20+ Best Bitcoin Ad Networks in 2024

Although the concept of bitcoin appears to be a complex one, the principle is actually quite simple. Blockchain is a type of digital ledger that records information using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin in a chronological and direct way.

A decentralized system enables two parties to conduct a higher level of security. As a result, the data stored on the bitcoin peer-to-peer network is genuine and can be verified at any time across the system.

Furthermore, the information is completely encrypted and cannot be altered. That is, blockchain technology provides complete transparency in digital advertising services, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and removing fraud.

A Bitcoin Transaction is Composed of the Following Components:

  • When someone requests a transaction, it is broadcast to a peer-to-peer network.
  • A sequence of sophisticated algorithms validates the transaction as well as the condition of the requesting user.
  • Following successful verification, the transaction is merged with other recent transactions to form a new block of data.
  • This fresh data block is added to the ledger. It is perpetual and open to the public. It’s also completely unchangeable.
  • The original transaction is completed at this spot.

Since cryptocurrency has grown in popularity, there are now committed Bitcoin ad networks that enable you to showcase Bitcoin-related ads on your website and obtain extra Bitcoin revenue. Advertising companies may vary in terms of which websites they enable on their network, their payout model, support score, and other factors.

Best Bitcoin Ad Networks 2023:

Here is the list of the Best Bitcoin Ad Networks of 2022 and 2023. 

  1. Anonymous Ads
  2. BitMedia
  3. Coinzilla
  4. Adshares
  5. Mellow Ads
  6. Coinverti
  7. Bitcoadz
  8. Ad Dragon
  9. CoinTraffic
  10. co
  11. SmartyAds
  12. Adconity
  13. CoinAd
  14. network
  15. AdEx Network

1. Anonymous Ads:


A Bitcoin ad network called Anonymous Ads doesn’t require you to input any personal information. Data that clearly recognizes individuals is not kept by us. Emails to them are not possible. Nevertheless, some of the information we keep may be used to find them e. g. IP addresses, HTTP headers, hashes of system-generated passwords, bitcoin addresses, all user input, cookies, etc.

In addition, our website may contain elements from third parties (Google Analytics, Twitter Bootstrap, etc). We strive to run a completely transparent company; nevertheless, if you feel the need to maintain your privacy, you must do so. All of your data is public information aside from passwords.

We don’t use JavaScript or SWF in our small advertising. We don’t track our visitors or offer targeting based on their browsing history. We do not even pay per click or each impression, and we don’t sell visitors. We provide our advertisers with a portion of the traffic generated by our publishers.

Network Details:

  • Name of the firm: Anonymous Ads (A-Ads).
  • Bitcoin is accepted as payment.
  • United States of America.
  • CPM commission type
  • ฿0.001 is the minimum payment.
  • Payment Cycle: Automatic Withdraw.
  • Email address:

2. BitMedia:


An advertising network called BitMedia was developed within the Bitcoin network (community). This dedicated market enables Bitcoin-related resource owners to buy and sell thematic traffic.  We are the greatest in this field, and that’s all there is to it. Our staff has extensive expertise in web marketing.

Which websites may include advertisements?

Websites related to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are OK. Sites must be created for people; piles of banner ads, auto redirects, and other garbage are promptly blocked.

Traffic is processed several times, and internal and external anti-fraud mechanisms are used. Earlier, while you’re watching, and after you click. Every click is handled automatically, but our professionals also personally test a large number of clicks. What circumstances provide me a reimbursement for unsuccessful clicks? If our automated traffic monitoring system or administrator detects fraud, we withhold payment from the publication and refund it to your account.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: BitMedia.
  • Instantaneous payment frequency (After Request)
  • The United States of America.
  • Bitcoin is accepted as payment.
  • ฿0.01 as the minimum payment
  • CPC Commission Type

3. Coinzilla:


The Coinzilla network is committed to providing the best outcomes for both publishers and marketers. Our main goal is to monetize cryptocurrency-related websites as much as possible. Our company runs banner ads standard IAB & native.

We provide the following to our publishers:

Considering elements like website design or content quality, Coinzilla offers its publishers a variety of payment options; every five minutes updated statistics; all visits are monetized (as long as there is inventory); and regular payments. SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH, and bank transfers are accepted as payment methods, and the minimum withdrawal amount is €50.

