15+ Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers in 2024

Do want to know an interesting way of generating revenue? If yes, then keep reading. 

If you are a website owner and you get a good number of visitors daily to your site then you must utilize this marketing model to monetize your site and earn money from it. let’s say you get at least 1000 visitors per day, whether the visitor clicks on the ad or not you can still generate revenue from the user impressions. 

As a publisher, you should always look for networks that offer good CPM rates. Many networks provide such services and generate significant revenue. But first, let’s find out what CPM is and how it works. 

What is CPM?

CPM abbreviated as Cost per mile or Cost Per Thousand Impressions is a marketing model is a cost that is generated after an Ad is viewed a thousand times. This means this is the calculation of the cost of an Ad view per thousand impressions. This is a great method of monitoring the performance of the Ad and keeping it in check with its progress. 

CPM is mostly used in Ad campaigns on a global level that is viewed by millions of users. This is an excellent marketing model that helps the networks estimate the cost of advertising and the prices of these ads. On this basis, the publisher is paid as well. 

Benefits of CPM Ad Networks:

CPM marketing model is majorly concerned with raising brand awareness rather than performance. This is a model for calculating the payment that is to be made to media owners. In CPM payment is made for impressions and not clicks. 

CPM networking has the following benefits:

  • It drives high-traffic
  • The publisher is made on time and the decided amount regardless of the number of clicks
  • This is a great marketing model for monitoring the Ad performance of publishers
  • Most of the CPM Ad networks have a low traffic threshold eligibility. 

Calculation of CPM:

You can measure CPM for every Ad, campaign, and ad placement. The formula is written as:

CPM= (Total Ad Cost) / Measured Ad Impressions) x1000

For example, if an advertiser from a fashion company has a $100 budget and wants to gain 100,000 viewers then the CPM would be:

CPM= (100 / 100,000) x 1000

= $1

Hence, the calculation of CPM can help the publishers determine how many impressions they are going to receive, and the advertisers determine how much they are going to pay for those impressions. 

Factors Influencing CPM:

Various factors can influence CPM and some of the most significant ones include:

  • Ad sizes
  • Number of ad units
  • Past performance
  • Ad viewability
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Seasonality
  • Geography
  • Cookie data
  • Device types
  • Niche
  • Purchase Intent
  • Website quality

Therefore, running a CPM network, working with or for one always needs attention to all of these influencing factors. These can heavily impact and alter the CPM rates and impressions. 

Best CPM Ad Networks 2023:

Now that you know what CPM is and how it works, let’s get to know about some of the Best CPM Networks in 2023 and 2024 that you can trust and start working with. The list includes:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Adcash
  4. BuySellAds
  5. Propeller Ads
  6. Undertone
  7. Adsterra
  8. AdMaven
  9. Exponential
  10. AdPushup

1. Google Adsense:

Google AdSenseGoogle Adsense is the best or one of the best affiliate networks that you will come across. In the modern age of digital marketing, Google Adsense has marked its visible place that not many others can take. It provides you with many benefits and guarantees you more visibility. With Google Adsense, you can use both CPM and CPC models. Google Adsense has many advertising campaigns that would pay you a hefty sum of money. However, its approval procedure is quite strict and you would have to fulfill some requirements. Once you’re able to get the approval you will get the most of their benefits. The publisher receives 68% of the revenue generated whereas, Google receives the rest of the 32%. 

One disadvantage of Adsense is that it needs clearance of your account to be accepted. Other than that, it is an amazing CPM platform, especially for mobile Ads as their mobile ads are really popular and drive high traffic. With such high traffic, you will be able to generate more revenue in no time. Once you pass their approval procedure and better your performance it will be very easy for you to succeed in this field. More specifically on Google Adsense which is one of the biggest or the biggest Ad networks in the world. 

