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How To Get Free Bitcoins: Steps By Steps Guide In 2024

The majority of trustworthy websites that offer you the possibility of earning free Bitcoin demand that you spend money on additional services like cloud computing power purchases, CPU connections for mine, gaming, or small activities.

In other terms, they give out free Bitcoins to promote their products. Nevertheless, considering its current high value, obtaining free BTC requires time and effort.

This post explains in detail how to obtain free bitcoins from several websites. We tend to favor platforms that have been proven and tested, are authentic, and use actual free Bitcoins as advertising for their provided services. The most well-liked method of obtaining free Bitcoins would be through online gaming.

The Certain Best Ways to Get Free Bitcoins are Here:

 1. Look For Competitions and Sign-up Promotions:

Let’s start by receiving some free bitcoins. Many well-known crypto exchanges provide new members with a straightforward, one-time sign-up incentive. This is done to take advantage of deals and bonuses that reward new platform users with free Bitcoin in exchange for joining up.

2. Play Games to Earn Free Bitcoins:

The top crypto games function identically to traditional video games, with the exception that they are housed on blockchains rather than gaming consoles. Little sums of Bitcoin are given away as prizes in so many online games. Games operate similarly to Bitcoin faucets.

3. Recoup your Investment in Bitcoin that is already in your Wallet:

Do you currently have Bitcoin in your cryptocurrency portfolio? Great! This indicates that some cryptocurrency solutions enable you to produce a yield with your holdings. Check to see if your exchange provides a mechanism for you to earn the annual percentage yield on your digital assets if you already get some bitcoins in the wallet

4. Refer a Friend:

 Another choice is to promote your exchange to a buddy if you occasionally just don’t feel like signing up for the new transfer to tap or something. In the Bitcoin sector, there are a ton of affiliate programs that are publicly accessible.

Strategies For Earning Free Bitcoins:

Here are nine well-known and reliable methods to obtain free bitcoins:

1. Pionex:

There is a wise choice for traders who don’t want to monitor the market constantly, even though you could wish to trade using your Bitcoin and profit more from market volatility. You may profit froM the ups and downs of the market by trading it with the Pionex Bitcoin Growth trading robot.

The Bitcoin Growth Bot creates 85.17% APR in Bitcoin, based on backtesting results from the previous two years. It generated Bitcoin using the BTC and ETH price patterns’ strong correlation. You can invest your bitcoins without leaving them idle in your wallet by using the Bitcoin Growth trading bot.


Instant crypto-to-crypto swap exchange.

16 built-in, free trading bots.

In 40 US states, FinCEN has licensing and regulation authority.

Earn Bitcoin by using the trading bot for Bitcoin Growth.

2. ZenGo:

By referring users to ZenGo, you can receive free Bitcoins in exchange for a 50% commission on each cryptocurrency purchase made through ZenGo. By receiving free cryptocurrency purchases for the first $200 completed using the Banxa purchase mechanism, the referrals would also save money on Bitcoin. When they use MoonPay to buy cryptocurrencies valued at more than $200, they also receive $10 for free.

Here is everything you require in order to start using ZenGo to earn free Bitcoins.

Download the ZenGo app for iOS or Android and install it.

From the Account screen, locate Earn Free Crypto.

To share the referral code, tap on the Invite button or simply copy it. To obtain the referral link, you must first create a wallet backup.

With the Invite button, you can now post your referral link with any phone app you have installed.

3. Bitstamp:

Unless it offers devoted consumers trade discounts, Bitstamp has no way to earn more Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. According to a user’s 30-day trading volume, loyalty is measured. For a 30-day trading volume below $10,000, for example, you will be charged a fee of 0.5%.

By staking cryptocurrencies like Algorand and Ethereum on Bitstamp, you can also get passive income. If you’re looking for free Bitcoins, you can earn at least 5% APY and then convert that to Bitcoin. Instead, you can deposit any cryptocurrency at no cost through the cryptocurrency exchange.


TradingView charts with trading insights are included in advanced charting.

No trading using leverage.

Deposit real-world national currencies using SEPA, debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, and other methods.

iOS, Android, web apps, and desktop apps.

4. Tipping Bots And Platforms:

SpicesBot, one of the best tipping bots I’m aware of for Telegram, accepts tips in SPICES tokens that can be converted to BTC. Sign up for Telegram and look for the bot. Moreover, you can test out Tippr Bot, a Twitter and Reddit tipping bot for Bitcoin Cash, and TipJar Bot, a Reddit tipping bot for Ethereum.

Twitter’s recently established tipping program is one of the tipping services that now accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Everyone can receive tips or give tips for their social media activity and material. Although you would need to transfer that to Bitcoin, Reddit is a well-known destination for cryptocurrency tips.


Users of Dogecoin can use SoDogeTip, particularly on Reddit.

