Crypto.Com App Not Working Properly In 2024 app not working properly? What is Is banned? Unable to open the app? Facing login issues on when app will start again?

You will be given a detailed answer to all the questions raised in your mind in this article. After reading the article you will get to know the reasons not working or also the solutions to every problem. From time to time you will face some issues or problems regarding this article will give you the solutions to your problem. is a generalized platform for exchange used in many countries like more than 80 countries this platform is working for people’s good. It’s a Singapore-based company. As many people are using this platform, it might get in trouble sometimes. Trouble can be of different types like being unable to log in, not loading, not showing options, and many more. The reasons for these problems can be different for each one. This article will help you in solving your problems regarding

Crypto.Com: app is the legal application of the website, which is used for exchange purposes. is the most engaged exchange website nowadays. Millions of people are trading or staking on is the exchange website for the purchasing and selling of crypto assets and organizing them in your wallet which is owned by this is a website to earn.

It’s a platform where you can exchange your cryptocurrencies which are available on the website (above 100) without losing any of your private keys. It offers cryptocurrency rewards credit cards, and staking. Its customer line is more than millions.

As it’s a big platform used by millions of people so working not properly cannot be afforded by it. Their support services are available the whole time so if any issue occurs they will fix it in a blink. If you are trading on and suddenly an error notification pops out

Crypto.Com Not Working In 2023:

Although a failure in the services of is a highly unexpected thing. But there are reports given by users that the app is not working properly having different issues. As time passes users are facing some common issues not very major but common issues but the advantage is that their app team is still working on these flaws.

Following are the issues that users are facing:

1. Com Login Issues:

Issues related to login in the app is the main preferred one. Many people are facing login issues. It’s a top-list problem users are having.

Users have reported that crypto and NFT are having issues in the login process. There might be reason behind it. without digging into the reasons you can just reset your account details. This might help you .they also have an app support team so if resetting is not helpful you can just contact the app team without any hesitation.

2. System Maintenance:

In most apps, system maintenance is performed after some time. But this maintenance is scheduled and you will be notified about the maintenance. System maintenance will be done once or twice a month.

Their support team or handling team is available to do the maintenance as soon as possible so their users can process their trading further. System maintenance also stops every process and sometimes closes the website for several minutes, and you have to try again and again to make it open

3. Technical Issues: is spreading worldwide day by day and many more new users are joining this app for trading purposes. With this length of increasing strength website might have server or stability issues because the company is trying to make sure that every new user can use the app easily without any hindrance.

There are some common technical issues that you might face while using the which are as follow

Deposit And Withdrawal Delayed:

Crypto .com app has to provide strict security to their user’s transactions, especially at times when inflation occurs. They have to limit their deposits or transactions to cope with the high influx of volume.

If this happens to you don’t lose your nerves the app will be back to normal in just 1-2 days. And then you can proceed with your deposits or transactions normally.

1. Slow App:

If you see the number of people using you will not complain about its slow speed. Everyone is doing trading, transactions, and deposit so the site may slow down some time but will be back to normal in just 5-6 minutes. You just have to stay calm while using Or there can be changes that your own Wi-Fi is slow.

2. Decline Card Transaction:

This can be a serious issue because many users have to the transactions or deposits if their card is not working they will have to wait so that they can do the transactions. This is a serious issue but very rare it happens sometimes. You have to do something to make it work to make your card transaction work.

This happens mostly when the owner of the card gets so many requests from users on the app and he due to so much disturbance put transactions on hold for the time being.

How To Fix Crypto.Com:

If you are having any issues regarding you have to find the solutions as soon as possible so that you can proceed with your trading again. We have some fixes which will be helpful for you in these problems you are facing while using

Following these steps will help your help to start working properly again

1. Check Your Internet  Connection:

This is the possible solution to many problems. You have to check your internet connection if you are facing any interruptions. Your slow internet or no internet can be the main cause of your problems so before doing anything further first check your internet connection, and also check its speed because requires high speed of internet. Using this app requires an internet connection because it provides you with a hot wallet that works only when the internet connection is available.

If you are noticing any issues you can just do these steps to make it right

  1. Turning WIFI on and off might help you
  2. Try to get good signals of WIFI moving your device on which you are using near the router. The closer you are the stronger will be your connection
  3. You also do the resetting of the router just unplugging your router for some seconds and then turning it on might help you with your problem.
  4. If everything fails just switch to mobile data because sometimes as compared to WIFI speed of mobile data is very good.

2. Keep Your App Updated:

Update is available for each app after every 2-4 weeks you have to update your app to avoid the closure of the app or any other problem. This should be done for every app not just .you should update your apps on your phone to make them work properly.

You can download the updated version of your app from the play store.

If you are an Android user you can download it from the play store simply. For iPhone users, you should look for updates on your app store. Keep in mind that the new update might have any bug in this which will make your app stop working.

3. Device Time Settings:

For using you have to choose the right time of your region. Many other apps don’t work if the time is not set correctly. Apps can locate your location with the help of time so you have to set your time on the device correctly. If your phone’s date or time is not correct you won’t be able to use the app .for make it work you have to set your time and date :

  1. Open the settings
  2. Look for the date and time option
  3. Scroll down a little bit and set your device date This will change your date and time automatically

Then open the app and check whether it’s working or not.

4. Check If The App Is Down:

Many apps go down sometimes like Instagram, YouTube even WhatsApp sometime go down and it causes many disturbances to its users. As it’s a not very old app so giving it a update or for its maintenance it goes down for 5-10 minutes or maybe more than that. There might be another reason for going down an influx of new users.

Servers become busy which might slow the app or make it down for the time being. You can’t do anything other than wait for some time so that it goes its normal way. It won’t take more of your time .you just have to wait for a while.

5. Clear App Cache File:

Clearing the app cache files or junk files might be helpful for your problem. You can just try this it will not take you much time and also it’s effortless.

For clearing your cache you have to follow below steps:

  1. Go to the settings of your phone, search for the App section
  2. Search for your app and open it
  3. Find the storage option and
  4. Tap on the clear cache option.

This will delete all your cache files from your app then you can restart your app to check whether it’s working now or not. After clearing the cache it will also run smoothly not just work properly.

6. Com Support  Team:

Last but not least, If you have applied every possible solution but still you are facing the same problem then you have to contact the support team they will help you to extract your problem and ease your work .this is the last option you should use. first, you have to try it by yourself. This option is the last one if nothing is working then you can have their support services. You have to tell them your problem and then wait for their response.

There are some basic fixes you can do to overcome the hindrance you are facing while using they have quick results so it won’t take your much time

1. Make  Sure To Remove Your Phone From Airplane Mood:

Many people have a habit of playing games with airplane mode on after playing when they open they won’t be able to get in and forgot to disable the airplane mode option.

While airplane mode is on you hinder all the online apps you have on your phone to stop working because airplane mode disables your internet connection whether it’s WIFI or mobile data.

2. Black Screen Or Hanging:

Getting a blank screen or black screen is a very common problem in you can just restart your app to resolve this issue. The hanging issue is the most common problem in all apps it also has the same solution which is restarting your respective app to make it work properly.

3. On/Off Wifi:

You might be having issues because of connection problems so for that just off your WIFI and then turn it on. Maybe your issue will be resolved.


This article was to help you in reaching out your problems because of which your app is not working properly. If your app is not working you can also just uninstall it and then install it after a few minutes. When the app is growing broadly it will face problems so you have to cool down and find its solution without panic. If you are a cool person and can deal with system ups and downs then you can easily deal with and enjoy this most amazing app for your good purpose. the article will help you to tell why your app is not working properly and what should you do to make it work properly

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