It has quick assistance and a fraud detection system. What you will get as an advertiser: Restrictive publisher approval standards; a minimum deposit of 50 euros. All advertisers are eligible for subids from us, and campaigns are accepted in a matter of hours or less. Native ads, advanced campaign creation and optimization, and budget stipulations. As payment options, SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH, and bank transfers are all supported.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: coinzilla.
  • Payment Period: As Needed.
  • Romanian nationality.
  • Bitcoin Payment Method
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.001.
  • Type of Commission: CPC and CPM

4. Adshares:


A competitive market for targeted advertisements exists at Adshares. In the advertising industry, it is also one of the most cutting-edge bitcoin projects. The Ad shares system is established to address problems that the digital advertising sector has faced in recent years. Advertisers and publishers must deal with expensive and veiled fees, a lack of accountability, and censorship as a result of growing monopolization.

Even worse, these are only a few of the problems the market is facing. Many of these issues can be resolved by using the Adshares network, which could also correct other issues with digital advertising. Adshares connects publishers and advertisers using blockchain technology to facilitate direct transactions.

Anyone can start providing ad-related products in a competitive and open marketplace thanks to its open environment. Everyone can benefit from the platform’s expansion thanks to well-balanced rewards. ADS Blockchain, which has been tested to handle more than 1 million transfers per second, forms the foundation of the Adshares open ecosystem.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: Adshares.
  • Sao Tome & Principe is the region.
  • CPM commission type
  • Minimum Payment: $0.01.
  • Instant payments are made.
  • Email address:

5. Mellow Ads:

mellow Ads

Welcome to Mellow Ads, a straightforward bitcoin website! It has simple ad space administration; no contracts; recurring fees and no setup fees. Perfectly complements your existing advertising strategies. Instant performance measures are accessible, displaying the number of views and clicks on your ad spot.

Give your advertising spaces the option for advertisers to purchase a predetermined lot of distinct impressions. CPM advertisements are displayed in your ad area until all of the unique hits are met. There are no fees! Receive the full amount paid by the advertiser by setting your own CPM rate.

To make absolutely sure your ad space has always been fully occupied, display advertisements from our community of advertisers. Depending on the number of unique views you give the network each day, you will be paid. A low network cost of 10% means that more advertising revenue will be transferred to you.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: Mellow Ads.
  • United States of America.
  • Commission Type: Pay Per Day, CPC, and CPM.
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.001.
  • Payment Period: As Needed.
  • Email address:

6. Coinverti:


Coinverti is a cryptocurrency advertising company that was founded while the cryptocurrency markets were having trouble due to a downward pricing trend. The system has amassed significant community support since it was founded. This might be as a result of the helpful GUI and network support.

For advertisers, they allow a variety of advertising formats. For a network connecting of the cryptocurrency audience, this includes CPM, CPC, and pop-under ads.

Important Elements for Advertisers:

Self-Served Platform, Real-Time Bidding System, Advanced Targeting Options, Anti-Fraud System, and Tracking Tokens for All Advertisers; Crypto-Related Audience; Your advertising campaign must start with a minimum investment of 0.002 BTC.

Coinverti is a cryptocurrency advertising agency that was founded while the cryptocurrency markets were having trouble due to a falling pricing trend. The system has amassed significant community support since it was founded. This might be a result of the helpful GUI and network connectivity. Advertisers, they offer a variety of advertising formats.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: Coinverti Payment.
  • Commission Types: POP, CPC, and CPM.
  • $25 is the minimum payment.
  • Daily payment frequency
  • Email address:

7. Bitcoadz:


Advertisers can offer their advertising on Bitcoadz to publishers, who will then send traffic back to the advertisers. Advertisers only need to use a Bitcoadz advertiser account to post their ads and set their intended audience and expenditure. Publishers must use their Bitcoadz publisher accounts to create ad codes of the necessary proportions. The extremely complex Bitcoadz technology automatically manages traffic transfer and ad selling.

Bitcoadz for business owners:

Make your advertising and drive high-caliber traffic to your websites. Your ads will be delivered throughout our extensive publisher network, giving your online business a wide audience. Make text or banner advertising; target with keywords and location and any Bitcoin wallet address transactions.

