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How to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number In 2024

Are you concerned about your loved ones? If you always remain worried about your kids, your husband, or employees while they are traveling. You can just keep track of them.

You can also find out the location of your lost phone.

Now the question is, how can we do this? So there are different ways for it. Other apps and services are available to track someone’s location with mobile numbers.

Someone’s Location:

Tracking someone’s location is an intervention into someone’s privacy. But sometimes we need to track someone’s location for their good and to keep an eye on them for their safety and protection. Also sometimes there are bigger concerns than privacy like in case of an emergency and for kid’s supervision.

Here are some reasons for which you can track someone’s location.

To find out the location of any family member or relative in case of an emergency. There may be an accident that happened to them or they may lost somewhere.

Keep an eye on your child’s activities and the places where they used to go. To check out if they go to the school or somewhere else. To find out that your child is not visiting the places that are not suitable for them like bars etc.

You have a check on your husband’s activities and the locations he frequently visits. To ensure that he is not cheating on you.

To supervise an addicted family member, friend, or relative. To check out if he is not visiting the lousy company, and help him not be exploited by getting involved in a bad company.

To find out your lost mobile phone. If you forget your mobile phone somewhere, or your mobile phone got stolen by someone, so you can locate it, to get it back.

Is This Legal Or Not:

Installing and using spyware apps, and tracking services is not legal in all countries. In so many regions around the world it is not allowed as intervening in someone’s privacy is not a favourite act.

You need to install such apps on a targeted person’s phone without them knowing, and it is against the privacy rules. So before using any app or service make sure that it is allowed or legal for you or not.

Methods to Track Someone’s Location:

With spyware apps, you can easily track someone’s location. there are a lot of such apps and services available online, both free and paid. All these are not the best and most reliable, so you need to choose wisely and after effective research.

Here we are going to introduce you to some of the effective and reliable apps and services. They will hopefully provide you with the best solutions for tracking the location of someone.

  • Using mSpy for location tracking
  • Using Intelius
  • Using Eyezy
  • Using Mobil
  • Using Spyera
  • Using Hoverwatch
  • Using
  • Using Truthfinder website
  • Searching on
  • Caller Name (CNAM) Lookup
  • Using IMEI tracker
  • Using Google Maps

1. Using mSpy For Location Tracking:

mSpy is an excellent app to track the GPS and other mobile phone activities of any user. It is also used to track messages, multimedia, and social media accounts. It is safe to use and gives accurate information about the targeted user activities.

Step-by-step guide for using the mSpy app:

  • visit the website
  • Sign in to an account by entering your email address.
  • You need to buy the desired plan for you, and you will get all your login credentials through an email.
  • Now choose the mobile phone device type whether it is Android or iOS.

Then you need to download the spy app on the targeted phone. Make sure to disable the Play Store protection on that phone. And then install the app by entering the registration code from your account on

Now you can see the person’s current location, time, and Google map link of the location, under the GPS location option.

You can get a trial period of 7 days, and then you have different subscription plans. A one-month plan costs 35 dollars per month, a 3 months plan costs 19.99 dollars per month, and a 12-month plan costs 9.99 dollars per month. And you will get a 40 percent discount on all these offers.

2. Using Intelius:

Intelius is a great app for monitoring a cell phone and tracking different activities remotely. You can set a geo-fence, this will allow you to know about the location of the targeted person. Through this a notification or alarm rings when the person leaves the specific area that you have set up on the geo-fence.

Other features include the recording of phone calls, and accessing mobile phone files from anywhere. You can also sync real-time data through wifi or 3G/ 4G networks. You can also capture screenshots remotely and also passwords of the user.

Intelius supports all types of devices, Android, iOS, and Windows. It also supports multiple languages so anyone around the globe can easily use it. It offers a five-day free trial then you can subscribe to the desired plan.

3. Using Eyezy:

Eyezy is also one of the best phone monitoring apps. You can easily track someone’s location by using this app. Like geo-fence in Intelius, Yeezy also has location tracker features through which you can set a zone on the map so that you can get a notification if a person enters or leaves that zone.

This app is supported on almost every device Android and iOS and don’t even have to know about the brand and model of the targeted mobile phone. It also helps to monitor the social media activity of the person, and all the messages sent and received.

Other Features include spying on social media activities, discovering hidden photos of your camera, sending, receiving, and deleting messages, and you can get the details of the events on the calendar with date, time, and location.

