10+ Best CPV Networks: Recommend In 2024

Do you want to advertise your products in the best way possible? Well, if you want to know how, then you are at the right place.

As we all are aware of the fact how much marketing is important for the successful promotion of a business or its products and services. Advertising is a form of marketing that can be done both online and offline, most popularly done online these days. There are many online platforms for both publishers and advertisers that advertise your products and services. Many webmasters and bloggers gain sufficient money and also provide commission to you by placing various ads on their websites or blogs.  

There are various kinds of Ads that you will come across on such networks as pop-up ads, pop-unders, in-text ads, graphical banners, etc. These platforms then charge the advertisers on the basis of various sets of rules or by using different marketing models. For example, some charge on the basis of the number of clicks, the number of times the ad is displayed, per thousand times, etc. The advertiser has to pay the website or publisher for placing their ad on the network. 

What is CPV?

You must know about various other models such as CPA, CPS, CPL, PPI, etc. But do you know about a marketing model that pays you every time the content you placed on their network is viewed? 

CPV or Cost per view is that marketing model that is pretty popular in terms of paying their affiliates according to the number of views. It is also known as pay-per-view and demands payment from the advertiser every time an ad is viewed by the users. This is not based on the per thousand times rule or impressions but solely on the views. Therefore, it is a cost-effective strategy for advertisers to promote their products and services. 

What are the Best CPV Networks in 2023:

Now that you know what a CPV or PPV Network is and how it works, it is better to know the best of these platforms so that you can choose among them in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Propel Media
  2. RTX Platform
  3. Google Ads
  4. Media Traffic
  5. ZeroPark
  6. Clicksor
  7. DirectCPV
  8. AdOnNetwork
  9. Lead Impact
  10. CpvMarketplace

 1. Propel Media:

propel mediaPropel Media is the most popular CPV network. On this network, your ads will be displayed and accompanied by a contextual text link. This network is famous for driving a lot of traffic and converting viewers into potential buyers. One of the best things about this platform is also its customer service which will be available for you anytime you need help. Their Dashboard is very simple and easy to use, you can avail of all types of services from there and also get the necessary details and information from there. It is easy to display your ads through the dashboard in no time. 

Though with so many benefits, this platform also has some strict requirements in terms of referrals. You must deposit a minimal requirement of referrals and they are also expensive. Otherwise, this platform will not accept your registration which is directed towards some more cost. This means this network is costly for advertisements but it also gives your business exposure and drives the right amount of traffic. 

2. RTX Platform:

RTX PlatformRTX Platform is considered to be one of the best PPV networks. It has a global reach and targets an audience at a very low price even as low as $0.002 per view. They do not solely rely on PPV for driving traffic but they also offer In Text and display services to drive more traffic. The best thing is that you can access and promote from the same advertiser interface without having to use a separate one for the In Text and Display Ads. 

It has been found from a user experience that the RTX dashboard is one of the easiest and strongest PPV dashboards among all of the PPV networks. 

However, there is something you would want to know about working with PPV networks. Some of these networks have some requirements before you start working with them. Just like with the RTX platform you need to have $500 as your budget to get started. Another challenge working with this network is that competitive keywords might cost you $1 per view but you can solve this issue by using less competitive keywords that will still drive your sufficient traffic for just $0.005. Now it is evident from these facts that RTX is a bit expensive to work with, however, their capacity for driving traffic is amazing. So, if you want to start marketing with a PPV network and have enough budget then the RTX platform is a good choice. 

3. Google Ads:

Google AdsYou might be asking yourself, is Google Ads a PPV Network?! Well, yes! 

If you are someone that uses YouTube you must know about the Ads that run before the video starts. Those ads are based on Cost per view basis that is arranged by the advertisers on Google Ads. This means that Google Ads is not itself a PPV network but it is a source for driving traffic in terms of PPV. 

This is also really beneficial for the YouTubers as they can monetize their videos through these ads and earn money from the ads. They can earn as much as millions of dollars per year from such ads being played before their own video starts. They can also utilize those ads to direct the PPV traffic toward the ads for your products. 

Google Ads is popular in this context because it is Google Ads! It is a worldwide trusted platform therefore; it will provide you with all the tested advertiser interfaces and advertising platforms. They are also financially strong and have huge resources so you won’t have to stress about that because they can maintain their platform in any condition. 

4. Media Traffic:

Media Traffic The Media traffic is a CPV platform that is based on the concept of affiliates. This is one of the most beneficial platforms for affiliates as it gives them sufficient space and also gives clarity to the Ads that need to be displayed along with a High return on investment. They are also known for their tremendous capability of targeting and attracting the right audiences. Their dashboard is simple and user-friendly. 

You can access the Media Traffic dashboard very easily in just Three steps. Their customer service is also amazing and for every client or account, they give them an executive manager to handle everything and to help you if needed. 

However, here the hurdle is the application procedure. You will do a lot in order to get the application accepted. You must give them the hard copy of the signed application form along with all necessary documents as per their instructions. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

If your application gets rejected it is fine, don’t be disappointed! Keep trying and you’ll get there. 

5. ZeroPark:

ZeroparkIn the realm of affiliate marketing, you will hear the name ZeroPark which is one of the best CPV networks nowadays. It is popular among both publishers and advertisers. This network was established in 2011 by Robert Gryn and it is owned by codewise. ZeroPark allows you to run three various campaigns that include: Domain, Premium PPV, and Search. 

ZeroPark is especially beneficial for beginners because they have a very simple and easy-to-use dashboard that has all the necessary details and instructions stated already. 