2. Adcash:

AdcashAdcash is a highly beneficial CPM network that will give you the most return on your efforts. They have high digital sales and heavy traffic daily. Their Ads in total cost billions of dollars and they get about 200 million viewers on their website. Their Slots are filled up 100% and hence allow the publishers to monetize their digital content with less effort.

This CPM platform offers two monetizing methods. One is dynamic monetizing which is the most common one while the other one is a manual procedure. Adcash can also target an audience based on personalization. They offer some of the greatest mobile advertising and target a specific category of audience. Personalized targeting is one of their specialties and something that many brands and companies are interested in because they want their products and services to reach the right audiences. When it reaches the right audience there is a high probability of increasing the rate of converting them into potential buyers. 

Besides all of these benefits, working with Adcash is also not a complication. There are no strict requirements for acceptance and various payment modes are available which is highly convenient. 

3. is among the most popular and successful Ad tech companies with over 1000 employees and has offices in various places such as Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Zurich, and Bangalore. They are the second largest company in terms of net worth and revenue generation and have the best top management to help the publishers become successful in their campaigns. 

They work with some of the biggest publishers and advertisers in the industry. The publishers include Meredith, Hearst, Forbes, Yahoo, Kiplinger, MSN, Reuters, Ziff Davis, The Street, NY Daily News, etc. 

Their collaboration with Yahoo and Bing brings in a lot of traffic from Yahoo users as they are among the most renowned Search engines. Both of them give the best benefits to and manage their technology, relationships, and business operations most effectively. 

Publishers can customize their ads with text displays and use them on both Yahoo and Bing to drive traffic. To get accepted by the program you must have a website with original and creative content that is updated regularly and does not have any copyright claims. 

4. BuySellAds:

BuySellAdsBuySellAds is a great SM network that does not have any strict requirements and therefore, is a great platform for beginners to start their journey. If you just started your website and are receiving some traffic, it is better to not let it go to waste and utilize this platform to earn more traffic and generate revenue as well. 

BuySellAds offers you 75% of the earnings from ads and they also give you your bonus payments on requests. However, you can only get paid twice a month so think about when you want to be paid. Their minimum payment threshold for cheques is $50 and for online wire transfers is $500. 

There are various ad formats available on BuySellAds and almost all of them are compatible for display on Google Adsense. Therefore, you can choose any format that best suits your website and the target audience. Make sure it is according to the likeness of the Target audience otherwise driving traffic can become complicated. 

5. Propeller Ads:

propelleradsWhether you are a beginner or a professional affiliate marketer, Propeller Ads is a great platform to increase your income. Propeller Ads generate significant revenue and give a larger percentage to their publishers, even more than Google Adsense. This is more beneficial when you receive most of the traffic on your website from western regions. There are many ad formats like pop-up, pop-under, dialogue ads, interstitial ads, and basic banner ads. You can utilize any of these formats according to your liking and the one that works best for you. 

They have a real-time tracking system that tracks the current progress and reports it to you. In this way, you can have timely insight into how your ads are doing and give you an idea of how much revenue you will generate from them. They follow the Net30 payout system which means they pay after every 30 days and have various payment methods that are highly convenient. 

6. Undertone:

UndertoneUndertone is popular for its Diversity in Ad formats. It is one of the best CPM networks nowadays with the capability of generating over 500,000 monthly impressions. They generate significant revenue and pay publishers even more than Adsense and some other highly popular Ad networks. Their acceptance criteria are a bit strict and it is quite complicated to get accepted into their programs however, once you get accepted you will earn a good amount of money. 

They have a reputation for only accepting creative and unique content that is completely original. If they find any span or fake content it will be removed immediately. Their ad campaigns are highly optimizable and have great features such as floor price, appearance, performance, etc. 

So, if you want a larger audience and earn significant revenue from it, choose the undertone and get started!

7. Adsterra:

AdsterraAdsterra has been growing for the past several years and has managed to get itself a reputation among the best CPM Ad networks. They offer many ad formats including pop-under, banner, mobile display, etc. Their monetization methods are not only for desktop but for mobile content as well which makes this platform even more beneficial for publishers and advertisers. 

