Best Pay-Per-Install (PPI) Networks in 2024

Do you want to learn a way of gaining genuine traffic with a high probability of converting users into customers, right?! If you want to know what strategy or marketing model you can use to accomplish that, keep reading this article.

As we all know how marketing is essential for the success of any business or specific products and services. There are many strategies and resources you can utilize to accomplish your goal of reaching the maximum target audience. Driving genuine traffic is as important as it is to reach out to a larger audience in the first place. The concept of pay-per-install comes into play here. If users are willing to install a certain application you created for your business there is a high chance of converting them into potential buyers. But you might be asking what PPI is. How to utilize it to increase your revenue?! What networks to trust in this process? Let’s explore the answers to these questions together!

What is a PPI Network?

The Pay-Per-Install program normally works by introducing third-party advertisements during the installation process. The users visiting have an option whether to install or not install the third-party program which usually is an application made by a developer either for mobile or desktop. On every installation, the developer earns money. 

This easily represents that each installation comes with money. So, the more the number of installations the higher will be the revenue generated. This is why it has become one of the most attractive monetization methods. By increasing the downloads and conversions imagine how much money will be earned on a monthly basis. 

How to Use Pay-Per-Install Networks?

The more the conversion rate, the higher will be the income stream. Who wouldn’t want that?! Well, this can be accomplished with the help of PPI networks that not only help developers to monetize their software but also market them to a larger target audience. Since these networks always have a large user base, it is easier for developers to increase their downloads and hence earn more money. 

Being a developer, you can still sign up as an advertiser and make other developers promote your software or application for you. In this case, then the developer becomes the publisher and the developer of the software becomes the advertiser that has to pay the publisher. This is an all-win situation because as a developer you sign up as an advertiser, you only pay for the advertising cost, you get more installations, get to grow your business. All work is done through the convenience of the network and by pairing up with the right publishers or developers. 

What are The Best PPI Networks in 2024:

Now that you know what a PPI network is and how it works, it is essential to know some of the best PPI affiliate networks. These Best PPI Networks in 2023 and 2024 can help you promote your software or application to your target audience and help you grow your business. 

  1. Cinstaller
  2. InstallCapital
  3. MGCash
  4. AdWorkMedia
  5. InstallMonster
  6. Honey
  7. MyLead
  8. PerInstallBucks
  9. InstallCube
  10. Solimba
  11. Propeller Ads
  12. HilltopAds
  13. AdBuff
  14. ClickAd
  15. Conversant Media

1. Cinstaller:

CinstallerCinstaller is one of the best PPI networks in 2022. Every time someone installs something through your website or software you will be paid by them. This network provides great tools to monetize your content whether it is a website or specific software. You will get various excellent quality optimized, landing pages, promo stuff, and high-converting software products. 

This network provides customizable options for your free software or website and with their tool, you can drive a lot of traffic and earn lots of money with each install. They are also popular for providing high payments to their affiliate partners and the pay-per-install is fixed. This means there is a fixed rate that is provided for each installation. However, upon your request, they can convert your account into a revenue share account. A revenue share account is more beneficial especially when there is a lot of traffic. 

There is no minimum payment threshold set by them. it is totally up to you what amount you want to set as the minimum payment and then after that is completed you will be paid accordingly. The payment cycle is biweekly. So, for example, if you earn money from 1-15 you will be paid the next day on the 16th. The payments are always made on business days. There are many modes of payment that makes this network highly convenient. 

2. InstallCapital:

install ppiInstall Capital tool provides various types of tools to monetize your content and the various types of traffic that you get. For example, you can have movie downloads or a standard website that you can easily monetize through those tools.

There are various effective marketing tools provided by InstallCapital that help to promote your website or software to the maximum. Once your website is promoted you will start receiving traffic. These marketing tools such as landing pages, direct downloads, banners, buttons, etc provide step-by-step guidelines to help you through everything. This network also pays through various payment modes like PayPal, Payoneer, etc. 