One of the amazing things about ZeroPark is that it targets a daily budget. This means that it keeps you informed of how much budget you need so that you don’t overspend on a certain target. 

It also offers another feature known as traffic filters. In this feature, you are given a choice between certain filters like desktop and mobile when the audience that you want to attract uses these. 

ZeroPark also has a lot of Ad formats to offer that include domain redirects, pop ads, Native, interstitial, etc. They also provide some powerful tools to make everything better for you and cater to adult and non-adult categories. 

The deposit threshold is $200 which is low compared to some other networks and the minimum payment amount is $50. The common method of payment is PayPal. 

6. Clicksor:

ClicksorAnother amazing network for marketing your products and services is Clicksor. Clicksor not only uses the CPV or PPV model to promote your products but it also uses other affiliate marketing models such as CPM, CPC, CPI, and, CPV. The various forms of advertisements that Clicksor use includes:

  • Pop-under
  • Banners
  • Interstitial advertisement
  • Search box
  • In-Text
  • Contextual banners

Clicksor is popular among advertisers because they use networks that get a huge number of views. Many of these sites have Alexa ranking. The publishers get the most benefit from this because about 85% of the benefit from the advertisement is received by the publisher. However, as mentioned with every other network, this one also has a drawback. Clicksor Ads contain malware which can be harmful. 

So, if you want a network that gets you high views, high recognition, and more potential buyers then Clicksor is the right choice for you. 

7. DirectCPV:

DirectCPVA CPV network that mostly targets audiences on the bases of geography is called DirectCPV. Therefore, if you want to promote your products or service to an audience of a specific region or country then DirectCPV is the right one for you. This is a popular network of Click Per view among advertisers and it is known for rendering its marketers for every single coin. They usually use tactics like keywords, and URLs to target the audience of a specific region. 

Since targeting based on location is a very widely used form of marketing, it can gain you a lot of traffic and potential customers. The advertisement will be shown on a full screen and you can see it when you visit that webpage. Now for this kind of CPV network you do not need a landing page. This is because the size is large enough and is equivalent to the screen itself. 

You can target various audiences on the basis of geography. For example, if you sell western clothes then you would want to target countries or regions where such clothes are worn normally. It will have a large marketplace in those regions and hence you will get more traffic. Marketing based on geography seems easy as you get the specific audience that suits your products but it can be time-consuming and complicated sometimes. 

8. AdOnNetwork:

AdOnNetworkAdOnNetwork is another popular CPV network among advertisers and publishers. The thing that differentiates them from other networks is that they display their ads with the relevant information stated along with or in the ad itself. In this way, if a person visits the page and wonders about the details of a product and service such as how it works, what is it used for, etc they will face no problems. This is also an easy way to attract a potential buyer. 

There are several requirements of advertisers when it comes to advertising their products. It is not all just about the network and its requirements, right?! Well obviously, because as an advertiser you would want to choose the things that work best for your advertising campaigns. Therefore, AdOnNetwork provides all those requirements such as background advertisements, pop-up ads, full-screen ads, and text ads. Choosing from these various modes of advertisements can be confusing especially when you are a beginner. But as a pro, you shall have no problem knowing what would work best for you and your business. 

Now you have various options to choose from and are also given the control of choosing your own requirements and the mode of advertising you want to choose. This also majorly depends on the nature of the product and service that you want to promote. 

9. Lead Impact:

Lead ImpactAre you on a tight marketing budget? Do you want to get enough traffic without having to spend a lot? If yes, then Lead impact is one of the best economic choices for you and your business. 

The lead impact is one of the best CPV networks that provide economic advertising to advertisers that have a low budget and still want to market their products to gain more audiences. They are also a reliable network as evidenced by many so you do not have to worry about any scams. 

They display the ads on their site in a very elegant and attractive manner. They are capable of attracting the audience with various methods such as emailing and searching along with the display channel. 

Another method that Leads Impact uses to attract or target customers is by using specific URLs and Keywords. They are also known for targeting on a geographical basis. You can select the language of your choice when using the website. 

Even though you will not get a crazy amount of traffic with Lead impact, it is still sufficient enough for a business with a small advertising budget. You can spend less and still get a good enough initial audience. The word spreads around, don’t worry. Once your products or services are out in the market and they are able to convince people on the basis of quality, there is no stopping them from succeeding. 

10. CpvMarketplace:

CpvMarketplaceCpvMarketplace is another attractive and popular CPV network that helps you generate more leads and eventually convert them into potential buyers. This network attracts an audience who is genuinely interested in your products and services. If they view a certain ad and like the information, they might purchase the product. They are a competitive network that kills competition for you and attracts clients that are interested in your viewers interested in your business. 

This is an effective and efficient online marketing network that provides its advertisers with good enough traffic. They accomplish all of this in a cost-effective manner. 

With such excellent benefits where all is done on a lower budget, CpvMarketplace is a good option for people that are looking for economic options. Get started with a simple network and eventually you can upgrade to a more expensive option when you succeed. Or stay on the same network if it benefits you more than others. 


After looking at the various CPV networks, you must have found out the differences in each and how some are better than others. CPV is an effective marketing technique that has been in use for decades. Whether you have a high budget or a low budget you have various options to choose from according to your budget. There will always be an emphasis on choosing a network that works best for your business. You must consider your finances, the products, and services you want to promote, the region or people you want to advertise the products to, and the marketing strategy you want to choose for that product. So, what are you waiting for? Get started by choosing the most suitable network and then see what wonders happen for your business. 

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