10+ Highest Rated CPL Networks That Boost Your Revenue in 2024

Want to know about an amazing marketing model to understand your customers and reach a larger audience? If you do then keep reading this article. 

As we all know, to get a product and service known to the world, marketing is essential. Without marketing, a new product will stay hidden and will not get the recognition that it deserves or even make up for the efforts of the owners. If people are not aware of the product that you have to offer, you will not be able to generate any revenue from it. This is where digital marketing comes into play. There are many strategies and models used nowadays in digital marketing to attract the right audience to your products and services and to reach the target customers. 

CPL is one of those models used to effectively reach the target audience. You will find various CPL networks in digital marketing that can help you achieve your objectives. It is one of the popular affiliate marketing models that most affiliate networks use. Before knowing about the best CPL networks, it is important to understand what it actually is and how it works. 

What is a CPL Network?

CPL is called Cost per lead. This is another model of affiliate marketing in which the affiliates can generate revenue by filling out forms. This is usually associated with filling out signup forms. The more the users fill up the sign-up forms the more leads are generated and the more revenue is generated. This is an easy way to market your brand or product and an even easier way to earn money through leads. There are tons of CPL networks out there. However, to get the best results you must choose the top-rated ones that can generate leads and earn you money. 

Besides traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, nowadays online businesses have gained popularity and many new businesses are still beginning to operate. So, if you are among those new business owners and you want to promote your brand then you can easily do so by choosing the right CPL network. 

The Cost per lead can be calculated by the following formula:

CPL= Advertisement Cost/ Total Leads Generated

In this formula, the commission is always fixed by the advertiser and needs lead generation to generate revenue. 

Best CPL Network In 2023:

Here is the list of the Best CPL Networks of 2023and 2024

Now that you know what CPL marketing is and how cost per lead generates revenue, you must know about some of the best CPL networks that can give you many different benefits and unique features. You can work with any of them depending upon which one best suits you and your requirements. 

  1. ClickDealer
  2. MyLead
  3. PaySale
  4. CJ Affiliate
  5. Adsterra
  6. MaxBounty
  7. Dynu In Media
  8. Perfor mcb
  10. TradeDoubler

1. ClickDealer:

ClickDealerClickDealer has been in operation since 2012 and is among the best CPL service providers nowadays. This is an affiliate network that is not limited to one thing but is highly versatile and provides offers in different verticals like dating, gaming, mobile, etc. Therefore, by partnering with ClickDealer you can promote your business effectively. 

ClickDealer also effectively utilizes social media platforms and as we all know how powerful social media can be. With such versatility, you can reach the target audience that you want to reach.

Their payout period is monthly which is usually after the $100 threshold is achieved. Weekly payments are also made but that solely depends on your efforts and after you have proven yourself through your progress. 

2. MyLead:

MyleadMyLead is among the best CPL networks and they use other affiliate marketing models as well like CPC, CPA, CPS PPI, IVR, and many more. Some might even believe this network to be the best CPL network. With so many different choices MyLead is definitely at the top of the list that will get you the best results and generate significant revenue. It is also very easy to use MyLead. All you have to do is sign up and then start promoting their offers on your social media pages, blogs, etc. The more people click on the links you provide to their products and services, the more money you will make. 

If you have any difficulty grasping the concept of their network and how to work to grow and show progress, do not worry! MyLead has an amazing support team that will guide you through everything. You will get a commission every time someone clicks on your affiliate links and provides information. Their dashboard is also very easy to use and they will provide you with feedback on your performance. In this way, you will be able to keep a track of how much progress you have made and the things that you need to improve. 

They have about 1600 affiliate offers and a minimum payment threshold of $20. The best thing about MyLead is that you do not have to wait months or weeks for the payments. But once you reach the threshold level you will be paid after 48 hours. However, if you have not reached the threshold and are showing no progress then it may take more time. Their customer support is available 24/7 and has multiple payment methods which are highly convenient. 

3. PaySale:

PaysalePaySale is one of the best CPL networks that is gaining popularity as an affiliate network. They are versatile as their offerings are of many verticals including eCommerce, gaming, Dating, etc. PaySale helps buyers, publishers, and agencies improve their advertising campaign performance. And these campaign strategies are also provided by PaySale which is a big help and saves a lot of time. With PaySale you will get a significant Return on Investment. Even though this network provides campaign strategies, advertisers still have full control and the opportunity to creatively design and manage their campaigns. This means that they can safely launch their campaigns and still have full control over them. 

They are known to be highly versatile with offerings in over 700 verticals, and 500+ affiliate programs, and drive traffic from 98 countries. When your account gets verified after significant efforts you will be paid 3 times a month however, first, you must reach a minimum payment threshold of $100. They also have excellent customer service that will guide you through every step of the journey. The payment methods available include WebMoney, PayPal, Paxum, Epayments, and Wire Transfer. With so many different options and versatility, this is easily one of the top CPL networks that can help you make more money and get your products known in the world. 

4. CJ Affiliate:

Cj AffiliateCJ Affiliate is considered one of the best CPL networks, especially for beginners. They are known to have a worldwide reach because their offices are located in 14 different countries. Many affiliate networks have a bad reputation for not paying their partners or clients on time but that is not the case with CJ Affiliate. They are famous for paying on time and the payment is usually transferred through PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, etc. 

If you want to work with a network that can help you earn a lot of money then CJ affiliate is the right choice. They also have worldwide reach due to which they have partnerships with some of the biggest names in the business world. With the latest analytic tools that no other network provides, you can easily monitor your performance and make improvements. 

