Why is Coinbase Not Sending Verification Code 2024

Are you a regular user of coinbase? Are you scared about your privacy being leaked? What is 2 steps verification? Are you not getting a verification code via SMS or email? Your verification code is not working? Having trouble regarding verification? Unable to verify yourself on your account?

Coinbase is a public platform used for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and trading purposes. You have to create an account on coinbase if you are interested in trading or cryptocurrency exchange. and if you are concerned about the privacy of your account or and you want strict privacy then you have read this article it will guide you about your privacy protection of coin base account from any third party.

What Is CoinBase?

Coin base is an American exchange platform or app used for earning from trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies which are more than 100 available on the app. The company was founded by Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2012. The exchange on coinbase is remote work which means you can do it from home or wherever you are. it doesn’t have a huge number of offices or headquarters. just like, it is also the largest company for cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase doesn’t support each coin but more than 120 types of cryptocurrencies are available on the platform. You can also use this platform for the conversion of one cryptocurrency into another or it is also used to send or receive your coins or cryptocurrency from another person. On a coin base, you can also earn by referring it to other people. If you refer a new person you will get 50% of their fees for the first 3 months. Coin base is a simple app that every interested person can use it for earning.

How To Use CoinBase In 2023?

Coinbase is a very easy-to-use app, but you have to read some guidelines before using coin base or any exchange app. Exchange apps are huge platforms that are used by different people sitting in different regions so you have to be very careful about every step you take.

Before starting trading on coinbase you have to create an account on coin base. Despite being the platform for buying decentralized currencies, they have strict rules and regulations about KYC(Know Your Customer). they have to take a proper look at your profile who you are from where you are.

What You Will Need?

For registering yourself you will need the following:

  • you should be of age above 18 years
  • They will ask you government issued a verification of identity card, passport, or any document
  • For verification you should have a phone number
  • Coinbase support different browsers, you should have one of them
  • A smartphone or computer on which you will use it

If you have everything mentioned above you easy to go and create your account.

Create An Account:

If you are a new user of coin base you have to create an account before doing anything because for trading, buying, and selling you should have your account on coinbase. For creating an account follow these steps:

  1. Using a supported browser, go to the website of coin base on your phone or your computer
  2. For using a mobile phone you can just download the app
  3. Select the option given to get started
  4. they will ask about your personal information and try to provide accurate data of yours. They will ask you:
  • Your full name
  • Email address that you are using currently
  • Password (try to enter a password that you can remember easily and also not so simple)
  • Your state
  1. After providing your information new tab will give you some agreements or privacy policies which you have to accept
  2. Read every word carefully
  3. Find the option of signing up if you accept their agreements
  4. At the last coin base will send you the verification code on your email which you have given for verification
  5. Then you have to verify yourself by providing that code

Now you have your account. You can use it for trading, buying, and selling.

While creating an account they asked for your email address to do the verification. And also you can add 2 steps of verification for the safety of your account.

2-Step Authentication:

For the safety of your account coinbase offer a feature that is 2 steps authentication. in which you will get the code on the email and mobile phone number which you provided them while creating your account. And on every login, you will get the code and after giving them that specific code you will be able to log in to your account.

2 step authentication is for the system’s security. Every time you will get a different code on your email or mobile number it depends on which option you choose whether email or mobile number.

Some situations which will trigger you to enable 2-step authentication:

  • sign in from an unknown device
  • Sign in from an unrecognized mobile number
  • Your crypto being sent out of your coin base account

Not Getting Verification Code:

After enabling 2 steps verification you will get a verification code every time but this might happen because you won’t get your code. Sometimes it takes time for receiving the code but there might be chances that you won’t get it.

You will not be able to get access to your account if you don’t provide them verification code. If you are having trouble with 2 steps verification make sure your mobile device software is updated. The Coinbase app should be up to date. If you using the coinbase on your personal computer make your you are using the updated version of the browser. Clearing out the junk files and cache will also help you with this problem. You can also try restarting of app or the browser.

There might be a chance that you lost your email address in this case you have to change the email address to a new one from the setting of the coin base app. there might be a reason that the mobile network is not working properly and you are not getting your verification code. Not getting the verification code may be because your SMS box is full you have to clear it so that you will receive your code. If you are not getting your verification code and you are requesting it, again and again, this will also stop the system to send you the code due to their rules then you will request your new code after 24 hours.


While using coinbase 2-step authentication is a very important step for your privacy. you might get an issue regarding the verification code like not receiving the verification code. This article will help you to recognize why you are not getting the verification code. this article will also give you detail about coinbase and how to start your trading on coinbase.

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