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How to Understanding Stock Ticker; An Ultimate Guideline in 2024

Are you curious about stock ticker? Are you interested in knowing how the stock ticker works? Are you searching for a stock ticker and want to understand its role in the stock market? If yes! You have reached at right place, to learn all about stock tickers.
This article will explore what a stock Ticker is and how it helps understand stock market data. We will also discuss some types of ticker symbols and you will learn to read a stock ticker here. Simply, we can say that guide is all about understanding the stock ticker so read this guide thoroughly as you want to understand the stock ticker. Let’s dive into more details!

What is a Stock Ticker?

A stock Ticker is usually a display that is used to carry information on a stock. Its work is to display how many stocks are available at the current price as well as any rise or fall of stock during the day. It also works as the report of the price of many securities that are updated continuously throughout the trading session through different stock market exchanges. Tick represents any change in the price of security whether its movement is up or down. Stock ticker will automatically display these ticks providing other relevant information like trading volume. Investors and traders use trading volume to stay informed about the current condition in the stock market and interest in that specific security.

Where Did Stock Ticker come from?

If you are curious about the history of stock tickers, we are here to tell you from where stock tickers come. Its history started when the New York Stock Exchange began trading, giving it a new shape a modern stock exchange in the 1800s. In 1867 Edward A Calahan became the person who invented the first ticker tape machine which then became a dedicated information delivery system. This new technology revolutionized the trading market.

This machine is used to print stock symbols and stock information on the ticker tape. Here telegraph wire plays its role in transmitting the information on the ticker tape including trades as well as the price of security. It can print easy-to-read symbols about the stock price of the company. When more and more company stock gets introduced, the ticker tape machine helps to speed up the delivery of trade information. Stock exchanges have also developed ways of codifying the abbreviated names of companies. The names of companies were shortened to five letters. Simply saying, trading has become more efficient especially due to the faster ticker tape system. The concept of a stock ticker is the same as a stock symbol there is no such change.

Understanding Stock Tickers:

We have discussed what a stock ticker is, but you haven’t any idea about its works even after reading what it is, that’s why we are helping you to understand stock tickers. You will see that a limited number of stocks usually appears on the stock ticker during any specific time as it is due to a larger number of trading stocks at one time. The stocks with the greatest change in price from the previous day’s session of trading or ones that are under the highest volume, appear on the stock ticker.

You may have seen a stock ticker by scrolling at the bottom of financial news networks. A stock ticker is used to provide current information for many stocks including stock symbol (it is a one to four-letter code that represents a particular stock), Quantity traded (known as volume for each transaction) Price and green up arrow will be there If the price is higher than the previous day and red down arrow shows any fall in price compared to the previous day as well as net price change from previous day’s closing value. If you are seeing a gray colored arrow it means that there is no change in price. It is easy to watch stock tickers, as they are available on a variety of financial news networks, and other trading platforms which allows you to view stock tickers and usually they are displayed at the bottom of your computer screen.

How to Read a Stock Ticker?

You have learned the basics of stock ticker now you will be thinking how I can read stock ticker as you are new to it. Don’t worry we are here to help you with a ready stock Ticker. We will guide you all about those numbers and letters that you used to see while scrolling your favorite news channel on TV. There are 5 key components to reading stock charts. These components are ticker symbol, volume, Price Traded, change direction, and change amount. Let’s dive into how they help to read a stock ticker.

1. Ticker Symbol:

The ticker symbol is a series of letters that are used to represent a company that is being traded on an exchange. The number of these letters may range from one to five and they tell you about the things like exchange on which security trades. If we talk about the New York exchange, it is limited to three letters or less than three. Like X represents United States steel, F represents Ford Motor Co. and GE represents Generic Electric.

2. Volume:

Another component that helps you to read a stock ticker is volume. Volume represents how many shares of the stock are being traded on a given day. Securities like stocks, bonds, and funds are traded in very large quantities and their volume is listed in thousands (K) or Millions (M). Commonly, most investors don’t pay attention to the trading volume but yes it is important, as high buying or selling volume usually indicates something important happening in the stock market. The drop in trading volume represents that investors are losing their interest in a stock.

