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How To Change Your Age on TikTok In 2024

Did you know you can change your age on TikTok? If you want to change your age on TikTok, you can change it according to your requirements.

Also, why do you need to change your age on TikTok? TikTok restricts those accounts that are under 13, so if you set your birthdate date as 13 or below, you may be restricted by TikTok. Therefore, you must change your age on TikTok according to the platform’s policy.

There are several situations where changing your age on TikTok could be a good idea. If you are uncomfortable with the network knowing your true age, you may modify it to anything you wish. Thanks to this method, you won’t have to be concerned about sharing personal data that you’re not prepared to give while using the application.

If you want to increase your possibilities of getting included on the TikTok app’s For You tab, you could also update your age. To increase your chances of being viewed by much more viewers, you could update your age, as TikTok’s algorithm likes material from individuals who are between the ages of 18 as well as 24.

You won’t necessarily get noticed on TikTok if you change your age there, but it can be good to try. Unless you’re prepared to share it with the public, it will, at the very least, assist you in keeping your data secret.

So how to change your age on TikTok? This guide will teach you how to change your age on TikTok easily.

What Will You Do If Your TikTok Profile Is Deactivated on TikTok?

In 2021, TikTok amended its age restriction rule to safeguard its younger customers better. Due to this, TikTok terminated close to 7 million users the year before. If your account is deleted, you can obtain an email letting you know. If you’ve been the victim of profile termination, open the application and select “Report A Problem” to let TikTok know there is a problem.

You can still submit a form to ask that your Profile be closed if you are greater than 13, though. If the support team finds your application valid, you must show a legal document as identification. If your account has been disabled, you have thirty days to inform TikTok. Your account will then be permanently disabled.

On TikTok, Can you Modify your Birthday?

At first, TikTok gave users access to their dates of birth and the option to adjust them to represent their present ages. Furthermore, several incidents with children violating the policy, changing their birthdays, and accessing adult tasks, as well as content, have been documented.

As a result, TikTok removed the function. Only after contacting TikTok’s customer service team, verifying your identification, and awaiting them to modify your birthday is it possible to alter your birthdate.

What Should You Do If You’re a Minor on TikTok?

It is preferable to create an account with a parent if you are a minor yet desire to join TikTok for leisure. This strategy is believed to be secure as long as you abide by all regulations and guidelines. If your parents have a TikTok profile, you may manage it together.

Using this linked account, you may explore and enjoy clips in addition to following well-known TikTok members. You may also ask your parents to notify their contacts by working with them on this. This method is the most effective way to use TikTok without violating the company’s policies. Ultimately, it takes work to change your age on TikTok since you have to contact customer service and show a legal ID. If you are a minor, it can be a good idea to create a combined account with your parent.

How to Change Your Age on TikTok:

Have you entered your age incorrectly on your TikTok Profile? If yes, you must change your age on your TikTok account. So, here are some steps to change your age on TikTok easily:

  • The initial step you have to do is to open your TikTok account on your smartphone device, which may be Android or iPhone.
  • On the home screen, you will see the option of Profile at the bottom right corner; you have to click on the Profile.
  • Then you will see three lines at the upper right corner of your Profile; click on those three lines.
  • When you tap on the three lines, a new page will open that shows the setting and privacy option.
  • Now you have to scroll the setting and privacy page unless you see the support section on that page.
  • In the support section, there is a present option, Report a Problem, at the top of the section, and you have to select that option.
  • Now there is one more option present, which is Account and Profile. You have to tap on the Account and Profile option.
  • Here you have to scroll a little bit, and you will see the section of Select a Topic.
  • You have to select an option of Editing Profile; click on the Editing Profile.
  • Now you will see the list of related topics, but changing your birthday option has yet to be included.
  • So, you have to choose the other options from that list.
  • Then, you have to tap on the Need more Help option there.
  • This option will bring you to the other page, the Feedback form page of TikTok, so you can enter your request as a text form that you want to change your incorrect birthday on your Profile.

You now have to wait for the email from a TikTok customer support agent after making your request. Your email address connected to your account will receive emails from them. To adjust, you will probably need to include some official documentation in that communication that verifies your identity as well as your date of birth.

Another Choice:

There are some alternatives to joining TikTok if they restrict you from using that platform or if you are underage to use this program.

Open a Second Account:  

The age restrictions and limitations on TikTok are rather tight. Therefore, you must take the opportunity to go through all the formalities of verifying your true age to modify your birthday. The best course of action is to delete your existing Tiktok Profile and open a new one if it has only recently been created.

If you wish to check your age on TikTok, navigate to the “Me” section of your currently limited Profile, then click on the three dots at the upper right corner. From here, choose Logout under Privacy and Security. You may now establish an unrestricted profile by using a fresh email address and phone number.

Create a Joint Profile with your Guardian:

The TikTok platform will not let you create a personal account if you are underage or under the age of 13. To join Tiktok for entertainment purposes, you must learn about the alternative to creating a profile. Create a joint account with your parents or older siblings for the most secure and safest method. TikTok does not impose any limitations on how you may use the site if you create a joint account with your parents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do You Update your Birthday Without Removing your Profile on TikTok?

Answer: You must get in touch with TikTok support if you wish to modify your age on the app, and they will help you do so. To approach them and modify your birthdate on TikTok, follow the above simple steps outlined in this blog article. The only effective approach to correct a mistaken age on TikTok is to get in touch with their support team. You may change your age on TikTok in the same way by following those steps.

Is it Essential to Alter Your Birthday on TikTok?

Answer: You need to adjust your birthday if you’re an older member who accidentally provided the incorrect birthday when you signed up. The majority of the functions on the video-sharing website won’t be accessible to you if you don’t do this.

To use some services, you don’t necessarily need to alter or pretend to be an older person if you’re an underage member. There is no way to predict what will go popular on TikTok since there are millions of people that are engaged. To stop this risky conduct, TikTok’s age limitation policy is important. Asking your parent’s permission is advised if you are underage but still want to access TikTok.

Why Would you want to Alter your Age on TikTok?

Answer: By TikTok’s safety policies, individuals who register their age as being under 13 would be exposed to a restricted experience which disables a majority of the site’s capabilities. Younger people will be safeguarded by this, and parents will feel more at ease. According to the person’s age, additional features become available. For instance, one cannot make their account public if they are 16 years old or younger.

People who unintentionally put their age extremely low may find this inconvenient, as you may understand. Anybody creating their initial or first-ever TikTok Profile may find it unpleasant that they accidentally entered the incorrect birthday, which is incredibly simple to do.

How Often Does Tiktok Ask for Your Age?

Answer: Due to its restrictive age regulation, you cannot just choose an alternative to modify your birthday on Tiktok. The first time you download the application or create a profile on Tiktok, it will ask you for your age and birthdate.

You must carefully enter all of your data before submitting it. This data indicates that Tiktok produces You are For You Page and additionally shows advertisements to your Profile.

Does Tiktok Utilize Age Verification?

Answer: Tiktok is one of the few applications that use age verification for both users and producers. They act in this way to make a genuine and secure place for everybody. The software requires users to confirm their age at the time of registration. For TikTok to confirm your age on the application, you must present a legal-issued birth certificate as confirmation of your age.

Final Thoughts:

Following the preceding process will allow you to change your age on TikTok. However, you can ask them to unban you if TikTok did so as a result of any suspicious behavior or make a new account.

You may always create a fresh account and pretend to be a different age if you feel that you are old enough to view stuff that is unsuitable for your age. Yet, if a friend or a member of your relatives suspects that you have created a profile using a false age, they have the right to report it. TikTok will ultimately ban your account.

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