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How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency For Beginners In 2024

You must have seen people who have made a lot of money by trading cryptocurrencies like it’s all over social media. In every other space you look at, you see people who flaunt their wealth and show their cash just by trading cryptocurrency.

But as well, there are a lot of people who have been able to trade cryptocurrencies and lose all of their cash. For most of us out there, one of the reasons we were sacred even trying out cryptocurrency is because you can lose everything you have in a straightforward minute when trading cryptocurrencies.

This shows that trading cryptocurrencies can be very volatile. It can either make you millions of dollars in minutes or hurt you so much that you lose everything you get to have. In this article, I will be sharing a simple walkthrough for anyone out there and looking at how they can start creating cryptocurrencies correctly and be profitable.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, virtual currency, or digital currency is another way of payment that utilizes encryption methods. Using encryption technologies, digital currencies may act as both a medium of exchange and an electronic accountancy platform. To use cryptocurrencies, you must have the required cryptocurrency wallet.

Types of Cryptocurrencies:

Here are mentioned four main types of cryptocurrencies:


What Does Cryptocurrency Trading Mean?

In cryptocurrency trading, you sell and buy digital assets and earn your commissions. Cryptocurrency is not just like other currencies because it is decentralized, meaning any financial institution or government governs it.

The cryptocurrency is safe and transparent and depends upon blockchain technology which tracks all the payments.

How Does Trading with Cryptocurrencies Work?

You must select a reputable crypto exchange like Finteria trading platform to initiate trading cryptocurrency. After registering the cryptocurrency account, you must invest or deposit money to start trading. You can select to purchase and hold a cryptocurrency for a long-term investment, or it can be actively traded by being often bought and sold.

Cryptocurrencies that you can trade are as follows:

Despite the above, you can also have other cryptocurrencies to trade. Investigating cryptocurrencies before deciding is essential because each has its characteristics and advantages.

Tips to Start Trading Cryptocurrency For Beginners:

Here are the ten best tips and tricks enlisted for starting trading cryptocurrency for beginners:

1. Create a trading account for cryptocurrencies
2. Do Your Proper Research
3. Deciding to be a Long Term or Short Term Trader
4. Learning How to Place Trade And Read Charts
5. Use a Professional Platform
6. Understand Stablecoins
7. Crypto Spot VS Futures Trading
8. Choose your Coin
9. Trade News and Events
10. Invest in your account

1. Create a Trading Account For Cryptocurrencies:

If you want to start trading cryptocurrencies, first of all, you must create a trading account for cryptocurrencies. For that purpose, eToro, Uphold, OKX, and WeBull are the top cryptocurrency platforms available with straightforward user interfaces.

You will be asked to provide your cryptocurrency brokerage personal identity information to create an account. Additionally, when going through the registration procedure, you need to submit the following information:

Social Security number
date of birth
email address

2. Do Your Proper Research:

The next tip is to do your proper research. It would be best if you refrained from taking away research on trading cryptocurrencies, which might be one of the huge tasks you might do when starting.

It is a very volatile market, and you want to avoid getting losses as you get started. Most people get to hit a lot of losses; basically, they do not research, They need to know what they are doing, and they need to research what they can get started with or how they should get started.

Because of this, they get to start trading cryptocurrency with the trial and error mindset and will lose a lot of cash from doing that.

3. Deciding to be a Long Term or Short Term Trader:

The third is deciding if you will be a long-term or short-term trader. Now this tool has its side. Sometimes you have called long-term trading investing. It is where you get to buy a particular cryptocurrency, and yours is to hold this for a very long period, from months to years.

It is quite interesting, but it works better if you see a cryptocurrency and believe in its future. You don’t need to express yourself by actively trading with the currency. You can go ahead and hold for a very long period.

But on the other side, we have short-term traders who buy, and they get to trade the cryptocurrency actively. It is a more active process and risky. You just put it in your eyes, understand how these things work, see where you can profit, and know what cryptocurrency will give you substantial potential returns.

Now in this way, you can provide cryptocurrency without the market dropping or it is rising.

4. Learning How to Place Trade And Read Charts:

The fourth is to learn how to place the trade and read charts. This step needs to be clarified. It is an example from a trading platform showing you a Bitcoin slash real estate market with the annotated important parts.

