15+ Best Push Notification Ad Networks in 2024

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Every business and website owner desires the ideal outcomes in terms of productivity and revenue as they enter a brand-new year. Digital marketers have experimented with various tactics and techniques over the years to guarantee that their reach and connectivity with customers are as broad and deep as possible.

Additionally, to generate that extra income stream, businesses today mainly focus on turning clients into future customers. Web push notifications are the most effective means of achieving this. Therefore, this article serves as a quick and in-depth reference where you may get answers to your different queries.

What is a Push Notification Ad?

In the simplest terms, a Web Push notification, also known as a Push Notification, is an alert message with a logo of the brand or publisher that informs the user that shows in their browser or on their mobile device. Customers who have agreed to receive push notifications will be immediately notified whenever a publisher/brand launches or publishes a new update, feature, product, service, or any unique offer.

When a user or subscriber agrees to receive push notifications from your website, push notifications continually display advertisements to users. It has the significant benefit that after subscribing to a website’s alerts, users quite knowingly choose to receive push notifications.

Customers who agree to receive push notifications indicate an immediate interest in your brand and are considered potential customers who are most likely to buy your goods or services whenever they receive a push notification.

To keep your consumers interested, employ push notifications. They give limited content space and brief interactive messages on their screens, making them the ideal advertising style because they feel so much more modern than static adverts or banner ads! Additionally, studies have repeatedly demonstrated that push notifications generate higher click-through rates than conventional techniques (like print) and digital alternatives like emails.

The History of Push Notification Ad Networks:

People in 2003 were sick of having time-consuming, lengthy emails on their phones. To check if they had gotten a new email or not, a user had to send a request to a distant server, and then wait a long time for the server to respond with the information.

Business people had to wait so long to check their emails, which was a major factor in their downfall. In addition, Research In Motion (RIM), a huge corporation that established and created the Blackberry phone, has successfully worked to reconstruct how users use their phones.

Real-time email sending and receiving is made simple by Blackberry devices, which is wonderful news for company owners. Particularly those that have just embraced technology to expand their businesses globally. Users of Blackberries were able to converse with one another for free via text messages because of this technology.

As a result of this advancement in technology, Push Notification Ad networks were soon established, creating a substantial platform for people to participate in the emerging field of technology. It was developed by independent application developers, who quickly expanded it to work on desktop and mobile browsers.

How Does it Operate?

when a user hits the notification ad. This indicates that he has signed up for push alerts or website notifications, which represents a lifetime revenue stream for both marketers and publishers. The majority of the time, the advertisements are sold on a CPM or CPC basis; you can find additional CPC ad networks here. Therefore, throughout the process, you must bear in mind that the audience you are targeting must be responsive to push alerts and qualitative. Since he might close the notice ad without seeing it. Your worth will only be considered when he subscribes to the push notification, even though it does not provide any value to the ecosystem.

The push advertisements that you run on your website can be viewed by the subscriber. Therefore, the user will be informed when you post any advertisements through the alert or notification ads. When he clicks on the advertisement, he will be taken to the website where he can read the notification in full.

Although a few networks will allow websites with little traffic, this is not very beneficial because the goal should be to drive as much traffic as possible to your website.

Advantages of Push Notification Ad Networks:

Here are some ways that Push Notification Ad Networks can benefit you:

  • The Push Notification Ad Network’s primary advantage is that it provides publishers with lifetime income.
  • It makes it possible for you to receive traffic from more websites and sources.
  • You don’t need to link with it for a lifetime; you can stop working with it at any time, but you will immediately start receiving recurring commissions for a lifetime once you reach the majority of subscribers, which indicates you have reached the intended budget. That’s incredible!
  • Any campaign can be used while connected to the Push Ad Notification Network.
  • Users who are interested in certain products can subscribe to push notifications and alerts from the website services.
  • As a result, by attracting customers to your offerings, you can increase traffic as much as you like.
  • It reaches thousands of individuals globally so you can reach a sizable audience and execute a global campaign.
  • It can add eye-catching graphics, emojis, and other visual assets to your material while also asking you for delivery time to accommodate time-sensitive campaigns.
  • Push-notification Ad Networks allow you to interact with a specific audience.
  • It assists you in monetizing the traffic using a fresh approach and distinctive ad styles to attract native subscribers.
  • Given that it has clickable links, it is completely deliverable.
  • It produces the best benefits for publishers and marketers.

