11+ Best PPC Ad Networks And Their Advantages and Disadvantages In 2024

With the growing and developing technologies and enormous amounts of channels to promote Business, PPC Ad networks are among the efficient ways of gaining more ad revenue. There are many marketing methods, and PPC Ad Networks are among the most popular. PPC is, abbreviated as pay-per-click, popularly used worldwide by publishers and advertisers to gain more website traffic. These Ad networks are an effective way of gaining more Ad revenue for publishers. The standard engagement between these entities is formed when the advertiser pays the publisher every time the ad is clicked. The publisher, in such cases, maybe a search engine, a website owner, or various networks of websites. There is more to explore on the topic. However, it is better first to understand how PPC Ad networks work. 

How Do PPC Ads Work?

As mentioned before, PPC Ad networks are a great source of revenue per click for publishers and advertisers. When searching the web or browsing any specific website, you must have noticed sponsored ads, which are common on various websites. These are the advertisements that work their way as pay-per-click Ads. Simply put, when the users click on these ads, the advertiser will be charged with every click, which is paid to the publisher. This is an effective method through which publishers can increase their revenue by increasing their current website traffic. PPC comes into play here by monetizing your web pages. 

The Two Models of PPC:

1. Flat Rate PPC:

This is a model through which the publisher gets paid a fixed amount for every click on the advertiser. The publisher usually has a rate card that enlists all the prices of the pay-per-click charges for the different areas of his website. 

2. Bid-Based PPC:

In this model, a bid is placed by the advertiser for a specific keyword or keywords that will gain him the top position in various search engines. This bidding is usually arranged through an auction of PPC between the advertiser and the Ad network. There are instances in which the bidding is directly done with the publisher. 

It has been found that about 60% of internet users who click on these ads are unaware that they are paid ads, which is why advertisers and publishers benefit from them. The advertisers prefer PPC because they are paying per click to promote their Business of any sort, and the publisher gets paid for every click, which is a win-win situation on both ends. Such advertisements are easily measurable based on several factors like clicks, impressions, and conversions, mainly based on your campaign nature and objective. Due to such reasons, this method of advertising is popular among advertisers. Publishers also benefit from it by increasing their revenue and monetizing their content. 

What are PPC Ad Networks?

Now that you know about PPC Ads and how they work, it is easy to understand what PPC Ad networks are and their role in this process. PPC Ad networks can be considered the base or channel through which advertisers and publishers connect to achieve their objectives. These are websites or publishers that want to host advertisements and are contacted by the advertiser. They earn from these Ads through commissions. Ad networks usually contain unsold Ads that they provide to the Publishers through a code on the publisher’s website. Such Networks also help advertisers organize their bidding and targeting and effectively optimize their Ads. 

The Benefit to Publishers:

You may have a question about how these Ad networks help publishers or how they benefit them. As mentioned, such networks act as a medium or channel that connects advertisers and publishers. They make it easy for the publishers by selecting relevant and compelling ads. It also helps the publishers easily identify advertisers and negotiate regarding Ad placement and pricing. From this, you can tell how it benefits the publishers and makes earning more revenue easier. 

The Best PPC Ad Networks:

Now that you know all about PPC Ads and PPC Ad Networks in 2023 and 2024, it’s time that we briefly discuss some of the best PPC Ad Networks. You can select among them according to your Advertising strategy. 

  1. Google Ads
  3. Microsoft Advertising
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. Taboola
  6. Infolinks
  7. Facebook Ads
  8. Bidvertiser
  9. Propeller Ads
  10. LinkedIn Ads
  11. Twitter Ads

1. Google Ads:

Google AdsGoogle Ads is one of the most popular and oldest Ad networks that has played its part in this Business. It provides many benefits to both publishers and advertisers. Publishers benefit from this in a way that it provides excellent Ads of relevancy that are highly optimizable. If you want, Google can even choose the best Ad placement section on your website. Google Ads is one of the most efficient and effective ways of earning revenue through pay-per-click advertisements. 

  • Provides Excellent Ads of great relevancy and context.
  • Can make it easier for you by suggesting Ad placement locations
  • Makes your content highly optimizable
  • One of the most trusted Ad networks in this Business. 
  • Accomplishing approval might be a complicated process. 

