15 Best CPA Networks For Publishers in 2024

Before we know about the best CPA Networks, it is best to understand what CPA networking is and how it works in the marketing world. In today’s world of digital marketing, there are multiple ways of advertising to benefit various businesses. Some of these correspond more with certain businesses and vice versa. The key to benefiting from your marketing strategy is always understanding the type of strategy that best suits your business strategy.

Nowadays, one of the most effective marketing strategies that many companies and businesses use is CPA Network which stands for ‘’Cost per action’’ or ‘’Cost per acquisition’’. It is very important to understand a CPA network and how it works, which can further help you enter or succeed in your digital marketing career.

What is a CPA Network?

By looking at the abbreviation ‘’cost per action,’’ you might gain some understanding of this type of marketing. CPA is a model of digital marketing which is quite different from traditional marketing methods. Traditionally the publisher would be paid if the user purchased on their site. However, with CPA, the user does not need to make a purchase for the publisher to be paid. This means the advertiser pays the publisher when the user takes action. In this arrangement, the CPA publisher is the affiliate marketer, and the users or customers can request goods and services.

The Importance of CPA Networking:

There are many benefits of CPA networking compared to traditional affiliate marketing methods. It creates more long-lasting effects and increases the probability of turning users into customers.

CPA networking creates strong relationships and a high probability of converting clients into potential customers. This is mainly because it is simple to use on all ends and builds relationships without hassles.

CPA networking is not limited to one brand or product; you can use it to promote multiple products and services on your website. This is beneficial as long as you can accommodate the required user traffic. For example, if you have a website promoting electronic products, you can provide the viewers with links to different brands, products, or suppliers.

Another simple way for the publisher to earn income from this is to create forms for the users to fill up. In this method, the viewers only need to click on a link or fill out a form to earn money.

How Does CPA Networking Work?

CPA networking involves a publisher, an advertiser, and a CPA network. The publisher’s job is to create specific or general content for the audience related to the advertised product, service, or brand. The advertiser aims to increase the number of users, sales, or potential customers. This method provides a platform to bring the publisher and advertiser together. It offers a way for the publisher to earn money by promoting the products and services. 

For example, a publisher has a website for promoting different types of clothing depending upon demographics, therefore, appealing to different audiences. Or A Publisher specializes in publishing workout plans for specific body types, which could also appeal to different people belonging to different body types. The CPA network provides a platform for the person uploading content to promote the trainer’s programs; the same goes for the clothing brand, which earns a commission per lead or sale.  

Looking at all of these factors, we can say that this marketing strategy is simple yet highly beneficial for engaging parties. 

Best CPA Networks 2023:

Now that you know about what CPA networks are, the engaging parties that make this work, and the importance of such platforms, you must know about some of the Best CPA Networks in 2023. Let’s know about these networks in further detail.

1. Performcb (Clickbooth):


Previously known as Clickbooth, Performcb has been named the best affiliate networking platform in 2022. Its name was changed from Clickbooth to Perfromcb because of the merger with Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM. This Network was created in 2002 and had been running for 20 years in this field. You can say that it has a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. This is a network that mainly focuses on performance marketing and provides a platform for advertisers that are interested in finding performance solutions. 

This platform works by providing a large network of publishers and marketers, highly efficient campaigns, and built-in patent-pending technology. This network also offers many other revenue-generating methods besides CPA. It has proven to reach a greater target audience to increase website traffic and gain a higher return on investment. It offers many beneficial features and allows publishers to generate more revenue. Moreover, they also specialize in some vertical services such as eCommerce, Finance, Health, Beauty, etc. 

There is no minimum payment in Performcb, and some payment methods include Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum, ACH, Wire, and PayPal. 

2. AdWork Media:

AdWork Media

AdWork Media is among the best CPA networks. They are known to be popular for product and content lockers. This network allows earning performance-based bonuses, which are given every month. Every publisher can get a bonus of around 20% monthly from commissions. 

This CPA network also specializes in content and product lockers. It earns more benefits from the product content that is not shown to everyone or a product page that receives a lot of traffic, and you desire to monetize it. 

This network earns more money from content lockers than from openly displaying its Ads, such as Google Adsense. It is a great start for beginners and gives a minimum payout of $35. 