Best Push Notification Ad Network 2023:

Here is the list of the Best Push Notification Ad Networks in 2024:

  1. Adcash
  2. TwinRed
  3. Evadav
  4. OutPush
  5. PusHub
  6. Ezmob
  7. Dao. ad
  8. Adsterra
  9. AppMonet
  10. AdMaven
  11. RichPush
  12. MegaPush
  13. iZooto
  14. Propeller Ads
  15. MonadPlug

1. Adcash:

Adcash is a self-serve DSP that provides an excellent process to achieve cutting-edge smart ad technology to give you complete control and faultless campaign execution. They are pioneers in digital marketing and possess some significant ad innovations that will boost your productivity as a network with 12 years of expertise in their credit and 1.2 billion daily unique visitors throughout the globe.

With the key advantage that you can use the Adcash platform and tools to optimize your push advertising strategies, which you can’t even imagine somewhere else, you’ll discover push notification advertisements with native, pop, interstitial, and banner ads. You may access over 200+ top SSPs and Adcash’s exclusive publishers from a single interface while also creating campaigns that are accessible worldwide.

One of the most comprehensive targeting options is available in Adcash which includes GEOs, SSPs, Interested Users (the only platform offering this targeting option), Keywords, Categories of Websites, Types of Connection, Zones, Carriers, and providers of internet services (ISPs).

Additionally, you can use their applying new technologies templates to further personalize your adverts for your clients. It takes just a few minutes to establish new initiatives, and you can have them functioning in no time at all. Furthermore, advertisers no longer need to worry about manually adjusting bids or white- and black-listing traffic sources thanks to CPA Target’s auto-bidding engine.

The anti-fraud algorithm used by Adcash allowed them to save approximately $11.8M from the advertising budgets of their clients in 2018. Adcash is also well known for its efforts to combat ad fraud. Adcash’s expert level of support financial management, which you may use without charging cash, is one of its other noteworthy features.

In our opinion, Adcash is a worthwhile investment for you.

2. TwinRed:

TwinRed, a top service provider in the digital advertising industry, gives its customers access to both self-service and open RTB features. Due to the decade-long development of its unique platform by Double Impact, customers have full access to a sizable marketplace and a variety of cutting-edge optimization capabilities.

A few intriguing new features have been added, and the firm just changed its name from the DoublePimp brand. The much-anticipated Push notification ad type is now available to affiliates, who can continue to demand the same level of service excellence and a fantastic performance from the ad network. The platform’s demand-side and supply-side RTB offers push advertising, that is now made accessible to typical advertisers via the TwinRed platform.

Up until a full upgrade is finished, which implies that marketers will only occasionally be capable of launching Push ad campaigns. On TwinRed, a few well-liked verticals with great conversion rates are cam, dating, VOD, and games.

TwinRed makes it simple to test various ad placements to see which ones are most effective for your offerings. However, please remember that the ad format is presently only accessible on a small number of networks. You can examine how ads using the push ad format contrast to those using the pop ad format by using multiple price models. To help you manage and monitor your initiatives, the knowledgeable staff at TwinRed is available through Skype. The site receives a lot of traffic and converts well across a wide range of verticals.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Method: Paxum

3. Evadav:

Evadav is a client-oriented advertising network that provides a new approach to monetizing your website’s visitors. It gives publishers and advertisers on the same platform cutting-edge solutions to help them build their businesses by attracting lots of customers.

Due to its superior content, complete brand safety, quick integration, and best CPM rate when compared to other advertising networks, it draws a lot of attention. It offers the best advertising campaigns and accepts all verticals and GEOs, with no country restrictions.

Additionally, they are among the only platforms that use anticipated audience ways to solve problems, ensuring that the appropriate individuals see your advertising at the correct moment. In terms of volume, the network accounts for a staggering 10 billion push notification ads each month, which should be more than enough for even the largest-size campaigns.

