15+Best Pay Per Download Networks in 2024

Do you want to learn a way to make loads of money from your downloads? If so, then PPD is a great marketing technique to do. If you are a digital content creator creating content that can be downloaded such as applications, digital media files, etc., then PPD is an amazing method of generating revenue and even generating revenue from other creators’ digital content by promoting it from them and getting a percentage of the profit. 

What is PPD?

PPD is abbreviated as pay-per-download. It is one of the effective promotional tools that publishers and creators use to promote their content and increase their revenue. It is also an effective way to monetize your downloads or the content that is up for download.

You can earn money by charging the users for every download or making them act to open the files such as completing a survey. In this way, you will get money from a third-party advertiser. Some PPD networks offer both of these services to their customers. 

If you are the creator yourself and can get to promote and monetize your content then the money is all yours. However, you can also earn money by promoting the digital content of other people as well. this is a service mostly provided by affiliate networks and the people promoting these downloads are called affiliate marketers. If you work as an affiliate marketer you can easily earn money by promoting the content increasing downloads and getting a commission per download from the advertiser. 

How to Effectively Utilize a PPD Network?

There are multiple ways you can use to sell your content such as the paid purchase or content locking system. Finding out which one would work the best for you depends on the type and worth of the content. You must ask yourself: What is the price of this content? What type of content it is? Is it an application? a digital file? Or another type of digital content that can be downloaded or requires completing some alternate forms of action to generate revenue like taking a survey. 

One way to answer these questions is to analyze your competitors. Start looking into their ways and find out what tools and techniques they have used to monetize similar products. They must have gone through several stages of testing and re-testing to find out what works successfully so this is an effective and cost-efficient way to find out what works best for you as well. by learning about their methods, you can start to innovate as well. 

However, the less worthy content should be content-locked and the more valuable ones should be made downloadable such as an application or eBooks. Otherwise, if you have the space and budget to operate both of them at the same time on your web page then try it and check for yourself which one works the best and generates more revenue. 

Best PPD Networks:

Here is the list of the Best PPD Networks of 2023and 2024

  1. UploadOcean
  3. UserCloud
  4. AdscendMedia
  5. UploadSmith
  7. DollarUpload
  8. ShareCash
  9. Indishare. me
  11. Daily Uploads
  12. File-Upload
  13. UserDrive
  14. BDupload
  15. DoUploads

1. Upload Ocean:

uploadsOceanUploadOcean is counted among the best and high-paying pay-per-download websites without the inclusion of a survey option. With UploadOcean you can upload your files on a fast server that gives easy access to users along with the convenience of fast downloads. The main server runs SSD which also boosts up the downloads to their max. moreover, this is a highly secure network as your file will be protected with SSL through 256-bit encryption technology. This network offers high download speed, more space, and no ads displayed while downloading. Their dashboard is user-friendly and everyone can easily use their services. 


  • Generates $21 per 1000 downloads
  • You will be paid after you meet the requirement of earning $10. 
  • Various modes of payment are used including PayPal, Neteller, Payza, Amazon Gift Cards, and WebMoney. 
  • On referral earning, they are sure to generate a 10% commission for every person invited. 

2. is a PPD network that not only allows you to safely upload your files on the site but also pays you for doing so. Your files will be safe while present on this site and they will serve as a source of generating revenue for you. Therefore, this website has twofold benefits. You can be stress-free for your files to be in a safe space. And by uploading the content on you can also earn money. A win-win situation, right?!

  • If you write an article for them, you will earn $2
  • This is an ad-free network and it will attract more users to download your files without bothering them with pop-up ads. 
  • This network will give you a referral link or code that you can use to attract other users and on each invited user you will get a %10 commission. 
  • If you make a YouTube video promoting their website you will be able to earn $5. The video does not necessarily have t include your face. You can just make a creative video with visual effects etc. 