3. MaxBounty:


In the CPA networking world, Maxbounty is an old network that has been around since 2004. With more than 2000 active campaigns, you will find an affiliate campaign that best suits you. Due to such diversity, it is greatly loved by affiliate marketers and advertisers as it was titled the best CPA Network in 2019. 

MaxBounty gives out weekly payments and also gives performance-based rewards at regular intervals. Once the bonuses or rewards are approved, you will be given an affiliate manager to help you gain more traffic on the page. Their dashboards have many features that help them stay on top and keep track of the most current and popular campaigns. 

It is estimated that they have over 30,000 affiliates, 1000+ advertisers, and 2000+ Current live offers. It has received the best affiliate network awards consecutively from 2013 to 2019. 

Another reason why this network is so popular is because of its friendly customer service. You can contact their manager anytime, and they will quickly respond. 

4. CrakRevenue:

CrakRevenueCrakRevenue is among the best CPA networks specializing in adult and mainstream content. It has been around for over 11 years and, therefore, has an experience for a long time. This network has been awarded as many as 20 times since 2010. It is a good source of revenue, even for beginners. 

CrakRevenue stands out among other networks for several reasons, such as its unique and high-paying offers, cutting-edge marketing tools, modern tracking system, and some of the best affiliate managers. They have a simple-to-use dashboard which makes it easier for you to keep track of your campaigns.

CrakRevenue is very organized in its payments, so you will always get paid on time. Their customer service or affiliate managers are the nicest to guide you through and help you do better. Their easy-to-use dashboard allows you to keep track of your performance. Other than these benefits, there are many unique features built in that you can use, such as a WordPress plugin, customizable landing pages, etc. 

CrakRevenue is highly efficient, has a user-friendly dashboard, and gives great and timely payouts, a broad range of adult offers, and high-converting custom funnels. 

5. MyLead:

MyleadThe number of affiliate networks keeps increasing, and you will find many of them. With such great strength, only a few networks allow beginners to learn. MyLead is one of them and is the best at doing so. They offer training programs to those who wish to enter this field of affiliate marketing.

The Headquarters of MyLead is located in Poland and was established in 2004. Considering the length of its operating life, it is not rocket science to tell how experienced this network must be; therefore, beginners can trust them with their learning journey. 

MyLead is among the best CPA networks that offer significant money to its advertisers and publishers. Not only does it pay them in monetary terms but also in non-monetary terms by giving them a significant learning experience. It is an effective place for beginners to learn and grow and for experienced ones to learn new things. 

MyLead uses five monetization methods: CPL, CPS, CPA, PPU, and SMS. This is an easy-to-use CPA network and does not have any complicated requirements. You need to create an account which can be created for free, sign in and begin your journey. Suppose you have any questions regarding their affiliate programs. In that case, it is all available on their website, where you can find all the details about the different affiliate programs, offers, and other such details. 

6. Adsterra:

AdsterraAdsterra is a global CPA network that is highly versatile and therefore gives you many choices in terms of Ad formats. That is why it is viable for all types of people and can help you gain traffic. This Network is considered a reliable and safe network used globally. 

Adsterra is among the best CPA Ad networks. They have also become so popular because of the support that they offer to native advertisements. This helps many people to start with less cost and help gain a lot of impressions. Their banners are useful because you can use them on your personal computer or mobile phone to earn a higher CRT. 

Their security system is amazing as they have fraud detection systems included. This reduces or gets rid of the probability of fakeness and fraud. This makes the network more trustworthy, secure, and reliable. Adsterra is pretty easy to use. You can sign up on their website and start earning revenue shortly. 

Moreover, their customer support is great as they claim to provide 24/7 support seven days a week. Their offers can include public, private, and exclusive direct offers. Adsterra is also efficient in its payment systems as they are fast to pay. Adsterra even pays their trusted affiliates twice a week and not after the approval of conversion by the advertiser. 

7. Advidi:

AdvidiAdvidi is a great affiliate network, but it gives the feeling of a digital marketing agency because of its appearance and some functions. This is an affiliate network based in Europe. However, to use this and take full advantage of its features, you must research to find out the type of offers they have. 