Although China, Europe, and other global GEOs are also highly represented, the majority of this is concentrated in the US, RU, and IN. Over 60 million websites make up the vast publisher network, and up to 1 million additional users sign up for push notifications every week.

They are known for being friendly to CPA marketers and have traffic that is converting like crazy across all verticals. Additionally, they feature an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes creating campaigns quick and simple. If you want to test various campaigns and targeting possibilities, which is another area in which EvaDav shines, this is crucial.

There are several targeting choices to make contacting your target audience simple and successful, as well as intelligent optimization features to make your inner statistician happy. There are also other payment ways to choose from, with a payout barrier of $25 and a minimum highest of $100.

It has a high conversion rate in the advertising sector because of this, and advertisers rely on and appreciate it for marketing their companies and products. Several trackers, including BeMob, Binom, Keitaro, and PeerClick, are included. It is simple and easy to use; you can sign up and begin using this active ad network in just 10 minutes. In addition, a personal account manager is always on hand to support and assist you.

Payment Details:

  • It provides 5% of the revenue earned by the publishers who are referred to as part of a referral program.
  • PayPal, Payoneer, Visa, WebMoney, bank transfer wire, and more payment options are available.

4. OutPush:

OutPush may increase your website advertising revenue by up to 50% by monetizing website visitors with their high-converting ad format: web push notifications. By utilizing the native user interface, OutPush can convert up to 15% of your website traffic into subscribers. Each subscriber will receive sponsored content from OutPush through web push alerts sent to their device.

This implies that you may open up a completely new cash stream without adding extra adverts to your website. Any publisher using OutPush’s service can use their platform to send push alerts at no charge. If you’re interested in learning more, they provide publishers with an open API to manage and automate massive-scale push content automation.

With the OutPush CPC pricing strategy, you can raise the revenue produced on your website. You will get paid each time a user clicks on the advertisement. It only takes ten minutes to install their simple setup on your website. Additionally, you can select PayPal, Payoneer, or any other payment method to get your money. There is no need to worry about content or site loading speed because their adverts won’t appear on your website.

By providing no setup charge, optimized earnings, and targeted advertising even when visitors are not browsing your website, they guarantee dependable publishing assistance to help you generate the most cash possible utilizing their superior technology.

5. PusHub:

You may achieve your objectives and significantly expand the reach of your business by using these Push Notification ad networks to enhance traffic, subscriber rates, outreach, and conversion rates. When choosing the best Push Notification Ad Network for your goods, brands, or services, you need to exercise caution.

You may achieve your objectives and significantly expand the reach of your business by using these Push Notification ad networks to enhance traffic, subscriber rates, outreach, and conversion rates. When choosing the best Push Notification Ad Network for your goods, brands, or services, you need to exercise caution.

PusHub is a fantastic ad network that gives you access to the most beneficial users at any moment. Additionally, to help you locate the ideal audience for your brand or business, PusHub offers various ad types. The finest aspect of PusHub is that they have years of data analysis experience, making them the perfect location for attracting the best audience. Additionally, there are interfaces accessible, and you may utilize both pre-made and custom connections.

PusHub is among the top in the online world if you’re seeking the greatest push notification ad network. You may choose the optimum audience for your brand by employing the push notification strategy to promote your products. Additionally, there are several targeting choices available, including OS, Geo, Browser, Carrier, and many others. These targeting choices can help you locate a group of people who fit your criteria. You can also find other ad formats. You may achieve your goals considerably more quickly using PusHub. From premium news websites like,, and many other premium websites, PusHub gathers push users.

PusHub is one of the top push ad networks if you’re looking for one with a lot of features

6. Ezmob:

EZmob is a worldwide advertising network with a large amount of high-quality traffic. EZmob has a lot of mobile traffic, as you might imagine, but you’ll be happy to learn that they’re also a wonderful source of traffic for desktop traffic. You will get access to 3 billion daily ad requests, 50 high-end supply-side partners, 80,000+ publishers across 160 countries, and billions of monthly impressions.