3. Users Cloud:

UsercloudUsersCloud is additionally one of the Top Best PPD sites and document facilitating administration gives free limitless stockpiling for transferring your records to the cloud. The main thing about UsersCloud is that it gives Limitless Space in addition documents between 1KB – 50MB won’t ever get lapsed/eliminated, so you can procure by transferring however many records as you need with no space limitations. You can bring in cash from a reference program too and procure half more when your downloads are not coming from a programmed download program like JDownloader.


  • Payment threshold of $5
  • Generates $5 per 1000 downloads
  • Generates %90 of every premium account someone subscribes to and resubscribes.
  • Earn 10% from your website and 10% from referral links

4. AdscendMedia:

AdscendMediaAdscendMedia besides being one of the best PPI networks is also an excellent CPA network. It is highly popular for generating leads for advertisers and paying their affiliate marketers a hefty sum of money. AdscendMedia provides some of the best pay-per-click strategies and makes it a rather accessible option. If you create a website where you can upload files for others to download then with every click on the download button you will be paid a good sum for the click and the download. 


  • Easy documentation
  • Good payouts to marketers
  • Excellent marketing solutions
  • Account management options
  • Generates money through both CPS and CPA models.

5. UploadSmith:

uploadsmithUploadSmith is one of the best PPD sites and is also one of the easiest ways to earn money. They pay you per download with a good commission and timely payments. If you can generate high traffic then you will be able to earn more money. Let’s say you own a website where you post blog posts and other such content. If you provide the referral links to their downloads and the more users download the more you will be rewarded. This site has a very simple and easy-to-use design and is free of pop-up Ads. 


  • Pays $10 on 1000 downloads
  • Pays affiliates in the first week of every month with a threshold of $10
  • Best industrial design
  • Ad-free website
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

6. Dollar Upload:

DollarUploadDollarUpload is an easy way to earn money by using the PPD strategy. It is a site that allows you to upload all sorts of content and earn money per every download. You just need to register on their site, start uploading files, and start earning money on every download. However, to download a file the clients must always fill out a survey. A good way to gain more traffic is by sharing referral links. So as many people download them through those links more revenue will be generated. DollarUpload allows you to upload any kind of content whether it is an MPS3 file, a video, an image, etc. They have experience of over years in the industry and operate in about 24 countries. They have a quick support system with monitoring technology to keep everything in line. 


  • Pays $1 per download
  • Payment threshold of $10 you can request timely payments
  • Various payment modes like Bitcoin, PayPal, Debit Mastercard, Amazon Gift Card, etc
  • Pays you 3% on referral downloads.

7. Share Cash:

ShareCashAnother PPD network that pays you a high amount per download is ShareCash. Their high payments are also provided because of their survey networks. It is also very famous for its one-time payment. This is a platform that gives you a kickstart to start earning money and monetizing your content and downloads by providing some powerful tools. On ShareCash you will be provided with file lockers for uploading file content, website lockers for monetizing website exclusive content, and links to ShareCash that help to lead the users to sign up at ShareCash in the form of Outbound third-party links. When you use their innovative tools to lock your content you will be paid $1 each time the user unlocks it.


  • Generates revenue of $20 per 1000 downloads. 
  • Payment Threshold of $40.
  • Different payment modes are called Paxum, Payoneer, and bank transfer.
  • And a bonus of 5% on all referral link shares. 

8. Indishare. me


Do you want to earn money by uploading video content? Many PPD websites do not provide the option of uploading video content and monetizing it for earning. Indishare. I help you upload video content and generate significant revenue from it. not just video content but you can also upload mp3 files and earn money each time a person downloads that file. This makes indishare. me a very accessible and cool website to earn money online, right?! 


  • Payment of $10 per 1000 downloads
  • Allows you to upload and monetize video content and downloads
  • Allows you to upload mp3 files
  • Generates significant revenue

9. Upload.Org: is a popular PPD network that is notable for its high payment. They have a clean download page free of any fraud or viruses that lead to higher amounts of downloads. As I mentioned they have a clean website, but most websites are not, and you will come across various meddling promotions. Whereas does not have this problem. They are free of unnecessary pop-up ads and also have an organized ‘’how to download’’ guide that will lead to a higher number of downloads and thus increase your revenue. 