2. is a huge Ad network owned by Yahoo-Bing, among the top search engines. It can be considered among the top 5 biggest Ad tech companies concerning market cap and the second biggest contextual advertising business worldwide concerning revenue. In this, you will get many options as a publisher to optimize your Ads. It will provide you with relevant and contextual Ads according to your website’s niche. Publisher can also detect their ad performance in real-time with the help of various tools. It also gives you the option to optimize your Ad topics, palette, and advertisers according to the objectives of your site. 

  • provides you with many options to optimize Ads. 
  • They offer relevant and contextual Ads.
  • The publisher can know about the performance of their Ads in real time
  • The pay-per-click of this might not be as high as AdSense. Therefore, there is room for improvement. 

3. Microsoft Advertising:

Microsoft AdvertisingMicrosoft Advertising is among the top PPC Ad Networks that offer excellent solutions. Bing Ads by Microsoft is another platform that offers great benefits and solutions regarding PPF. Some even consider it the second biggest Platform; however, some may perceive it differently. 

If you are looking for cheaper options than Google Ads that gain that gains you a more significant percentage of PPF, then Bing Ads by Microsoft Ads is a great choice. On Bing Ads or Microsoft Ads, you will find a selection of paid search engine results and some options of famous websites to display your Ads. One thing to admit here is that their selection is not as diverse as Google’s. However, you can advertise on Yahoo, MSN, and AOL, which is a huge deal. 

  • There is less or no competition; therefore, their pricing is low
  • Despite being one of the biggest Ad platforms, Microsoft is still not safe from click fraud. 

4. Amazon Associates:

Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates is an Amazon affiliates program that offers as many as 1 million products, flexible Ads, and simple implementation of Ads on your website. Such Ads are usually inserted in the content at the very end or somewhere in the middle, which creates more interest in the users and compels them to visit it. This usually works best for content or website that heavily focuses on the product and its benefits. 

  • Offers a significant number of products
  • Low commissions, which can be improved. 

5. Taboola:

TaboolaTaboola is known as a native PPC Ads platform that is among the top effective networks. Their specialty is sponsored content according to the content their partner website displays. Taboola is among the top PPC platforms as it has about 1 million users a month, due to which the Ad quality is very high. This Platform follows customers’ needs in that it detects customer clicks on the type of Ads, stores that information, and uses it for future Ad recommendations. In this, Taboola can keep in line with customer choices as they know what type of Ads each customer would be interested in. This is a sort of retargeting strategy that targets customers based on what they have clicked before. 

  • Taboola is created for content marketing
  • Low CPC as compared to other platforms
  • Excellent quality sites with greater volume
  • Beneficial for retargeting based on previous customer clicks.
  • It has some strict criteria; therefore, your content marketing needs to be excellent.
  • Some users may also perceive such content as spam or intrusive.

6. Infolinks:

InfolinksInfolinks is another intelligent way for publishers to increase their revenue and gain more website traffic. It is a popular source for over 100,000 publishers worldwide to make money. This Platform is a supplementary source of earnings because the Ad sections are discreet and do not have suitable banner space. Instead, this Platform displays the Ads in the form of Hyperlinks or a small section that the users have to click to see. 

Infolinks Ads are native because they are free to use and provide great Ad solutions that do not interrupt the user experience. It is also less concerned with your website’s traffic and more with the content you put out on the website. 

You can easily install this Platform through a code and add it to the body of your website. Even a plugin is effective if you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Blogger. It offers more control to the publishers over their Ad’s location and performance. Infolinks has a very motivated team that will provide excellent support or guidance. 

As Infolinks selects the publishers based on the quality of content and not on website traffic, they also choose their advertisers based on their quality which is why it works with some of the most significant websites like 

  1. Amazon
  2. Facebook
  3. AliExpress
  4. eBay
  5. Taboola
  6. Amazon
  7. Pizza Hut
  8. TripAdvisor and many more.

7. Facebook Ads:

FacebookadsFacebook Ads PPC network is improving. Even though it is among the popular sources, it is still on the way to gaining more popularity. Their offerings are unique and different; however, the package is appealing. Other platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft are heavily based on search results, whereas Facebook Ads target users based on demographics. Demographic targeting is a prevalent method of marketing in the business world. It is considered among the main recognized methods of reaching more customers of the concerned brand or product. 