The EZmob self-serve platform offers advertisers extensive targeting options as well as a thorough reporting interface. Choose the best-converting traffic sources for your offerings and launch your marketing with just a $100 down payment. Over 5 billion impressions are served every day. One of the top mobile advertising networks, it can help advertisers expand quickly by utilizing its amazing features and services. They provide PPC, CPM, and CPV monetization solutions so you can make money off of your desktop and mobile traffic.

It is a reliable and well-known mobile advertising platform that enables you to set up campaigns that can impact readers or an audience and obtain the power of genuine bidding and mobile traffic. In other words, it directs your investment to a more profitable location. You may value your time and efforts with Ezmob and make the best selections. You should find strong user engagement and profit with simultaneous RTB across several networks. You can target people via carrier, device, GEO, OS, and ad time.

Payment Details:

  • Prepayment only.
  • The Payment Methods are PayPal, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw is $100.

7. Dao. ad:

Dao. ad is a platform where anyone can place adverts on their websites. It was created with publishers and advertising in mind. By using their ad network, you can easily reach out to your targeted audience which will give you an instant boost to your business. By utilizing their services, you can effortlessly grow your organization.

Dao. ad is providing its services in more than 174 countries which is just a lot. You can be smart and take advantage of their vast network as this will allow your website to reach every corner of the world. The platform is also very effective for advertisers and publishers. Joining their network is very simple as you have first to choose if you want to join as a publisher or an advertiser. After completing a form, you are ready to start. It’s really easy to join their network because deciding whether you want to sign up as an advertiser or publisher is the first step. After completing a form, you are ready to start.

They provide their users with high CPM and CPC rates. You may quickly receive more than 1 billion impressions on your website using their extensive network. Push notification ads, pop-under ads, and in-page ads can all be used with Dao. ad. They offer their customers 24-hour customer service, and their service is fairly dependable.

Payment Details:

  • Price Models: CPM, CPC
  • Payment: CC, Cryptocurrencies, G2A, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, etc.
  • Email:

8. Adsterra:

Adsterra has been in the digital advertising market since 2013. There are currently more than 12,000 Direct Publishers, over 30 billion monthly global ad impressions, and both desktop and smartphone traffic. Your ad campaigns benefit from a quick start, a one-page straightforward setup, transparent and dependable moderation, a sophisticated multi-step system to safeguard you against unwanted traffic, and many other advantages when using Adsterra.

Popunders, Web Push, Banners, Direct Links, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar, and Interstitials are just a few of the many ad forms that Adsterra offers. It is most known for its groundbreaking Social Bar and Popunders (Push Ads 3.0).

They also provide a variety of cost models, including CPC, CPL, CPO, RTB, CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), and CPI (PPI). Malvertising is not permitted on Adsterra. It is highly forbidden to use malware, redirects, uninvited downloads, or alarms. Adsterra is a firm that invests in long-term relationships with publications to enhance profitability for advertising.

Over 30 billion ad impressions are delivered each month globally by the helpful and adaptable advertising network Adsterra. More than 8,000 businesses, affiliates, media companies, and ad networks are among its 12K+ direct publishers. Adsterra has a fantastic bilingual support staff that is available around the clock to address any questions. Detecting, preventing, and combating fraud and scams also require substantial measures. The company’s internal security tools, dependable third-party solutions, and a human review all do extensive inspections on every website before it is allowed.

 Payment Details:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Payment methods: Paxum, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Capitalist, Yandex Money, Visa/Mastercard.

9. AppMonet:

AppMonet is a major In-app mobile advertising company famous for its high eCPMs, high-quality ads in creative forms, and high fill rates. The company’s headquarters are in New York City, where it was created in 2016. 500 publishers and more than 10,000 companies are served by this advertising platform globally. It is additionally listed by as one of the Best Mobile Ad Networks in 2020.

They offer top-notch, creative, and pertinent advertisements that increase your profits with each impression while maintaining a positive user experience. Isn’t it great that it works with all kinds of ad formats? It supports all sizes of out-stream films and banners. The advertisements look great on mobile screens.