Bitcoadz for publishers:

Put ad codes on your website from your Bitcoadz publisher account to earn website traffic. Bitcoadz pays you for each genuine click from one of your websites. Our platform makes sure that the highest-bidding advertisements are displayed on your websites, ensuring the best revenue possible at any particular time.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: Bitcoadz.
  • Payment Period: As Needed.
  • Nation: N/A.
  • Bitcoin is accepted as payment.
  • ฿0.004 as the minimum payment
  • Type of Commission: CPC, CPM, CPA, POP, and CPD

8. Ad Dragon:


Ad Dragon is a platform, not an ad exchange. This is how it goes. When you use our platform, you may set your own pricing and optimize your earnings. Establish your own business in our marketplace and set your own rates for your advertising. Backfill while you wait for sales with any of your current advertising networks. You may easily increase your earnings by simply adding a backfill code to your Ad Dragon ad units;

Take full command of your advertising space. Every advertisement that appears can be manually approved by you, and we log all of your website’s statistics and show them on your store. No more reiterating your message to advertisers!

Payments are made on the 1st of each month. When a sale is made, your revenues are instantly represented in your display. Set-it-and-forget-it! Once you’ve listed your home and have everything set up, you can relax while we manage the rest.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: Ad Dragon.
  • Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin as payment options
  • The United States of America.
  • CPM or Pay Per Month commissions are available.
  • $50 is the minimum payment.
  • NET30 is the payment frequency.
  • Email address:

9. CoinTraffic:


With CoinTraffic, you can advertise on more than 300 websites devoted to cryptocurrencies. Requests for payouts are typically handled within 24 hours. €10 is the minimum withdrawal amount. With CoinTraffic, you can advertise on more than 300 websites devoted to cryptocurrencies.

The most popular type among CoinTraffic marketers is the slide banner. Above the primary content, a banner that emerges in the corner of the screen immediately grabs visitors’ attention. Static ads are still the top option for advertisers because of their convenience.

What sets us apart? Static CoinTraffic banners are posted in the most noticeable locations. In addition, we only display one static banner per website. One of the best ad forms for drawing visitors’ notice to your offer right away is the pounder. A new tab will open with your intended link. Pop-under Mobile – By opening your target URL in a new tab on a mobile device, this ad format enables you to reach your customers while they are on the go.

Network Details:

  • Company Name: CoinTraffic.
  • Bitcoin is accepted as payment.
  • France is the place.
  • CPM and POP commission types.
  • 10-euro minimum payment
  • Payment Period: As Needed.

10. co:


Pay per Day is used by, but not just any Pay Per Day system. To obtain the maximum impression time, bidders might compete against one another. Would you prefer to make money from adverts or promote your website? Then you should visit Bitcoins are used for all transactions! The first decentralized digital money that can be sent over the internet directly from one user to another is called Bitcoin.

A blockchain-first network is Adbit. All advertising purchases and publisher payments are made in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, despite the fact that ad credit and profits are conveniently represented in USD.

Unique features:

  • Anonymous; one confirmation for deposits; prompt withdrawals, prompt allocation of advertising space.
  • Publishers: Create an adspace on your site and allow businesses to compete for airtime by placing bids. Automatically completed while you sleep!
  • Advertisers: Only choose the websites you want to reach with your ads. Save your budget by not wasting it on the incorrect audience.

Network Details:

  • Company Name:
  • Bitcoin is accepted as payment.
  • Pay Per Day commission type.
  • Payment Minimum: ฿0.0025.
  • Payment Frequency: Instant (After Request).
  • Contact Info: Twitter

11. SmartyAds:


SmartyAds uses Blockchain technology to provide you with a genuinely transparent environment full of opportunities for customer and supplier associates. Its digital ledger system is intended to be decentralized, incorruptible, and safe. All exchanges and data are secure and useful.

Among the Bitcoin products are:

Bitcoin DSP SmartyAds – It is technologically superior, credible, and extremely safe. It enables media buyers to purchase online content from top-quality publishers at fixed prices.

Bitcoin SSP SmartyAds – It provides a clear marketplace, higher value per impression, and better rates. Its ground-breaking SSP is based on decentralized and distributed digital ledger technology.

SmartyAds Bitcoin Advertising Exchange – It is placed on top of a digital ecosystem that includes incorporated DSPs, SSPs, and Ad Networks that form an ultra-secure Ethereum-based system of connected nodes.

Network Details:

  • It works well and is simple to grasp:
  • A smart contract is used by the buyer to purchase an ad impression.
  • The impression event is encoded and symbolized as a “block.”
  • The encrypted block is then streamed to all blockchain participants.
  • The impression block is added to the blockchain and becomes a standard feature of the decentralized ledger.

12. Adconity:


Adconity is a Bitcoin Ad Network that was established in 2017. It is a Zurich-based advertising network that offers CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. They have a long list of interesting affiliates, such as GoDaddy. It is a blockchain-based, rich media marketing platform with competitive rates.

