15+ Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2024

The network is currently popular and has been expanding quickly. Several years ago, nobody was aware of cryptocurrencies.

Nobody chooses to pass up the opportunity to trade and engage in a growing business choice. Many people are choosing to engage in bitcoin trading, advertising, mining, and ICO investments. Therefore, affiliate marketing is related to anything that can be purchased and sold. Here is how cryptocurrency advertising networks first became known.

Affiliates are requesting a lot of important questions like Where to buy traffic to develop a crypto trading campaign because of the unique characteristics of this sector?  Or do there exist any reliable ICO/Crypto advertising networks? The answer is yes, there are such networks, and they are numerous.

I’m not forecasting the direction of the sector, but there is a great opportunity to profit now from cryptocurrencies. Don’t pass up the opportunity to promote crypto offers.

What is a Crypto Advertising Network?

A network that provides advertising connected to cryptocurrencies can be referred to as a crypto ad platform. There are opportunities available that can get relevant people to hear about your cryptocurrency-related business.

On websites and applications that deal with cryptocurrencies, banners and pop-up adverts will be published on your account. This will put your NFT system or blockchain item in front of customers that are engaged in it.

You may be certain to acquire high-quality traffic from a crypto advertising platform, which will undoubtedly attract customers to your company. The top crypto advertising networks are mentioned below.

An Overview of the Top Cryptocurrency Ad Networks: 

The conversation that follows covers everything you could ever be interested in learning about a specific affiliate program, including promotions, different targeting options, whether or not you may rely on first-rate customer service, and much more.

Best Crypto Ad Networks 2023:

Here are some of the 15+ Best Crypto Advertising Networks in 2022 and 2023.

  1. DOT
  2. BitMedia
  3. TokenAd
  4. A-Ads
  5. CoinZilla
  6. Cointraffic
  7. Coinverti
  8. Ad Ex Network
  9. Adshares
  10. Ad Dragon
  11. EZmob
  12. Propeller Ads
  13. CoinAd
  14. CryptoAdsManager
  15. Mellow Ads

1. DOT:


DOT is the top-ranked premium cryptocurrency ad network in the UK. DOT serves as a gateway for advertising to more than 150 Blockchain and cryptocurrency news websites, premium investor information, and even well-liked podcasts.

With the help of DOT, marketers may reach highly qualified customers for crypto with only a single click. Advertisers and publishers can use display advertising of any format, and the DOT Analytics Dashboard provides comprehensive effectiveness accountability.

Official statements and sponsored posts are also offered as digital marketing solutions that may be used in conjunction with any advertising campaign. Additionally, DOT enables marketers to include their existing tracking links from AppsFlyer, Adjust, and other services, providing total transparency from impression to conversion.

DOT offers cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses a reliable solution to produce a return on investment (ROI) for advertising and marketing expenditures. Programs from the DOT are adaptable, rolling monthly, and simply interrupted or discontinued at any moment.

It provides some benefits which include:

  • Advertiser Promotion Save 10% on your first month by using this AFFNEXT.
  • Free Website Verification is a Publisher Promo.
  • The USA, Western Europe, the UK, and Nigeria are the strongest geos.
  • Monthly rolling schedules with flexibility. Unsubscribe at any moment.

2. BitMedia:


One of the main foundations for Bitcoin advertisement is BitMedia, which combines blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As a Bitcoin advertising network, their goal is to increase publisher and publisher income! This is what they mean when they talk about business.

The system interacts with more than 3000 websites linked to Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. For marketers, these websites generate about 40 million impressions every day.

The good news is that there is no initial minimum deposit; however, there is a minimum bid choice. CPC and CPM cost models are offered, and marketing depending on GEO, Device, and Time of Day is also an option.

  • The USA, Canada, European nations, Russia, and the UK have the greatest GEOs.
  • With more than 20 million visits each month, the network generated over 1 billion impressions.
  • Many marketers use Bitmedia to advertise their websites that deal with cryptocurrencies.
  • They utilize cutting-edge AI to display users’ adverts that are largely personalized for them.
  • The site accepts payments starting at just 0.001 Bitcoin. Additionally, their payment options are adaptable and reasonable.

3. TokenAd:


One of the greatest crypto advertising network sites, TokenAd is supported by actual bidding, the most recent technological development in the marketing industry. They have connections to the most popular digital currencies, dealing, and ICO calendar websites online.