InstallCapital mostly focuses on the region from which your users install and how many of the offers they install. These users will also encounter many other exciting deals or offers along with the standard installation. When that user installs them more revenue is generated. This means the more user traffic and higher the quality the more will be revenue generated. 

3. MGCash:

MGDo you get a lot of views? Do you put out amazing quality content? Can you drive traffic effectively? If your answer is yes to these questions then there is good news for you! You can earn a lot of money even without millions of installations or visitors. 

MGCash uses both affiliate marketing models of PPI and CPA. You can use different marketing tools for different types of content. For example, if you have software to install then File Locker would work the best for you but if you have a website then Web Locker is the most effective. This network also gives you access to an SMS gateway through which you can interact with the customer in case they want to pay through SMS. You will be provided with a gateway to monetize the download links as well as password-protected fields. 

They have a minimum payment threshold of $100 that is sent through various payment modes. 

4. AdWorkMedia:

adworkmediaAdWorkMedia has been around for quite some time and has significant experience. They have many publishers and each one has its separate dashboard which you can access if you want to. 

To make monetizing easier for you they will provide you with some automatic trackers in the system such as Pixel, Tracking, email notification, etc to keep you aware of each and everything. You can monetize different types of content such as links, software, and other content, etc. There is a WordPress plugin on the website and the site is always updated. This means every now and then you will get new features and benefits. AdWorkMedia has an amazing support system so you won’t face any difficulty. 

Their minimum payment threshold is just $35 and once you reach that amount you will be paid at regular intervals. 

5. InstallMonster:

InstallMonsterInstallMonster is a Russian Owned PPI network however you will find the website in English as well. This network is considered very transparent in their dealing and all of its information is communicated crystal clear to its clients. The revenue generated is usually calculated in Rubles. The average CPM of InstallMonster is known to be $40 per 1000 launches. If you run your website and you want to promote it, all you need to do is to change the links on your website to that of InstallMonster but you must know how to properly do it. After that, you will be offered some additional components along with installations and will be paid at an 80% rate by the advertiser on each installation. 

InstallMonster also helps you provide you with certain codes that you can put up on your website. They also provide you with a JavaScript or WordPress plug-in. Other than that, you can also use domain names but after ensuring that they are unused. 

When you up your performance with InstallMonster it is also possible to get bonuses along with the basic pay for installations. You will be able to receive daily payments through Webmoney. 

6. Honey:

HoneyHoney was established in 2012 and its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. It runs an extension that provides online coupons through website extensions. The customers are always kept in line with the current and previous prices of the items that are sold by the partnered stores on Honey. When a customer buys a product from any of the member merchants, honey then provides commissions to that member.

Therefore, honey generates revenue through customer purchases from the partner retailers on their network. You will find Honey’s extensions on Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. 

They have a $1 commission per extension installation on a desktop. And registration on mobile is $0.25. It is a globally accepted Affiliate network with a great affiliate team and promo materials. They have a tracking dashboard that gives you all the necessary details in terms of the progress made. 

7. MyLead:

MyleadMyLead has been in the affiliate marketing industry since 2014 and has become one of the best Affiliate marketing networks. MyLead has helped a lot of publishers and advertisers increase their revenue. It not only provides a source of income generation but also guides you through everything so you get the help that you need to do things successfully. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. 

As mentioned, MyLead guides, and directs you along the process so you can get a significant learning experience with them. You will not see this normally with other networks because not all affiliate networks are this thorough. They provide a large number of offers which can be as much as 1000. MyLead uses many different affiliate marketing models including PPI, CPA, CPL, SMS, etc. 

MyLead is there to guide both publishers and advertisers through every step of the journey and will give you the best outcome in terms of revenue generation. 