3. Trade Value (Price Traded):

Trade value is price per share, and it is another important component of reading stock ticker. Price Traded is the number that represents the price at which that specific stock was last bought and sold. It could also be expressed as the value of shares during the previous trade.

4. Change Direction:

Change direction is arrow, which represents the rise and fall of a stock. The arrow that is pointing up indicates that the stock is trading higher as compared to the previous day’s closing time and the arrow that is pointing down will represent that trading is lower than the previous day’s closing price. If you just want to know whether the stock is trading higher or lower compared to the previous day just follow the position of the arrow.

5. Change Amount:

It is the last component that helps you to read the stock ticker, it is the amount that is mentioned along with an arrow and it tells us how much the price of the stock has been changing as compared to the previous day’s closing price and it indicates dollars and cents. As we have told you earlier the arrow represents the rise and fall of stock and this amount represents the quantity of that rise or fall.

Also, Pay attention to the Color:

Color is the super-fast clue to read the stock ticker as it is the fastest method to know about the stock’s performance. Three different colors you will see and what they represent let us clear you.
Green: The green color represents that trading is higher than the previous day’s close.
Red: The red color represents that trading is lower than the previous day’s close.
Blue/White or Grey: represents that there is no change in trading from the previous day’s close. Sometimes it doesn’t appear any color if there is no change in trading.

Types of Ticker symbols:

There are different types of ticker symbols for different types of assets. It is very simple to understand, for example, if the company has more than one class of shares trading in the market, then it will also have its classes added to its suffix.

1. Preferred Stock:

A preferred stock of the company will use the same ticker symbol, it uses for its common stock commonly with P, which is a suffix added. For your understanding here we are putting the example like the preferred stock of Microsoft Corp Trades under the symbol of MSFT.P.

2. Share Voting Class:

Some ticker handles may indicate if shares are granting their holders voting rights, for example, the well-known company known as Google has GOOG stock which doesn’t grant shareholders their voting rights, and GOOGL stock, which does. On the other hand, shares will grant their holders different types of voting rights. For example, Berkshire Hathaway has class A shares that are under the ticker symbol BBK. A which grants their shareholders more voting rights as compared to their class B, BRK.B.

3. Modifiers:

Some ticker symbols also have modifiers attached to them. How ticker symbols are attached to modifiers, let us clarify for you with an example. On the NYSE, a letter that is followed by a full stop will indicate that the shares belong to a certain class of stock. On the NASDAQ, its fifth letter A represents that it belongs to a certain category of share. Its Q represents that the company behind the shares is subject to Bankruptcy proceedings and Y shows that it is a foreign company that is trading in the American states.

Final Verdict:

Stock Tickers are considered a useful and effective way for traders to keep track of stock market performance. Stock ticker along with fundamental and technical analysis, helps to identify trends and make valuable decisions about when to sell, buy, and hold the stock. If you are new to the stock market and want to know about stock ticker or if you have been following the stock market for years but want to know more about stock ticker, we have got you covered.

You need to be familiar with stock tickers before buying or selling any stock. The stock ticker symbol and its color are the most important things to consider while buying and selling shares. They help you to quickly research the companies in which they are willing to invest as it helps provide easy access to companies. We have provided you with all the important things about stock ticker, you will learn here how to read a stock ticker and what different types of stock symbols are. After reading this article, you will be able to understand the stock ticker and identify whether the stock is rising or falling, which means that you can read the stock ticker easily. We are hopeful that, this guide is enough for you to learn about stock ticker. We hope that you can decide when to invest in the stock market and when to sell it.


How Stock Tickers are assigned to the company, and what Company have to do?

When a company goes public and also has its stock listed on the exchange, the company must choose a unique ticker symbol. This symbol is very important as it represents the company’s stock and helps investors trade it in the open market. Companies usually pick the ticker symbol that is meaningful to their business, it can be the acronym of their name as well as the combination of letters and numbers. The company can also select the ticker symbol which represents its products and services. It is the best practice to choose the ticker symbol that is related to your services or products but make sure that it should be unique.

Is it Possible that two stocks have the Same Ticker?

A ticker is usually a unique combination of letters that are used to identify a particular company’s stock. So two different stocks can’t use the same ticker symbol on the stock exchange market. There should be a unique name that represents your services or products. If you are the owner of two companies, choose the ticker symbol according to their services or company name, different for both.

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