Adsterra provides even more options to advertisers as they can do target advertising and give them a greater return on investment-based campaigns. This platform was established in 2013 and has been a gateway for advertisers and publishers to connect and start working on achieving their objectives. They provide many unique tools that can help you monetize all of the traffic received. They have the capability of getting about 30 billion monthly impressions all over the globe and are working with more than 12000 publishers. Their payment threshold varies with the currency they pay in and have different payment methods. 

8. AdMaven:

admavenAdMaven is known as one of the best advertising platforms and its pricing model is based on CPM which is one of the most efficient methods in the industry. They receive about 5 billion daily impressions and have over 250 million users worldwide. They have various monetization models and they work with advertisers and publishers directly. About 10k publishers and 100k advertisers are working with this platform. The direct connection feature allows the publishers to generate higher income from the advertisers. 

The best monetization method of AdMaven is its push notifications. Once the users are subscribed to the campaign’s push notification you will be able to generate revenue from it in the long term. The CPM rates for push notifications are on the rise. 

Getting traffic through AdMaven is very easy. You will receive traffic from tier 1 countries and if not, there are other options as well, so don’t worry! 

Starting on this platform is pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up on the network and wait for your acceptance. Once your website gets approved you can put the ads on your website and start earning money from it. 

9. Exponential:

Exponential was first named Tribal Fusion and is one of the most widely used CPM networks. If you get enough monthly traffic as much as 500,000 on your website then you better as well apply to their program and start earning from it. Do not let such high traffic go to waste, instead utilize it effectively and generate some revenue from it. These networks are also likely to increase your traffic and brand awareness, not just the revenue. 

Exponential is known as one of the highest-quality online advertising networks. They accept website owners or publishers with high-quality and creative content. Due to this specific reason, they have many premium advertisers who are owners of some big names in the business world. They also offer a variety of different Ad formats which adds to this network’s attractiveness and popularity. 

Some high-impact ad formats include pre-roll ads and rising star formats that are not provided by every network. But with exponential, you will easily find these formats and start using them for your campaigns. Exponential provided 55% of the revenue generated to their publishers. 

One challenge that you will face with Exponential is their high requirements for unique visitors. They want these unique visitors every month and have a certain threshold for it. They also require you to regularly update the content and post high-quality, creative content. 

10. AdPushup:

adpushupIf you are looking for a CPM network that has high rates and offers the best optimization options, then AdPushup is the right choice for you!

Microsoft ventures backed one of the best and high-rate CPM networks in the industry called AdPushup. Their service provision is great and they are renowned for their effortless success. 

Some of the biggest Ad exchanges in the world are AppNexus, Google, Rubicon, etc. Now such big names have partnered up with AdPushup. You can guess what that means right? It means Higher CPM rates for the publishers! They offer you some amazing tools that will increase you’re Ad optimization rate by a whopping 33% by serving some of the High CPM ads. 

The optimization tools that they offer are some of the best in the industry because they are powered by A/B testing, layout optimization, Header bidding, Adblock recovery, AMP converter, and many more. These will significantly increase the ad revenue for both desktop and mobile ads. 

AdPushup offers excellent management services so that you can focus on the growth of your website and not worry too much about Ad optimization. The Ad optimization will be handled by the management. 

Currently, this platform is working with some of the biggest publishers in the industry such as Reddit, Elle, CNET, Newsweek,, and many more. 


After getting to know about some of the best CPM Ad networks in the industry and what each has to offer, you can decide for yourself which one would work best for you. It is very important to research any network that you choose to work with.

make sure that it is a reliable source and has a good reputation in terms of payouts as well. One more important thing. Never settle for less! Always look for a network that will acknowledge your work and offer you what your content deserves. Once you master this you will be able to generate more and more revenue over time. 

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