This Platform has customer demographic databases of which they can display the Ads to each user’s liking. This means the user does not need to search to activate an Ad actively. This is because it will be displayed on two of the biggest social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. 

The same Ads can also be displayed on Facebook Messenger and Facebook Audience Network. Therefore, if your business is concerned with customers who are users of such apps, then this Platform is an excellent way of advertising your business or product. 

As mentioned before, Facebook algorithms give you the advantage of efficiently targeting customers based on demographics. And since no searching is required by the users, they appear more as native and not Paid Ads. 

There are some things that you should keep in mind regarding Facebook Ads. One is that the Ads need to be visual with no extra text and have attention-grabbing and clickable content. 

  • Facebook Ads are Great forDemographic Targeting.
  • It contains some excellent options for developers.
  • They make the Ads appear native even though they might be paid because no searching is needed.
  • There is no Keyword bidding involved, as the Ad will be displayed to customers even if they don’t search for it.
  • They offer Cheap CPC and network in comparison to other platforms
  • Visual Ads work best on Facebook and Instagram


  • As mentioned, Facebook uses demographic targeting, which means it might target people of all ages, but this is now limited to older people, mostly in their 30s. However, Instagram Ads can work well in such a context.
  • The content is mainly B2C; however, according to some B2B, this Platform may also be effective. 
  • Most viewers ignore the Ads and may not have purchasing intent as they might not have been displayed according to their likeliness. 

8. Bidvertiser:

BidvertiserBidvertiser is also among the best PPC Ad Networks that work well for small to medium-publisher sites. This Platform also does not have any minimum traffic requirements and partners with about 78522 websites. It is among the simplest platforms to use with no strict requirements and provides the benefits of a PPC Ad platform. It offers many Ad formats that include:

  1. Pop-under windows
  2. In-app Ads
  3. XML feed integration
  4. Native content Ads

9. Propeller Ads:

propelleradsThis Platform is also among the best PPC Ad networks. It offers a 24-hour moderation service to ensure that manual quality checks are provided. They have about 150,000 publishers and are an excellent desktop and Mobile advertising network. Many publishers favor this type of Ad platform because it does not have any minimum traffic requirements, just like Bidvertiser and Infolinks. 

  • It will give you a real-time report on performance 
  • It generates less revenue for websites in any language other than English. 

10. LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedinadsThis is a platform that is mainly used by professional networkers. Most professionals use this Platform because it effectively reaches a well-educated and business-savvy audience with strong purchasing power. It has been growing in popularity as a PPC Ad network and is gaining lots of attention, primarily from professionals. 

One similarity between LinkedIn and Facebook is that it targets users based on demographics; however, in this case, people are professionals and experts in their relative fields. Such as business executives, marketing experts, etc. Therefore, this Platform is highly recommended for B2B services.

LinkedIn Ads can be displayed in various ways, some of which include:

  1. Text Ads
  2. Dynamic Ads
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. InMail
  5. Display Partner Network
  • Easy access to various experts in different fields
  • It is an excellent solution for sponsored content
  • Takes benefit from demographic targeting 
  • Offers ways of direct marketing like InMail and text Ads
  • It might be a little expensive compared to some other PPC networks
  • It is only limited to B2B marketing.

11. Twitter Ads:

twitter adsLike Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter has become a valuable social media tool that can be used as a PPC Ad network. It works well for business owners. Twitter Ads are relatively simple and gain more traffic than other complicated ways. Some of them include:

  1. Twitter hashtags
  2. Promoted tweets
  3. Promoted moments
  4. Promoted accounts

Twitter also has an automatic promotion option which can be accessed through the promote mode. It is bidding done automatically. This will allow the advertiser to promote their tweet to a large audience. 

  • Twitter is among the cheapest social media promotion platforms for businesses.
  • It can be proved beneficial for both B2B and B2C
  • It also targets customers based on demographics
  • Promoting hashtags in an effective marketing strategy.
  • Making your way out in Twitter traffic can be a challenge


The PPC Ad networks discussed above are not the only ones, several other platforms offer the same services. Therefore, it can be difficult for advertisers to choose among many options. Sometimes advertisers might pay for the top platforms; however, it might not work well for their website. Therefore, it is always better for them to choose according to the niche of their Business or website and choose wisely what will benefit them the most and which Platform will be most beneficial for the Business.

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