8. PerInstallBucks:

PerInstallBucksPerInstallBucks is one of the best and most modern pay-per-install affiliate programs. They operate on a global level and only promote high-quality software and other content. You will be paid $1.1 per installation by PerInstallBucks. As they operate on a global level, you can get traffic from 120 different countries. This is such a big figure in the PPI affiliate program. 

They are most famous for driving download traffic and along with standard services they also give you some complimentary promo tools such as banners and free download links. These can be used as effective promotional tools to attract more customers. The more downloads and clicks you get; the more revenue will be generated. Their minimum payment amount is $50, once you reach this amount you will get paid through payza, PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, etc. Their software is genuine and free from any viruses therefore, it is safe for your users. 

9. InstallCube:

intall cubeInstallCube is known for its software distribution services in a legal and proper way. If you are a developer that wants to promote their software, file, music, and other such content, then InstallCube is the right network for you. You will be provided with their amazing offers and benefit from every run of the installer from your website.

Moreover, InstallCube offers high rates on the purchase of file traffic. Payouts are given every week and other types of payments are also done on request. InstallCube will provide you with statistical values with different variables. 

10. Solimba:

solimbaWhen you are looking for Affiliate marketing networks you must know that high revenue generation is not the only thing that will lead you to success. So if you go for a network that is known to generate large amounts of money, you might not get the results that you want. 

Solimba is a PPI network that not only focuses on increasing the monetary worth of your business but also focuses on business development. They provide you with an account manager that is an expert in analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing all of the publishers that are partnered up with Solimba. 

The Solimba staff is trained to provide the clients with expert help and they teach them the importance of communication in this line of business. With the right communication exchange of innovative ideas occurs that can be transformed into money-making opportunities eventually.

Solimba is also considered one of the most competitive PPI networks in the industry because they only deal with premium advertisers. 

11. Propeller Ads:

propelleradsPropeller Ads is also among the best PPI networks that have several modes of payment and versatile Ads that can fit various types of websites. They have a Minimum payment threshold of $100 and it is usually transferred within a month through Payoneer or wire transfer. They have a live tracker on their network to estimate the expected revenue. Only 20% of the payment is taken by them. Propeller Ads also give you a bonus of $50 making it easier to earn money. 

12. HilltopAds:

hilltopadsHilltopAds is simply among the best PPI that have a minimum payment amount of only $50. This means that you can start earning money pretty quick. with this network, you can expect to generate more revenue. The network also doesn’t charge for receiving payments through different payment modes such as Bitcoin.

Moreover, they have innovative technology focused on Ad blocking software to increase the chances of your content showing up on the browser. They have a high range of Ad formats and a reputation for driving high traffic on mobile websites. 

13. AdBuffs:

ADbuffsAdBuffs is on the list of popular PPI networks, however, it has some strict regulations to maintain your performance on the network. You have to maintain 2000 visitors per day to meet their requirements for an account and with that, your account will have near-perfect fill criteria. 

They have a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy for you to access your payments after $100 through various payment modes. That is one convenient thing about this network. 

14. ClickAd:

clickadsClickAd is popular for providing real-time data on tracking revenue. Their forecast is fast and highly accurate for any given period. With the help of their dashboard, you can easily calculate the average CPM and device they use based on their location and the device that they used. They also have integrations with social media.

They have a minimum payment threshold of $100. If you have a website that is suitable for pop-under Ads then this network is the best choice for you. 

15. Conversant Media:

Conversant MediaConversant Media is a PPI network that is used by a larger number of publishers and has partnered up with up to 5000 brands. They have a requirement of 3000 quarterly impressions for any sort of mobile application or website to show its variety of content. Considering the large numbers associated with conversant media, this is a pretty deal. 

Their minimum payment threshold is only $25 and once you reach that you will start receiving your payments through PayPal, Check, etc. 


After briefly looking at the many different PPI networks you must have an idea of which one to choose and which one meets your requirements the most. With so many different types it can get confusing for you to choose one network. However, you must always choose a network whose features and benefits suit your business in the best way possible. 

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