Operating together with publishers and advertisers, TokenAd has developed a solid reputation in the blockchain sector. Since they only focus solely on a single sector, blockchain, the majority of publishers only collaborate with them.

Their whole advertising campaign is focused on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO), and they have turned the cryptocurrency industry into their workplace culture.

  • $10,000 is the minimal amount needed to use the service. No longer a game for all! Therefore, the exposure would increase as the expenditure did.
  • However, if you’re just getting started, maintain your expenditure and risk in check. But don’t be overly watchful. Before you invest heavily into it, really go along and take a test.
  • Geo or the gadget serves as the core targeting. You can continually market to your customers by using remarketing as well.
  • The vast majority of popular ad types, including native advertisements, bottom line, display banners, and videos, are accessible.

4. A-Ads:


A-Ads is a straightforward, incredibly user-friendly, and privacy-focused digital crypto marketing platform that doesn’t even ask for your personal information! For them, the important finance calculation operates very effectively.

The advertiser plans how much money will be spent each day and advertises like a pro. The advertiser has more command over it, and the associates have more choices. These people make worldwide advertising a reality because they think it’s for everyone!

You can begin with no minimum deposit and directly purchase traffic from your preferred platforms. Additionally, the system is set up so that direct advertisers are the true source of all of the traffic you receive. Pay per day, Pay per outcome (acquisition), and Pay per mille is the available cost options (thousand impressions).

  • USA, Brazil, India, Russia, and Vietnam are the strongest GEOs.
  • A-ADS is one of the earliest crypto advertising networks in the market; it has been running since 2011 and has a stellar reputation.
  • A-ADS are currently very well-liked; reliable data demonstrate that they receive about 80 million impressions per day.
  • Their main areas of competence are the promotion of projects related to cryptocurrency and crypto traffic.

5. CoinZilla:


A cryptocurrency and trading performance marketing platform called Coinzilla. Sevio Solutions placed and managed it. Over 400 publishers and more than 200 companies collaborate with Coinzilla. In the Bitcoin sector, they have a fantastic strategy.

They have explored every possible avenue for monetization and profit generation in the cryptocurrency industry. As a result, you will see the top advertising for websites relevant to Bitcoin.

Advertisers choose the sites and GEOs they continue to accept traffic from when we discuss about marketing. If you contact an account executive, you’ll have additional possibilities! Both Coinzilla and its advertisers only use CPM in all advertising platforms when it comes to accessible cost models.

Marketers can conduct a variety of suitable-for-work crypto or monetary advertising, including those for casinos, trading systems, ICOs, as well as other businesses. It’s among the best cryptocurrency ad networks for businesses. It provides a selection of advertising mediums, including banner ads, regular banners, floating banners, native ads, and more.

  • The USA, Russia, Germany, Turkey, and the UK have the highest GEOs.
  • Both advertisers and publishers have an account executive and live/ticket support that can assist them right away!

6. Cointraffic:


The best and most successful crypto marketing company is Cointraffic. It was established in Estonia in 2014 and is there. By advertising native and banner advertising that showcases your cryptocurrency site or service, the network offers services to both publishers and advertisers.

You can be confident that you will receive the highest traffic if you choose to promote with Cointraffic. The system offers a variety of advertising alternatives and lead-generation capabilities. Your campaigns will be handled by one of their specialized marketing team, who will also monitor results.

Due to various their lower expense rate, Cointraffic is the most popular Bitcoin ad platform and is used by many authors. They offer banners of all shapes and sizes, including top-quality headers, in-page ads, and sticky banners.

  • They exclusively collaborate with sites that provide enhanced crypto-related material.
  • On the site, all money is paid in euros, and whenever a publisher’s balance reaches 25 euros, they can withdraw their funds.
  • Without question, this is among the top crypto advertising companies for 2021.

7. Coinverti:


Another famous cryptocurrency advertising network with a basis in Belgium is Coinverti. Their advertising campaign exclusively accepts sites that deal with cryptocurrencies. To be accepted as a publisher, your site must have an Alexa score of at least 300,000. BlogSpot, cryptocurrency faucets, and other platforms are not accepted. For advertisers, the system can be highly rigid.

In 2017, the Belgian-based cryptocurrency advertising network Coinverti was established. Publishers and advertisers can use Coinverti’s high-crypto advertising tactics, which include banner ads, native ads, in-feed ads, and pop-under crypto ads.