5. Use a Professional Platform:

The next tip is to consider using a professional crypto trading platform. Binance is highly recommended. Buybit is another amazing platform and also a professional platform. Both spot and futures trading markets are available on Buybit. They also provide an investment incentive.

FTX also offers both Futures and spot markets. You can get 5% off your trading fees. Binance offers some signup and investment incentives as well. You know Binance is the biggest exchange. All three of these have meager fees and good crypto support. So you need a pro-crypto trading platform.

6. Understand Stablecoins:

The next very important thing to understand if you are a beginner is what a stablecoin is and why it is so important in the crypto ecosystem. It is more important than Bitcoin because, without a stablecoin, we can’t do anything else.

If you want to buy cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will have you spend money to do that, and the way you do that in crypto is by using a stablecoin. Stablecoin is a crypto version of a dollar. You take a dollar, and you move it into a crypto version of that. Some popular stable coins are USDT and USDC.

They are different; Tether is number three, and the USD coin is number five. So, when you want to go ahead and buy Bitcoin, obviously, on some platforms, you can go ahead and deposit US dollars and pounds, and you can do that directly.

7. Crypto Spot VS Futures Trading:

The next thing to decide is whether you want to trade in the spot or futures markets. There are the pros and cons of both and the different risks of doing both. Spot market means you use the money to buy something.

So, you take dollars, and then you put that into a stable coin like USDT, and then you go ahead and buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You buy and own that cryptocurrency. You can withdraw it into a separate wallet, and that is yours. Now what is different is the futures market.

Futures are very different in that you don’t trade the underlying asset. So with lots, you take a hundred dollars, and then you can turn that into USDT, and then you fund your account with this collateral you have.

8. Choose your Coin:

The next tip is to understand what type of trader you are and choose your crypto coin accordingly. If you just day trade, i.e., the wider market, most people will concentrate on Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bitcoin is a much larger asset than everything else, and so on. It trades on macroeconomic factors. Nowadays, most people trade with Bitcoin because the market is much more liquid, and most information is about Bitcoin.

It is publicly known, meaning Bitcoin is a good barometer of how the market is feeding.

9. Trade News and Events:

The next tip is to focus on specific narratives for each coin and understand the Market. Twitter is a great place for this. Follow the people active in the industry because getting information from them can help you with your trade.

10. Invest in your Account:

After you have gone through the registration process, you first need to link it with your bank account. Debit cards and Wire transfers for Bank transactions on Bitcoin marketplaces are the most accepted. The most effective economic method for investing in your account is typically a wire transfer accessible on Gemini and Coinbase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is trading in cryptocurrencies?

Answer: Cryptocurrency traders buy and sell digital goods instead of making money. Cryptocurrencies, as opposed to traditional money, are independent, which means that they are not governed by any one governmental body or financial setup. They are alternatively built on the blockchain system, which keeps track of all activities and guarantees security and transparency.

2. Is it a Smart Idea to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

Answer: There are a couple of investments in cryptocurrencies that involve much loss such as hacking, fraud, restrictions, governmental and also loss of money. The hazards of investing in cryptocurrencies include capital loss, governmental restrictions, fraud, and hacking. Losing money. Partner at Quillon Law Mark Hastings cautions investors to exercise caution in the distinct financial climate of the cryptocurrency market, or else they run the danger of suffering substantial losses.

3. What is Bitcoin Trading?

Answer: Obtaining and selling bitcoin over an exchange system is considered trading. There are several ways to trade Bitcoin. The first and foremost method is trading bitcoin on a crypto exchange.

4. How does Cryptocurrency Work as a Source of Income?

Answer: Mining is the most straightforward way to make money using bitcoins. Extractive industries are used to verify blockchain occurrences, and some fresh data chunks are introduced to the chain. Miners use cryptocurrencies to receive money for their labor. Mining can be done using either specialized gear or services.

5. How Does Bitcoin Work?

Answer: With the help of digital currencies like Bitcoin, centralized institutions like governments and banks are expected to become obsolete. Blockchain technology is used by Bitcoin, on the other hand, to enable user payments across a distributed network.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have gone through a detailed discussion about cryptocurrency trading and a step-by-step guide about how to do cryptocurrency trading as a beginner in 2023. I hope you find this information useful and helpful for your future. Still, if you need clarification about this post, just let us know in the comments below.

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