Others include the Reddcoin TipBot, Stellar Tip Bot, NanoTipBot, and Twitch. tv and Twitter TipBot. On Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter, Cointippy is used.

5. Playing Games Offline and Online:

You can play hundreds of games to win or get Bitcoins for nothing. In actuality, the simplest and fastest way to get money is through gaming. Also, the majority of gaming platforms provide their own in-game money that can be used to make purchases or be converted back into Bitcoins.

Games at an Online Casino:

Bitcoins can be earned for free by playing several online casino games. As long as you make a deposit or withdrawal, there are undoubtedly numerous poker and casino games that give sign-up, welcome, retention, deposit, and other forms of bonuses in the form of free BTC.

On some platforms, you might or might not need to make a deposit before you can receive a sign-up and welcome bonus.

6. Earn From Crypto Airdrops:

Free tokens are distributed as part of an airdrop to promote a project. Most initiatives take advantage of the chance for publicity. You might need to perform some social activities as a result, such as posting links on social media. You may currently look for genuine crypto airdrops on platforms like CoinMarketCap, Icomarks,, and others.

Before you are able to earn anything significant from an airdrop, you must do countless minor tasks like sharing advertising content on social media.


Right now, you may search for legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops on websites like CoinMarketCap,, Icomarks, and others.

7. Through Microtasks:

Those who complete these microtasks, which include surveys and chores, will receive very little payment in Bitcoin. For instance, since its launch, Cointiply has paid out above $3 million in Bitcoin. You also receive 1% extra every day. On the website, users may carry out microtasks like surveys to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It now belongs to Coinbase.


You may earn cryptocurrency while learning about it with the Coinbase Earn program. Watching films concerning particular cryptocurrency projects can earn you money.

You can get Bitcoin by doing things like online shopping, installing free apps, completing surveys, and watching videos with the FeaturePoints Android and iOS app.

You can also get free Bitcoins from surveys on Storm Play.

8. Practicing Crypto Trading Or Simulating Crypto Trading:

By mimicking markets and learning to trade digital assets, these games allow you to earn free cryptocurrency. Following instructions, you can practice or participate in competitions to win free Bitcoin. In this, Altcoin Fantasy is highly well-liked.


You may learn by trading fictitious money and earning free Bitcoin in competitions. Prizes totaling more than $25,000 have been given out.

Using Bitcoin Flip, you may practice trading fundamentals while using charts and trading tools, then compare your methods to those of other users.

9. Com:

If you are seeking the quickest and simplest way to earn cryptocurrency:

It’s one of the websites for earning money online that is expanding the quickest, and it lets you withdraw earnings instantaneously to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Doge, among others. By performing chores, signing up for offers, completing surveys, and playing games, you can make money. Since 2020, users have already earned over $23,000,000.

Free cash guarantees you not only the biggest payouts, rapid cashouts, or minimal minimum withdrawals, but also a simple, contemporary, as well as active direct support, user-friendly design, highlighted offers (deals that have dependable payouts), and worldwide signups.


Starting at just $0.50, instant cryptocurrency cashouts include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DOGE.

Immediate PayPal withdrawals begin at only $5.

This includes 9 strategies for getting free Bitcoins every day and quickly. There are several ways to do this, so it is advised you check into the ones that most interest you.

There are several games that allow you to rapidly earn free Bitcoins if you have a passion for gaming. Anybody can enjoy the aesthetics of airdrops and other techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I Earn Free Bitcoins? 

The best ways to get free bitcoins are shopping rewards using credit cards, but if you’re a novice or professional trader, you may also consider airdrops, referral incentives, playing games, and taking part in trading tournaments.

Continue reading this article on how to earn free Bitcoins if you want to learn how to make significant amounts of bitcoins for nothing, including bounties, tips, a sign-up bonus, free mining, tip bots, and faucets.

How can I Receive Free Bitcoins Every Day?

Using tip bots, playing a game with bitcoin prizes, and airdrops is the most effective and safest method. You can keep up with airdrops and initial coin offerings (ICOs) by checking Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and other social media channels. ICOs are venues where projects raise money.

Some people try to swindle and deceive others, but then you can also look for the true idea by holding little competitions and awarding prizes.

How to Start Bitcoin?

You can begin by using one of the tried-and-true techniques on our list, but if you’d like to buy, look for platforms that let you create a Bitcoin wallet.

  1. Open your wallet first.
  2. Protect the wallet by using techniques like a PIN, storing the seed or keyphrase, and backing it up in a safe location.
  3. Purchase Bitcoin or hunt for free ones in step three.

Is Investing $100 in Bitcoin Worth it?

It is, indeed. You have a possibility to profit since the $100 will rise in value because it is currently predicted that Bitcoin would increase in value in 2021. Cryptocurrency is volatile, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind and look into ways of protecting your value against declines.

Many people view $100 as a reasonable risk exposure, although again, opinions on this vary widely. Never invest more than 10% of your total assets in volatile securities.

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