Go to the website and create an account by entering your email address. Select your desired plan and you can access all the features. You can also get a family plan so you can monitor 3 three children at the same time. It also offers 14 14-day money-back guarantee.

4. Using Mobil

Mobi is also one of the great apps for monitoring someone’s mobile phone. You can also get the history of the person and the places he visited in the past time.

Mobi provides different features for the users with a live control panel for tracking the mobile phone’s activity. You can also track the phone calls, access to the gallery photos, and the browsing history of the user.

Mobi supports all Android devices and iOS devices. You can sign up and subscribe to the desired plan and it also offers a money-back guarantee for 14 days.

5. Using Spyera:

Spyera is also well known and great parental control app. It allows you the real-time tracking of someone’s location through a smartphone or tablet.

Spyera also has other great features like recording the calls of Messenger and Skype. You can also listen to the surrounding voices of the device using this app.

  • Go to Spyera’s official website and purchase the app license.
  • You need to install the app on the targeted phone.
  • Now you can be able to monitor any device through the web panel of the Spyera.

It offers different price plans. The plans depend on the type of device you are going to monitor and the number of devices to be monitored. The prices start from 49 dollars per month to 479 dollars per month.

6. Using Hoverwatch:

Hoverwatch is also one of the best apps to track GPS, calls, messages, and SMS. You can easily and accurately find the location of the targeted phone by using this app’s GPS feature.

Hoverwatch also offers different other features like tracking the cellphone’s photos and screenshots. You can also track the information sent and received by the user.

You can control the children’s or employee’s activities by using this app. You can also track the device’s history and install this app directly from your online account.

Hoverwatch supports all types of devices like Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. You can sign up and get the desired package with a free trial of 3 days.

7. Using Scannero.Io is one of the best phone tracking services through which you can locate anyone in the world by entering a phone number.

How does it work? You need to install this app on the targeted device whose location you want to find. This way you can locate the exact location just by entering the phone number. offers unlimited phone numbers to track the location. It works on all types of phones and also offers a money-back guarantee for 14 days.

8. Using Truthfinder Website:

Truth Finder is one of the trusted reverse phone Lookup services. It helps you to find the location of an old friend and search individuals, their social media activities, and their criminal records.

  • To get services of this app, you need to visit their website i-e the Truthfinder website.
  • Create an account by entering your email address.
  • Enter the phone number of the targeted person you want to locate.
  • You will get the addresses of his locations.
  • Searching on is one of the legal ways to find someone’s home address associated with his phone number. It doesn’t provide you with the real-time location but the current home address of the person. Like Truthfinder it is also one of the best reverse phone lookup services. works with the SS7 network which provides you with all the information present in its database for a person connected to that phone number.

9. Caller Name (CNAM) Lookup:

Caller Name Lookup is also an easy solution to track someone’s location by using the mobile phone number. There are different Caller ID Lookup services available on the Internet through which you can find the caller ID, name, email, address, city, and state of the person.

To use these services you need to pay a small fee. But if the targeted person has installed a CNAM blocker on their mobile phone, it won’t be able to track that person’s information.

10. Using IMEI Tracker:

IMEI tracker is also one of the famous methods to track a phone number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Every mobile phone has its unique IMEI number consisting of 15 digits. This method is commonly used to locate the stolen mobile phone.

How does this work? First, you need to find the IMEI number of your mobile phone.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Or Click on About.
  • Here you can find the IMEI number for your device.
  • Different phone models may have additional steps to follow.
  • You can also find the IMEI number by dialing a code from your mobile that may be *#06#.

Now after getting your IMEI number, you can track your mobile phone by installing some reliable IMEI tracking apps. You can also provide your IMEI number to the service provider, they can find the location of the mobile phone by the number.

11. Using Google Maps:

Google Maps is one of the most popular and familiar navigation apps. Besides a navigator, it can also be used to track the phone’s location, accurately through its advanced GPS technology.

This is a free app and for accessing the location the targeted person should turn on the location and allow you to track the location. If you don’t have access to their GMaps, you can’t locate them.

Sum UP:

In this article, we have discussed different apps and services for locating a phone number. For finding the accurate real-time location we recommend the popular spy apps. Paid apps are highly recommended as the free apps don’t provide you with a precise location.

Free apps to keep an eye on your child, we will recommend you Google Maps to track the live location of your kid.

Hope this article has fulfilled your needs and that all the methods listed above will work for you. You can try all, or any of these methods to find the best app for you. Thanks for visiting.

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