They provide marketers with banners in a variety of sizes, including miniature and half-page ads. Additionally, the price for marketers is reasonable; all it needs to make promote is 0.002 BTC. Depending on the type of visitors you desire, you may choose from a variety of emerging marketing tactics when using Convert.

  • Along with many other advertising networks, Coinverti utilized the CPM and CPC ad formats.
  • The Belgian company managed various cryptocurrency systems to allow advertising or earning money via display advertising.
  • We may market on cryptocurrency sites with as little as 0.001BTC through the minimal cost channel Coinverti.

8. Ad Ex Network:


AdEx began in 2017 and got its name from the term “Advertising Network.” The system is a decentralized network connecting publishers and marketers and enables them to make agreements. They advertise as a showcase ad platform to lessen ad fraud and boost user privacy.

The site was created primarily to introduce cryptocurrency to a wider public. Advertisers may be assured that they are investing in legitimate traffic thanks to AdEx’s clear technique.  You will have access to a panel that allows you to keep control of your advertising expenses once you register as an advertiser.

  • To pay for ad placements, AdEx seems to have its native coin called ADX. Additionally, during deposits, publishers have a method for changing ADX to cash. ADX is featured on a few cryptocurrency trading sites, including Binance and Huobi Global.
  • It assists publishers in resolving those problems through the use of effective elements, thereby smoothing their path forward.
  • The system offers a plethora of unique advantages and will increase natural website traffic.
  • Without a doubt, it is now among the greatest crypto ad networks.

9. Adshares:


That’s just another well-known blockchain ad network-based digital ad service that permits direct negotiations among publishers and advertisers. Having knowledge and expertise in blockchain applications, it began small.

Without the use of a middleman, publishers and advertisers easily connect on Adshares. Participants will receive uncensored marketing from advertisers, and its secure ADS can handle more than 1 million transfers each second.

The system can now service the global advertising industry thanks to this. The feature enables cutting-edge programs that assist in resolving various issues in the online advertising business. Following an agreement between advertisers and publishers on which advertising to distribute, charges are done using cryptocurrencies.

  • If you want to employ Adshares, natural visitors will be sent to your website. It acts as a platform for publishers and advertisers to communicate and engage with customers directly.
  • Adshares offer clients uncensored, transparent, and affordable marketing. Adshares can end up serving the entire world’s advertising sector.
  • Transparency and more freedom are possible because there are no middlemen to censor or prohibit content.
  • What can be featured on the publisher’s official website is decided by the publisher.

10. Ad Dragon:


The very first DeFi advertising system in the world is called Ad Dragon. It is a platform for peer-to-peer marketing. It benefits from being something entirely original and distinct from Google’s approach.

Advertisement packages are provided for sale by marketers (publishers) through online stores they set up on the Ad Dragon platform. Various items such as media releases, web banners, and paid advertising. They are allowed to set their product prices and can offer nearly any advertising service they like.

For the price category that works for them, marketers can search the ways to figure out a broad variety of advertising options to showcase their cryptocurrency project or investment.

  • The software leverages decentralized wallets like Metamask and is entirely based on Ethereum (you will need a Metamask wallet to use it).
  • Payments are thus immediate. The transactions network is powered by smart contracts.
  • Ad Dragon is well worth your consideration if you’re seeking something distinctive and useful.
  • Advantages of employing Ad Dragon Only 5% of the earnings made by publishers are retained by the industry; the rest 95% goes to the publishers themselves.

11. EZmob:


One of the greatest cellphone advertising networks for both publishers and advertisers is Ezmob. The greatest cryptocurrency advertising network is EZmob. You can buy traffic data, set up your processes using a self-serve platform, and control the real-time true strength of bidding.

Ezmob is a complete mobile advertising platform with cutting-edge technologies and strong strategic thinking skills. You may evaluate your amount of time and effort with Ezmob and pick the greatest selections.

They can assist you in obtaining relevant traffic from more than 160 nations because they have Premium publishers and traffic from all around the globe. Publishers have been compensated by EZmob using the CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPI formats.

Millions of publishers and advertisers prefer Ezmob since they pay every month and it is reliable. For publishers and advertisers, this is among the finest advertising networks to participate in.