The whole concept of Advidi is based around a few specific verticals; therefore, offerings consist of the following: 

  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gaming
  • Nutrition 
  • Finance

These packages may include many things, such as diet plans suited for different body types, how to manage finances, etc. Advidi is very specific in giving their payout information which is why it is hard to get any details regarding their payouts. However, if you want to be paid weekly, you must be among the affiliates to generate at least $1500 in sales commission every month. To achieve this target, it is obvious that you would need to drive a lot of traffic. Their commission types include CPA and CPL and give 30 days with a target commission of $1500. 

8. AdCombo:

AdCombo is the most visually aesthetic CPA network on this list. Their uniqueness is that they claim to have campaigns across 12 verticals unavailable on any other CPA network. They also target users based on geography because they can provide support in over 40 languages. The different language pages are run by the international server so that it can have the fastest loading time. 

AdCombo has many offers, such as:

  • Wallpapers
  • Antivirus
  • Gaming
  • Forex
  • Betting
  • VOD

AdCombo is very strict in its payment procedures, and they pay its affiliates on time every week without any delays or requirements to hold the payouts. 

9. ClickDealer:

ClickDealerClickDealer is also among the best CPA Networks, even though it has not been around for too long, as it was established in 2012. However, with their excellent offers and reliable payouts, they have become popular and have won an award every year since it was established. This CPA network is very popular for the reason that they have offers in all of the popular niches, such as:

  • Dating
  • Gaming
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile
  • Retail
  • Sweepstakes
  • Voucher
  • Software

They are an international network that provides many incentives besides the payouts. Their minimum threshold is only $100 in sales commission. After that is completed, you can start getting monthly payments. If you want weekly payments, you must prove yourself through your performance and become a reliable affiliate marketer. 

10. Adstart Media:

Adstart MediaAdstart has been in the affiliate marketing business since 2017 and is among the fastest-growing networks. It is a platform to connect publishers and advertisers and provide them with an opportunity to monetize their content and increase user traffic. This network is based on performance marketing and is popular in Europe and the Middle East. Adstart has many offers and deals across 200+ GEOs and in-house developed offers, allowing them to provide the best of benefits to their marketers. 

They have a minimum threshold of $100 in the CPA, CPL, and CPI sales commission. The payout time also varies according to your performance and efforts, whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. And they have several payment methods which are highly convenient such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, Paxum, and Payoneer.

11. CPAlead:

CPAleadCPAlead is among the best and most established CPA networks. Their offers are provided on both PC and Mobile but more importantly on Mobile. They have about 300 products and services that you can promote through various methods such as pop-ups, banner Ads, native ads, and pop-unders. They target the users on the bases of geography as well as device usage, which is taken care of by the Network, so you won’t have to go through extra hurdles. The marketer must choose the best offer that suits him and begin with his work. CPAlead has partnered with some of the biggest names in the business world, such as Amazon, Netflix, Samsung, Spotify, Supercell, etc. This is probably why they have been able to payout around $100 million to their marketing affiliate partners. Their payment threshold is also very low, which is $50, another reason for you to choose this network. 

12. Admitad:

AdmitadEven though Admitad is not very popular, and some people might not even be aware of its existence, it is still, in my opinion, among the best SPA networks that benefit all parties engaged to their best. Admitad is a global affiliate marketing network partnered up with almost 2000 advertisers. They have admitted to earning $32,700 in a single day. This amount of earnings is proof of their enormous traffic and the level of seriousness they work to achieve it. Moreover, this network gives you an offer of contextual advertising to monetize your website traffic. Their payment threshold Is as low as $20, and the payment is made weekly. Not only do they provide you with significant offers and a quality platform to monetize your traffic, but they also provide you with a better learning experience. 


After taking a look at these many CPA networks, you must know what these are and how they actually work. You must consider several things before choosing the right one for yourself as a publisher or advertiser. The right CPA offers can earn you a lot of revenue.

You must always choose a network that relies on quality performance, has the best offers that suit you, and pays their working affiliates on time. Many networks have a reputation for not paying their affiliate marketing partners on time. Therefore, you must always be aware of them.

Choose a network that is all in one, can generate more revenue, has quality offers, pays you on time, and gives you a new learning experience with excellent customer service to guide you through every difficulty. Before choosing one, always make sure to do some research and choose wisely. 

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