5. Adsterra:

AdsterraAdsterra is another great affiliate network for beginners. It is considered to be among the best CPL networks that have global reach and various ad formats making them suitable for different types of people. If you want to get genuine and fraud-free traffic then Adsterra is the best choice for you. 

The most amazing feature of Adsterra is that they have an automation system which means that everything will be automatically processed without the need for the guidance of a manager. So, you probably won’t need any customer support because everything is automated. Adsterra runs other affiliate models as well such as CPA, CPI, Push, Native, etc. This will help you in getting a lot of traffic as compared to other network Ad displays. 

They are among the top-rated affiliate websites and have about 30k+ partners making them one of the most popular CPL and other affiliate model networks. Besides this, they have a fraud detection system which means they eliminate any fraudulent traffic and you will only get genuine users. 

6. MaxBounty:

MaxBountyMaxBounty is one of the oldest Affiliate networks that has a worldwide reach and can get to a larger audience. They have gained the trust of advertisers from many areas of the world. They focus on geographic targeting which means they can specifically target an audience from a specific region of the world. With over 2000 ad campaigns this is easily one of the most trusted and effective CPL networks in the world. Therefore, if you want to target a specific place, Max Bounty is the right choice for you. 

Their dashboard is very informative and you can easily get all the details there. With connections of advertisers worldwide, they can reach a broader range of countries. Their payment system is mainly based on performance. You will get bonuses on a good performance and weekly payments are also initiated through performance progress. In case you need any help, their customer support is the best and you will be provided with a manager to help you through everything. 

As mentioned before, you can get all sorts of details through their dashboard. Even the progress of your performance of yourself and competitors can be monitored through the dashboard. This is highly effective because by keeping a check on your and competitors’ performance you will be able to determine whose performance is better and what changes you need to make to meet or exceed that level. Their payment frequency is normally weekly with a minimum payment threshold of $100. 

7. Dynu In Media:

DYNU IN MEDIADynu In Media is considered an all-in-one affiliate network that provides maximum benefits. If you are looking for a network that provides support, guides you, and has the best offers with maximum benefits, then Dyno in Media is the right stop for you. It is associated with not only CPL but also CPA, and CPS. You can generate high revenue through hundreds of high-quality scholarships and advertisements. This can be done by a very simple process and filling out some forms with the data required. 

The affiliate models are supported through social media, search, and display. It makes it easier for the advertiser to engage with some of the best online publishers to gain more audience and hence increase traffic. With an experience of 7+ years, they have become a popular digital marketing forum and continue to grow. They keep changing their approaches or strategies to match the changing requirements. This helps to stay in line with the current trends and helps gain a more authentic audience. 

If you have any difficulty with the network, their manager will guide you to understand everything, making sure that you grasp the full concept of their services and create long-term work relationships. Their most diverse markets are in the US and EU with the most designated professionals and a strong base. 

8. Performcb:

PerformcbPerformcb is one of the highest-rated CPL affiliate networks that was established in 2022 and therefore has an experience of 22 years in this field of marketing. Not only do they focus on providing performance-based solutions to their marketers but also offer a huge variety of affiliate marketing models giving you a diverse choice to choose the one that best suits you. As they focus on improving the performance of their marketers, they aim at increasing their rate of return.

Their strategies work so well for marketers and advertisers that they can easily reach the target audience and improve their engagement with customers. With improved customer engagement Performcb also provides in-house patent-pending technology, performance campaigns, and many advertisers and publishers to their affiliate partners. They have an expanded range of offers provide that include verticals like finance, health, beauty, eCommerce, etc. their customer support is amazing providing you with any help you need at any time. 

Apart from that Performcb is known to provide you with professional managers to help you understand everything and guide you through every step of the way. You will get strategic programs provided by them along with brand protection, and some analytical tools that will help you analyze your performance and campaign success. They do not have any minimum threshold payment and weekly payments are provided to qualified marketers. 

With such amazing features and numerous benefits, it is evident that this CPL network is one of the best networks you can choose for yourself. 

9. CPA.House:

CPA.houseIf you are a beginner and are just stepping into the world of affiliate marketing then is a great stop for you. is easily one of the best CPA networks nowadays with such a diverse range of offers in all verticals. Their main attractive factor is that they offer such high rates to their users. Getting diverse offers and great monetary benefits makes this network worth using. It generates great revenue and pays you on time. All you need to do is register with them and start earning money. 

One thing that is famous for is daily payments. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold of $50 if you are just starting then daily payments can benefit you. Webmasters that want to work for some time can discuss their conditions with the network managers. 

There are some amazing and hard-working people working behind that will give you the best customer support and the most amazing outcomes from your efforts. So, if you want daily payments and a higher ROI then is a good choice for you. 

10. TradeDoubler: 

tradedoublerTradeDoubler is one of those affiliate networks with the most experience as it was established in 1999. Working with such an experienced network always means you are working with a network that has probably had hundreds of thousands of people working with it. They have partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world and have about 180,000 publishers that are using this platform to generate their revenue. 

260 employees are working at TradeDoubler and they are operational in about 80 countries. You will get a lot of benefits from their global reach. If you want to get genuine traffic then TradeDoubler is the right choice for you. They will drive the most authentic and fraud-free traffic providing you with the best results. 

Their signup process is pretty simple and free. You can start earning after signing up with them. It is a great source of generating significant revenue. 


By looking at some of the best CPL networks you must have an idea of the benefits and uniqueness each one has to offer. Whether it is the diverse range of offers in various verticals, generating significant revenue, giving weekly or daily payments, offering amazing customer support or even a personal manager, having a very low or no minimum payment threshold, or attracting genuine traffic, you choose your winner. It depends on you which one of these benefits is the most suitable for you and which one would best suit the nature of your business and its products and services. 


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