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How to Spam a Phone Number in 2024

Are you searching for different methods to spam a phone number? Fun with your friends and giving surprises is a part of life. People usually plan pranks for their friends to annoy them on special occasions. Apart from fun factor, you should should always choose a prank that the other person don’t get angry with. One option is spamming a phone number.

Besides a fun prank, people also use spamming to take a revenge on some person they hate. They take their revenge by bombarding a thousands of text messages and phone calls on their number to make them annoy.

Purpose of Spamming a Phone Number:

Before listing different methods for spamming a phone number, we should mention the purpose for spamming a phone number. There may b three reasons to do this:


Telemarketing is the marketing of so.e products through the phone calls. As the marketers can’t reach each and every person to promote and sell their products. For this purpose they may use the spam calls to promote their products on random numbers. If your number is on their list you will randomly get calls and messages from these numbers for promotion of their products.

These calls are listed as the spam calls because the user is not interested or don’t want to recieve such calls often.

Now the question is, if it is legal or not? In some countries like USA it is not illegal, but middle east countries consider these calls illegal. In UAE you have to pay the penalty for such spam calls.


Phone Number spamming is also used by scammers to loot your money. Always beware of spam calls as it may be dangerous if it is from a scammer.

The question is how could we avoid such scam calls? So there are different apps to block spam calls. Like a all blocking app, a Caller ID and a Truecaller app are used to block such unknown calls.

Pranks and jokes by spam calls and messages

The above two purposes for call spamming is for gaining money, first is earning the money by selling their products and second one is looting someone’s money which is illegal act.

Besides spamming a phone number is also used for pranking purposes. There are also two reasons for prank.

First to prank your friends for the fun purposes. To tease or annoy your friend by prank messages and calls.

Second to prank someone you really don’t like. And you want to take a revenge on some person by sending him a thousands of text messages and phone calls.

In both cases you are not stealing any money or doesn’t cause any loss of the targeted person, but just to annoy that person and ruin their day. This is also not a favourite act, and you can get caught and might cause trouble for you. So you are fully responsible for what you are doing. So be careful before planning such pranks and think twice, especially if you are planning a revenge on that person.

Methods For Spamming a Phone Number:

There are various methods of spamming a phone number you can try to annoy a friend or taking your revenge on some person. Here we are going to discuss a few of them.

Posting an ad on online selling websites or social media accounts

This is the easier method and does not cost you any money. It only takes your time to make an account on a platform like social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc. Or making a profile on Online selling platforms like eBay, Etsy, Daraz, etc.

After making an account all you need is to post a product, or more than one product, that people will love to buy. The trick you are going to use is add their number as seller and mention a much lesser price so the people will definitely want to purchase them. So a lot of people will call them for placing order and this will definitely make them crazy and annoyed.

Through Specific Websites Designed to Take Revenge Through Spamming:

There are specific websites designed to take revenge on some person by spamming their phone number. It is totally an illegal act as it is done without the consent of the targeted person. So you also should be prepared for the consequences of this act, you may get charged or have to pay a penalty for such spam calls.

These revenge service provider websites will charge you a few dollars to complete your task. Well known websites include and

Online Services For Spamming a Phone Number:

There are a lot of services present online to spam a number and to annoy the targeted person with text messages. Here I am going to discuss a few and best of them.

  • SMSBomber App
  • Autoloader App
  • EZ texting

1. Blow Up The Phone.Com:

Blow up the phone is one of the popular service provider for pranking. It can be used to sign up for the prank spam calls. It allows you to send messages and calls to the targeted person through different random numbers. You can send text messages but voice messages are not allowed.

This service providers costs a little money and provides the great and accurate services. They provide their service only in Canada and United States. Other states and countries of the world could not get entertained by their services.

2. Send Randomfacts.Com

This website is one of the best platform for prank messages. It works in Canada and United States only. People belonging to the other countries cannot enjoy their services.

How this website works? This is an amazing website as it sends random facts about something through text messages. The messages contains useful information but non stop texts will pretty much annoy the targeted person.

This is a paid service and you have to pay a little amount of money according to number of text messages you wanted to send. You can also choose what kind of facts should be sent to the targeted person.

3. Text Menow.Com: is a free messaging service provider. Unlike other websites and apps it allows users to send the anonymous messages in bundle to the targeted person.

This service provider keeps your phone number anonymous and hides it from all other persons especially from the targeted person. You can send as many text messages as you want.

They provide their services by website as well as they also have mobile applications. You can download the app to send as many text as you want for free. But make sure that do not use in the ways that are illegal.

4. Spoofbox.Com:

This is the most user-friendly website for pranking on someone all over the world. Like it allows you to send spoof messages, spoof and prank calls to the targeted phone number. It uses different random numbers to send text messages and calls to the person you want to prank or to take revenge.

Besides website this service providers also have mobile apps for both android and iOS devices. This is also not a free service. They work on a credit system. You need to earn or purchase the credit to get their services. also allows you to create more than one account on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram etc. to prank someone. No sim or other numbers are required, they have specific tools to create and verify these accounts.

5. Message Bomber.Com:

If you will compare all the services you will find this as one of the best service to spam a number. But it is available in Canada and United States of America only. Other countries and regions around the globe are not able to entertain with their services.

There are two famous pranks available on their website, that are “endless cat spam” and “fake Craigslist phone pranks”. This service sends a series of text message and text bombs to the targeted person. This site also sends funny images along with the text messages.

It is also a paid service provider.

6. Auto Sender App:

Autoloader is an app especially designed for iOS devices. In this app you can schedule the text messages to be sent to the targeted persons number as a messages bomb. You can set the time at which you want to send the bomb to the targeted person.

This a low cost app and you can send messages, pictures to any private number. It is also an easy to use and automatically send messages on the mentioned time.

7. EZ Texting:

EZ texting is also one of the prank messaging service. It is available in United States and Canada only. People from other countries cannot use this service.

It is also a free and paid service provider. The maximum length for the free messages is 160 characters. Above 160 characters they charge their fee. They also provides you the theme and layouts for the text messages and also different numbers option to choose for sending messages.

8. Armssms.Com is a website for sending hundreds of customized text messages containing jokes too to the targeted number. This service is available world wide. You can access and use this site all over the world and can send messages no matter where you are.

This is both a free and a paid service. If you are sending messages with less than 160 characters, it is free of cost. But if you want to send longer messages you have to pay for it

9. Send Anonymoussms.Com:

This service provider helps you to send prank texts to anyone all over the world. You can send messages to any number through your phone. Sms service is the best choice for this service.

It is totally a free service provider and they don’t need to have any subscription for enjoying their services. They have a few restrictions that every user has to follow strictly.

10. Textem.Net: is also one of the best website known for prank services. This service sticks to one industry only as to maintain the quality of the services.

It allows you to send as many text messages as you want. You can also send pictures through this platform. This is only available in United States.

It is also free and paid service provider. If you are sending messages with less than 155 characters it will not charge any money. But if the messages are longer than this length you will have to pay.

Final Words:

As all the services are best and will fulfill your need. But make sure that spaming is not legal in all the countries. It is illegal act as it is not appreciated by the receiver. And you are sending the messages to the targeted person without their consent.

In this article we have just mentioned different ways of spamming a number. But we are not encouraging any of the audience to do this. If any one will try these service and get caught he will be responsible himself. So think twice before doing such a prank and most important with whom you are going to do this.

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