If you run a website that has a download niche, then is a money-making machine for you. 


  • Different payment modes for different countries.
  • The payment modes include PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer, Paytm, JazzCash, Pakistan bank transfer, etc.
  • Payment threshold of $10. 

10. Daily Uploads:

Daily Uploads is another popular PPD network where you can regularly upload your content and monetize your downloads. It provides you with significant earnings on each download. It is like any other successful website allowing you to safely share your content and get timely payments. 


  • Earns $16 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment threshold of $10
  • Allows daily uploads
  • Keeps files safe 
  • Earns good enough money for easy work done

11. File-Uploads:


File uploads are among the most notable PPD networks. It pays a higher amount for group A countries and a rather lower amount for other countries. For example, for countries like America, Canada, the UK, etc they pay $7 per 1000 downloads, whereas for other countries they pay $3. The best thing about this network is that you can request your payment with even just a $1 amount in your account. 


  • Payment requests are accepted on a $1 amount in the account. 
  • Pays $7 per 1000 downloads to category A countries 
  • Pays $3 to other countries

12. User Drive:


user driveUserDrive is a PPD network without any survey category on the site and pays high amounts to its affiliates. You will be excited to see the rewards that they have to offer. They not only offer high payments but also allow you to share your files securely. You can easily register for the UserDrive for free and then after registration, you will be allowed to use the 195 GB of storage.


  • Generates revenue of $10 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment threshold of $20.
  • Different modes of payment include WebMoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, and Skrill. 

13. BDupload:


BDupload is a PPD network that provides access to unlimited storage where you can upload as many files as you want. After uploading them and driving traffic to those files you can earn money from each download. They also offer various tools and techniques to monetize your content and drive traffic to those sites. BDupload offers upload offers various uploads, downloads, high speed, and access to a premium account. 


  • Generates revenue of $10 for every 1000 downloads
  • Payment threshold of $10
  • Different modes of payment include PayPal, Paytm, Neteller, Bank Transfer, and Airtel Money. 

14. DoUploads:

DouploadsWant to hear about an amazing PPD network that pays you a lot of money for small things? Well, DoUploads is one such website where besides the pay-per-download system, you can also earn money when sharing files with your friends, forums, etc. Isn’t that exciting?! They also provide you with the convenience of 100 GB of space to safely and successfully upload your files in that working space. They have a great client and customer support team that is always ready to facilitate you when you need their help. 


  • Payment threshold of $10.
  • Generates revenue of $12 per 1000 downloads.
  • Different modes of payment
  • Sufficient working storage
  • Easy ways to earn revenue by uploading and sharing content
  • Pay you a 10% bonus on sharing referral links. 

15. Filelnce.Net: is among the best PPD websites that are a survey-type network and are highly innovative and high-paying. They make the best payments and have a high convertible rate giving you $1 per download. This is a much higher amount than most PPD networks as most provide say $10 per 1000 downloads which is very less compared to what has to offer. The security system on the website is very strong and unattainable. Therefore, you should not be concerned about losing your earnings because of some cheats like survey bypassers, auto-downloaders, etc. However, if you decide to work with them, you must be very careful and be genuine and authentic in your activities because detects fraudulent behavior quickly and it can result in all your data getting deleted. With such strict rules, you can conclude why they are among the best PPD networks. 


  • Pays you $1 per download
  • Has strict rules against fraudulent behavior
  • Quick customer service available 24/7
  • Conversion rates exceeding 25%


To learn about the significance of PPD in earning money and promoting your work, you must be interested in starting earning through these networks and their exciting offers.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional you must always consider your business interests and your interests as well. if a website is according to your liking and fits the requirements of your work then go for it. 

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