  • Using Ezmob has advantages that include:
  • Ezmob gives customers the capability of making wise choices while respecting their time and effort.
  • There are top publishers and traffic accessible from all across the world.
  • They can help you get qualified traffic from more than 160 nations.

12. Propeller Ads:


The business was established in 2011 and has established a strong reputation in the marketing sector. It is developed exclusively to address the issue that publishers and advertisers have with Crypto Ad sites. It has a huge publisher platform that sends them actual visitors from numerous websites and gadgets.

It is capable of supplying millions of campaigns each month and more than 1 billion impressions in a single day. The PropellerAds system offers a set of media advertising, including Native Interstitial 2.0, Popunder, and native push notifications.

The greatest GEOs can be obtained from the following important contributors to traffic: the United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and the Philippines.

It can deliver numerous programs each month and more than 1 billion impressions per day. A variety of advertising formats, such as Popunder, native push notifications, and Native Interstitial 2.0, are available through the PropellerAds service.

  • $100 is the required minimum deposit, which would be a fairly small sum to start using an integrative system.
  • Mobile and desktop users can both use Actual Bidding.
  • It provides CPM, CPC, and Smart CPA as payment services.

13. CoinAd:


For authors and advertisers, CoinAd seems to have some tight guidelines. It only accepted sites with an Alexa rating under 100k and a minimum of 200 daily impressions.

In this network, logging in is not necessary to launch a campaign using Coin-Ad. New publishers are only accepted via invitation because this platform is solely intended for well-established websites.

For bloggers, CoinAd is a good forum that works very well, and it’s easy to use. Publishers might often get together if they receive an offer. High-paying publishers might be willing to offer guidance in way of offering the most reliable ROI for publishers; this can help an attractive and fantastic performance.

  • Cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and PayPal are all permitted. And it offers payouts every week.
  • A wide range of coins, including BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH, ETC, and ETH – MXR, are accepted by the CoinAd platform.
  • Utilizing CoinAd has advantages over other alternatives in that it generates more income.
  • Every day, CoinAd can produce over 100,000 impressions.

14. CryptoAdsManager:


It is a wonderful cryptocurrency ad program that provides publishers and advertisers a fresh method to promote their blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech ventures. It includes a perfect collection of information that heavily emphasizes the key elements of the FinTech and cryptocurrency audience as well as the development of websites.

It can get around Google and Facebook prohibitions and attain a sizable traffic base. Because of its unique characteristics, including incorporated targeted and advertising techniques that are highly useful for publishers in managing the website, CryptoAdsManager has earned its name.

Because it includes customized marketing techniques that are particularly helpful for publishers in monitoring their sites, CryptoAdsManager earned its reputation.

  • It features the best and fastest payment method.
  • It can get around Facebook and Google’s restrictions and attract a large number of viewers.
  • It is easy to use, and payments can be made via PayPal, bank deposits, or checks. No significant deposits are anticipated to join that system.
  • This is broadly applied because of its distinctive qualities.

15. Mellow Ads:

mellow Ads

Mellow Ads seems to be another well-known firm in cryptocurrency advertising companies. It was founded in 2015 but quickly became well-known. Mellow Ads has a larger earning capacity than many other Bitcoin ad networks because of its relatively cheap 10 percent network campaign charge.

In overall, this is a very quick and dependable Bitcoin ad platform; however, several consumers complain that they never got a response from the customer service. 0.001BTC is the minimum amount required to claim your reward.

  • It seems to have a lot of wonderful qualities, including:
  • It is quite selective when it comes to publishers, only approving sites with an Alexa score of 100,000 as well as at least three months of website existence.
  • It permits banner and pop-up ads on a more extensive scale.
  • It addresses CPM and CPC modeling.
  • As a participant in the affiliate program, you are eligible to receive 50% of the commission for each new recommendation that joins the system.
  • The Mellows Ads network accepts cryptocurrency payments, including bitcoin.
  • There is an option between banner and pop-under advertisements, and daily money is given depending on how many views, clicks, or pops the site receives.

Best crypto advertising networks, in summary:

Utilizing a bitcoin advertising network will increase website traffic and perhaps help some of it become paying clients. This will be better if you test with several sites if you are just getting started with ads on cryptocurrency networks.

They all provide different services, therefore it’s advisable to test out several systems before choosing the ideal one for your cryptocurrency-related firm.

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