and an excellent customer support system. Such features allow the users to gain the best of the benefits from the amazing CommissionJunction CPS network.

They offer you great solutions to improve your site’s performance and enhance it to produce paradigmatic outcomes. With about 3000 advertisers working with this network, it is a leader in digital marketing and has mastered its way of earning a greater return on investment. They use innovative technology that helps the business grow at a global level and has earned a rightful place in the eCommerce world. 

6. eBay Partner Network:

eBAY partner Network

eBay is easily one of the biggest and most successful eCommerce websites since 19908. They have gained global success and a respectful name in the business. There are a large number of advertisers and publishers working with eBay. They facilitate many buyers and vendors throughout the world. They will help you in monetizing opportunities at each ability level. By working with such a large network, you will be paid a handsome commission since eBay has millions of new customers and repeat customers. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold of $10, you’ll be paid within minutes. 

With such a large number of customers, it would be a waste to not utilize their network. Besides, if you are getting a lot of monthly traffic then why not utilize eBay to get the most benefits? With eBay, you can earn about 50% to 70% of commissions and also get paid faster. 

They have an easy-to-use portal and it provides all sorts of information to keep you in line with your performance through the analytics tracker. They have multiple tools and in case you don’t know how to use them, you can use the guides available for each. 

7. ClickBank:

ClickBankClickBank is an old CPS network and has a lot of experience in the industry. It serves as an excellent platform to bring advertisers and publishers together and is pretty popular among them. ClickBank likes to work with business owners who simply want to promote their business on the web and increase their revenue. ClickBank mostly works on digital products like eBooks or software. It operates across 190 countries and it is estimated that about 30,000 people sign up with this network daily. 

What is better than an affiliate network that values its affiliate’s satisfaction and happiness as their top priority? With ClickBank, you can earn up to 75% commissions and even repeat commissions. You will get an income stream from this network as long as the users are subscribed to your offers. 

ClickBank offers thousands of products so you can choose any of them that you think would appeal to your target audience the most. Moreover, they have a user-friendly dashboard that would give you real-time data on clicks, sales, and profits. 

8. ShareASale:



ShareAsale has been in the market for 17 years and is now a trustworthy source for both publishers and advertisers. It is great for platform affiliate marketing that generates significant earnings through the use of its innovative technology. Moreover, they have excellent customer care service, great features, a reliable network, and make on-time payments which makes them trustworthy. 

ShareASale has about 3,500 advertisers working with them, all of them experienced professionals who bring innovative ideas to the table and help train new talent as well. They have an effective performance tracker through which you can keep in line with your performance and also get information on the views, sales, responses, views of customers, and earnings. 

You can pick any one of the various categories that include birthday ceremonies, gifts, wedding cards, tech, fitness, apparel, and productivity, and customize your affiliate links by creating a shortened URL that is tremendously attractive for users. They also have a reporting feature that helps you to make your reports very easily. 

9. LinkConnector:

LinkConnectorLinkConnector uses innovative technology to generate more sales which makes the one of the best CPS affiliate networks out there. With their effective features, it is a piece of cake to gain more traffic and increase sales volume, hence increasing the revenue. 

They can partner you up with both local and international brands. The affiliate team will support you in reaching out to some of the well-known brands to promote your blog or website through their effective LC technology. From this, you can tell that they have an amazing and supportive team that can help you join a top brand. 

Are you looking for a CPS network that provides you with long-term relations and more success over time? If you are then LinkConnector is the right choice for you. With their ideal technology, they can pair you up with trusted brands and hence create a good reputation for you. 

Besides all of that, LinkConnector also utilizes Link technology in which you will get high SEO results and hence more revenue generation. One of the many best things about them is that they give you a response within hours so you can promote your online business quicker than usual and it will not take weeks as it does with other networks. You can view your performance records through a mobile, browser, location, etc. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold of $100 you are set to earn a higher amount every time you make progress. 

10. Impact Radius:

impactImpact Radius has a great reputation in the affiliate marketing world and is one of the best CPS networks that you can work with. They have partnered up with about 7 million affiliates around the world in different regions. It mainly focuses on the customer needs and requirements which makes development faster and ensures more success. They have tools that can increase your sales volume. The quickest way to pull up Ads on Impact Radius is by clicking a bunch of options for promotions of different types. An exciting thing about them is that you can even quickly channel basic promotions by size. 

They have an organized process of doing things that range from tracking, commissioning, and paying, to evaluating performance throughout many channels and gadgets. They have an authentic and accurate tracker that tracks any kind of fraudulent traffic and reduces the risk of fraud from advertising and publishing units. All things considered; Impact Radius acts as a booster for your bank account. After all, who doesn’t want to earn good money without any risks right?!

Impact Radius does not have a fixed minimum payment so it completely depends on you. It ranges from as low as $25 to as much as $5000. As long as your performance is good and you have the drive to do better, you will earn a good amount of money. 


By looking at some of the best CPS Ad networks, you must have known how each one has distinctive features and one is better than the other concerning certain features. When you choose a network make sure to look at all the benefits it has to offer and its features whether they correspond with your requirements or not. You must also make sure as an advertiser to look at the nature of the network, the offers that it has, and the categories of products and services that it promotes.

As a publisher, you should look for trusted networks that work with some of the world-known brands and can offer you high enough and timely payments. Never compromise your success and always make sure to be careful when fishing online for the success of your business especially when you are just starting. 

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