There is no need to worry about lowered data alerts with this ad network because it assists the user by reducing data usage while also keeping track of it. With AppMonet, integrating code is made incredibly simple thanks to a little code library. The developers can collaborate with media partners and high-paying advertisers thanks to their unified SDK.

AppMonet has quickly gained the trust of a large number of publishers and advertisers, and it is now a trusted partner for over 2000 apps worldwide, which is a huge accomplishment. However, the rate at which this business is developing and generating exponential revenues shows that its future is much more promising.

Payment Details:
  • Monetization Methods: Brand Advertising.
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payment Option: Wire, ACH
  • Requirements for Publishers: Larger than 10k DAU.

10. AdMaven:

AdMaven is among the few ad networks that offer a variety of ad forms, the most well-known and widely used of which is the push notification ad format. AdMaven fully complies with these requirements and puts up several tools for advertisers to employ to develop more effective advertisements for their goods.

With over ten years of experience and a focus on pop-under and Push traffic, AdMaven is a trustworthy ad network. They have over 2 billion daily impressions across all nations and work with both publications and advertising. It enables audience targeting and takes great measures to locate the best possible audience for your content. AdMaven makes use of a perfect blend of technology to boost its users’ opportunities for monetization. Additionally, the fact that it supports a variety of ad forms, including video, pictures, banners, and others, only enhances its appeal as one of the top ad networks available.

To guarantee higher user engagement and click-through rates, which can aid in generating money, AdMaven also fully utilizes its specialist team to assist in the creation of ad campaigns. AdMaven is one of the greatest ad networks in the industry, and the fact that it has a devoted support team at its backend available 24 hours for user questions is just a plus.

In some markets, their traffic is invaluable for converting leads, and we’ve used the platform successfully in the past to promote prizes and poker offers. More than living up to its reputation, the network performs well. Additional benefits include different targeting options, access to APIs, and on-demand account administration. Ad-Maven is a solid choice for both novice and seasoned affiliates, and it’s an excellent network to use with CPA offers. They’re worth a look if you’re implementing any deals in the mentioned sectors.

Payment Details:
  • Ad Formats: Popunder, Push Notification, In-Page Push, Ad-block Bypass solution.
  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Capitalist, Webmoney, Credit Card, Wire, BTC, USDT
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30.
  • Monetization Options: CPC, CPM, CPA for In-house or exclusive offers
  • Email:

11. RichPush:

Push Notifications are the new advertising format, as you may already be aware, that enables you to reach your target market and increase traffic and sales. RichaPush is one of the Push Notifications Ad Networks available. One of the Push Notification Ad Networks that are expanding the quickest is RichPush, which uses fantastic features to assist its advertisers in increasing traffic and sales.

RichPush is one of the top Push Notification Ad Networks because of its more than 400 million global subscribers. They are less expensive than Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other advertising platforms and have subscribers from all over the world, allowing you to acquire a high conversion rate. One of the top ad push notification ad networks for advertisers and publishers alike.

Publishers can join this fantastic Ad Network with no requirements. Additionally, they provide 24/7 Live support to help advertisers and publishers with their problems. This Ad Network has the advantage that you don’t need to hire a marketing specialist to manage your campaigns, and they also give their advertisers personal managers to assist them in managing successful campaigns and utilizing Push Notifications to increase traffic and sales.

Payment Details:

  • Payment Frequency: Net 30 Basis.
  • Payment Methods: CC WebMoney and Wire Transfer.

12. MegaPush:

MegaPush is the first push notification advertising network that enables you to monetize push notifications for financial gain and send push alerts to a specific audience. With its groundbreaking function of pushing notifications, it has become the first advertising Push notifications network that enables you to deliver native advertising to the targeted audience.

With more than 450 million active subscribers, more than 5 billion daily impressions, and more than 35 million daily clicks, it is a well-known and useful ad network. When you work as an affiliate marketer, you’re constantly looking for innovative ideas, fresh talent, and efficient ways to boost your campaigns’ effectiveness and traffic. The MegaPush ad network is the greatest option for you in this regard.

In contrast to other networks, it gives you complete control over your campaigns to track the effectiveness of your website and examine customer reviews. In addition to this, it assists you in obtaining visitors from other sources and engaging a new audience for your website to produce significant revenue.