Adconity is well-known for providing high-quality traffic as well as a diverse range of ad formats including such text, image, native, pop, and more. Their acceptance time is very short.

Advertiser: Only expect to be paid for results! It has CPC for your ads, with a choice of formats including banner, text, text and image, and interstitial. CPM is also available for POP (up, under, new tab) ads. Create high-quality leads for your websites.

Publisher: Earn bitcoin for each valid click on your website. guarantees the best possible income at any given time by displaying ads from the highest bidders on your websites.

Network Details:

  • The minimum payout amount is $50.
  • It has a high revenue share.
  • With some exceptions, it can take up to 24 hours.
  • Their client service is excellent; their representatives are prompt and beneficial.

13. CoinAd:


The fact that new publishers are acknowledged on an invitation to join grounds distinguishes CoinAd from most Bitcoin and Crypto advertising networks. Not only that, but they have stringent requirements such as only embracing websites with Alexa rankings of less than 100,000 and a minimum of 100,000 daily page impressions.

Essentially, this Bitcoin ad network is only for reputable websites. The primary objective is to provide much higher quality for advertisers by allowing them to choose which websites they would really like to advertise on, where they want their banner ads to appear, and how many impressions they would like.

The benefits for publishers who are privileged enough to have been invited are numerous. If you have a reputable, high-traffic website, you will earn significantly more than most other Bitcoin advertising networks. They make weekly payouts that can be sent straight to your Bitcoin wallet or PayPal account.

Network Details:

  • A minimum of 100,000 daily page impressions are required.
  • This Bitcoin advertising network is only for well-known websites.
  • Weekly payments that can be sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet or PayPal account


coin networks was founded in 2017 by BuySellAds, a corporation located in the United States. It provides CPC and CPM advertising in a variety of formats. These include video, in-app, newsletter, and native advertising.

The framework is very specific in its publisher selection, representing just over 20 publishers at the moment of writing. Platforms must typically have hundreds of thousands of monthly views with high-quality traffic to qualify as publishers., on the other hand, tends to take proper care of these publishers, offering them an account executive, email support, and a devoted Slack channel for VIP publishers. Advertiser solutions include self-service display advertising, native marketing, advertised content, newsletters via email, Campaign enhancement, and budgets that are flexible.

Publisher-friendly features include: Direct demand for cryptocurrency and is only management of programmatic advertisements, self-service kiosks in white, and payments in cryptocurrency.

Network Details:

  • pays publishers in USD only, on a monthly basis with no minimum threshold.
  • Every month, 70M+ users in the finance and crypto space are reached.
  • 70+ team members worldwide work tirelessly to drive growth.
  • We monetize with over 1200 publishers in finance, crypto, and other niches.
  • We have over 4500 advertisers in crypto.

15. AdEx Network:


AdEx Network was founded in 2017 and is one of the first decentralized ad networks to use blockchain technology to increase transparency and reduce fraud in the ad industry.

AdEx has over 300 crypto and digital publishers. To maintain the healthy investments of publishers, the system filters low-quality, scammy, and pay-to-surf websites. AdEx operates on a CPM model, with payouts settled in DAI stablecoin.

To achieve maximum accountability, advertisers and publishers receive real-time reporting. Publishers have no withdrawal baselines or limits, and they can withdraw whatever they managed to earn whenever they want. Advertisers are not required to make a minimum deposit, and AdEx frequently runs cashback promotions.

Network Details:

  • A display advertising network that reduces ad fraud while increasing user privacy
  • AdEx ensures complete transparency in digital advertising, reduces ad fraud, and safeguards end users’ privacy.
  • AdEx eliminates intermediaries and saves money on unnecessary fees.
  • We assist advertisers and publishers in increasing their outcomes and earnings, with the additional benefit of real-time demonstrable reporting.
  • Real-time tracking of the effectiveness of your campaigns or ad inventory reduces the risk of online fraud and misreporting.


Bitcoin advertising networks specialize in promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related advertisements on relevant websites. It’s a good way to supplement your revenue from your website. There are numerous networks to choose from, some of which are easier to enter and others that are more financially beneficial or provide better support.

My advice is to test 2-3 ad networks at a time and analyze the outcomes. One thing to remember is that if you use an advertising network, you may miss out on advertisers who would like to buy ad space straight from you (and are willing to pay more). Make certain that you are not slowly destroying your own business model.

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