Payment Details:

  • The payment frequency is Net 30 Basis.
  • The Payment Methods are PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, ePayments, and Bitcoin.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw: is $100.

13. iZooto:

iZooto is a very useful tool for advertisers because it assists them in driving more visitors to their websites by utilizing web push notifications. This network is used by over 15,000 advertisers to push over 10 billion notifications each month. Publishers can use it to grow their audience and make investments in producing media content. By implementing native content advertisements, you may increase website traffic and revenue.

iZooto provides affordable web push notification tools to assist publishers in growing their audiences and increasing user engagement. With more than 15,000 marketers using it to send over 10 billion alerts monthly, iZooto is the second-largest push notification platform in the world.

Push notifications can generate 15 to 20% of traffic for publishers utilizing iZooto, increasing their revenue by up to 15%. A publisher must be able to generate an average of 100,000 visitors per month from the USA, UK, and Canada to be eligible to join iZooto. It is advised for all websites to make sure they have higher revenue than their rivals.

Payment Details:

  • Payment Frequency: Net 30 Basis.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • Minimum Payment: $100.

14. Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads was founded in the United Kingdom and is one of the top Push Notification Ad networks, assuring affiliates of the greatest CPM, traffic, and conversion rates. The finest thing about it is that it provides a lot of advertising products. Although it is connected with AdSense and other ad networks, it gives publishers a list of the best possibilities for getting the best results without affecting their profit.

The platform’s made safety or anti-fraud technology allows customers to advertise to a global audience of more than 250 million projected monthly users while remaining confident that their advertising will only be shown to genuine and deserving people. Some of the targeting choices available here include user activity targeting, geographic location, operating system, device and connection kinds, mobile carrier, frequency capping, and many others.

You may maintain a high CTR by using this network’s CPC and CPM pricing models, which allow you to pay less for your traffic. There are many different ad sizes and types available. Depending on your needs and the nature of your audience, you will have the option to select from this variety of advertising. You can use one or more ad formats with it.

Propeller Ads has a good selection of possibilities, and the platform will provide you with a product regardless of the website or niche you are in. If your website receives a lot of direct or social traffic, Propeller Ads can be a great monetization solution for you.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum payout: $100
  • It offers Net 30 terms
  • Method of payment: ePayments, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, etc

15. MonadPlug:

MonadPlug was created in 2015, and since then has been steadily growing and rising to the top of the advertising market. An online advertising network called MonadPlug can help you earn more money by offering high-performing Native and Push Notification adverts.

To increase your profitability, they make use of a variety of strategies and innovations. With the help of its creative and shrewd operating techniques, it is producing the highest income imaginable. Through Web Push Notifications, Native ads, and other cutting-edge strategies, they hope to significantly increase your monthly earnings.

They constantly look to expand the number of ways that bloggers, publishers, or marketers can make money. With clever monetizing solutions, they hope to reinvent your route toward financial success. Their priority is to satisfy their customer at any cost. In addition to monetizing websites, MonadPlug also does so for software, browser extensions, gaming apps, and mobile apps.

Using very clever and adaptable approaches and tactics, MonadPlug is a sophisticated monetizing platform. Additionally, MonadPlug enables publishers to organize meetings with other notable publishers in their networks. Through other publications, you can discover more clever monetization strategies and manage your website more effectively in this way.

Join that smart monetization network to boost your earnings!

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15.
  • Monetization Options: Native Ads, Push Notification Ads, Search Monetization.
  • Requirements: No Requirements to Join
  • Support Email:


I’ve listed all the top Push Notifications ad networks in this article, which will enable you to increase your revenue and commissions. With the aid of these networks, you can get income both on a lifetime revenue-sharing basis and on a per-failed subscriber basis based on audience statistics.

Remember this before selecting the best push ad network. The requirements and habits of your traffic must be kept in mind so that you may better manage them. To succeed, obtain your helpful tools now and start delivering your adverts in real time to the relevant audience.

Since the information in this post will undoubtedly assist you in making the best choice for your long-term advantages, I hope that you will achieve your goals and receive high CPM rates as a result.

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