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How to Earn Crypto on Binance: Without Trading in 2024

The cryptocurrency market is developing swiftly, so investing in cryptocurrencies involves more than just purchasing and holding. There is much more you can do with your holdings than simply hoard them, even though holding has shown to be one of the greatest and safest investment methods throughout the past 10+ years of Bitcoin’s existence.  

A portfolio of Bitcoin products called Binance Earn is made to let you earn money passively from your holdings. You may start saving, staking, or even providing liquidity in DeFi markets using Binance Earn to start earning passive income on bitcoin, stablecoins, altcoins, and more. Additionally, we enable earning opportunities for fiat currency only on Binance. 

At the time of writing, Binance Earn has a value of $4.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets, and the total incentives that will be distributed in 2020 will reach $70 million. More than 270,000 investors and users of Binance Earn are active each day, and the number of users is growing. Stablecoin activity on Liquid Swap surpassed $128 million, and as of late 2020, roughly $22 billion in money were locked in Binance’s DeFi. 

Currently, 10 distinct products with various yield potentials and risk levels can help you increase your passive income. As a rule, higher-risk/reward products tend to have higher yields, and lower-risk items tend to have lower yields. The products were arranged from lowest to highest risk for the purposes of this article. 

What Is Earn On Binance? 

With the help of the tool Binance Earn, customers can generate Bitcoin rewards on a variety of digital assets. Let’s examine each of them individually. 

Easy Earn:

The following services are available for subscribers: 

Items that are flexible. Flexible Products allow users to subscribe to and redeem their digital assets at any time. 

Secured Goods. Users are given greater incentives, but after subscribing, they only have limited access to their assets. Depending on whether the user has activated the “Auto-Subscribe” option, each subscription will be automatically redeemed on the set redemption date or renewed for the same locking period. Users can also redeem their assets sooner, but doing so requires them to forfeit whatever incentives they have already earned. 

Double Investing:

In the future, users can purchase or sell cryptocurrencies while earning rewards at the price and date of their choice. The goal price, annual percentage rate (APR), and subscription time can all be customized by the user.  

Liquid Swap on Binance:

There are two parts to this tool: 

Liquidity Agriculture. By offering liquidity on their two favorite coins, this solution allows users to earn BNB incentives and pool fees. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) formula is one of the ways used to determine rewards. 

farm swapping. Users can now quickly earn BNB rewards when they buy or sell tokens thanks to the Liquidity Farming function. If you are a professional, this is also a terrific method to earn cryptocurrency incentives with your cryptocurrency holdings. 

Banana Vault: 

Users can receive rewards on their BNB holdings using this simple tool. Additionally, Binance may occasionally give extra benefits to participants. 

Binance is a top cryptocurrency exchange in the globe, offering users a variety of trading tools and features for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. But did you realize that Binance may also be a money-making platform? 

How to Earn Crypto From Binance:

1. Trading:

Buying and selling digital assets in order to profit from price fluctuations in trading cryptocurrencies on Binance. Depending on your style of trading, the goal is typically to buy low and sell high. 

In order to be successful when trading on Binance, it’s critical to stay current with events and market trends. This can entail researching specific cryptocurrencies, studying price charts, and keeping an eye on global events that might have an impact on the overall crypto market. 

Technical analysis methods used by Binance traders to identify potential entry and exit positions include moving averages, oscillators, and chart patterns. Additionally, Binance provides professional trading options including futures and margin trading, which can enhance risk and opportunity for profit. 

It’s critical to keep in mind that there is a potential of losing money when trading cryptocurrencies on Binance. Always do your homework, have a solid trading plan, and only bet with money you can afford to lose.

2. Investments:

Purchasing digital assets and retaining them for a long period of time in the hope that their value would rise over time is the basis of investing in cryptocurrencies on Binance. 

This method requires patience, self-control, and a long-term perspective due to the fact that cryptocurrencies can be unstable and vulnerable to unforeseen price adjustments. To invest in cryptocurrencies on Binance, one must have a solid awareness of the market and the wide range of digital assets available for purchase. 

It’s essential to conduct a thorough investigation of the cryptocurrencies you’re considering investing in, paying attention to their technical details, prospective uses, market patterns, and any pending legal changes that could have an impact on their value. When you discover a cryptocurrency that seems promising, you can invest in it on Binance by purchasing and holding onto it for a period. This strategy, called “HODLing,” or “holding on for dear life,” is based on the idea that as usage and demand grow, the value of cryptocurrencies will increase over time. 

You should carefully consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation before making any purchases. It might be very risky to invest in cryptocurrencies on Binance. It is therefore essential to diversify your holdings and only invest capital that you can afford to lose.

3. Mining:

Mining is another way to make money on Binance. Utilizing your computer’s computing power to validate transactions on the blockchain network and receive rewards from the mined cryptocurrency is known as mining. 

For a number of well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, Binance provides mining pools. Before you can start mining on Binance, you must install specialized mining software on your computer and sign up for a mining pool. By utilizing the computing power of your computer to validate network transactions and resolve difficult mathematical problems, you can share in the mining earnings. 

Mining can be a successful way to gain money on Binance. However, it requires a substantial investment in specialized hardware as well as electricity costs.

4. Staking:

Staking on Binance means holding a specific quantity of a supported cryptocurrency in a designated wallet while taking part in network consensus procedures to promote transaction validation and network security. 

Stakeholders that do this will be rewarded with more coins. The staking procedure differs depending on the cryptocurrency being staked. However, it usually involves locking up a particular quantity of currencies for a specific period of time. 

This demonstrates to the network that the stakeholder has a stake in the security of the network and is driven to act in its best interests. 

An effective technique to earn additional cryptocurrencies is via staking on Binance. Nevertheless, it necessitates temporarily locking up your money and exposes them to risks like network security and market volatility. 

As with any investment, it’s imperative to do your research and carefully balance the risks and rewards prior to staking.

5. Referral Program:

Users of Binance can earn passive revenue by inviting others to register on the website. If they decide to continue using Binance after using your referral link or code to sign up, you will receive a portion of their trading costs. Depending on the referred user’s trading behavior, the value of the referral incentive varies. The more they trade, the greater portion of their fees you’ll collect. Additionally, there is no cap on the number of users you can refer, allowing you to gradually build up referral benefits. 

To take part in the referral program, you must create a referral link or code and have a verified Binance account. Send this link to your friends and followers via social media, email, or other ways to urge them to join Binance and start trading. 

Overall, the Binance referral program might be a useful way to generate passive revenue by making use of your network and convincing others to utilize the platform for their crypto trading. The worth of the referral bonus changes depending on the trading habits of the referred user. You will receive a larger percentage of their fees as they trade more. You can refer an unlimited number of people, which enables you to steadily increase referral rewards. 

You need to generate a referral link or code and have a verified Binance account in order to participate in the referral program. Encourage your friends and followers to sign up for Binance and begin trading by sending them this link via social media, email, and other channels.

6. Trading on Margin:

By borrowing money from the platform or other traders, users of Binance’s margin trading feature can strengthen their trading positions and increase their revenues. On Binance, you can trade on margin a number of well-known cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin. 

To start margin trading on Binance, you must deposit funds to your margin wallet and have a verified account. The next step is to choose which cryptocurrency to trade and the leverage you want to use. How much money you can borrow to increase the size of your stake depends on your leverage ratio. Margin trading can be a high-risk, high-reward approach because it magnifies wins and losses.

7. Binary Launchpad

Before they are made available to the general public, new blockchain projects can be purchased through the Binance Launchpad platform. 

By buying tokens at a discount and then selling them later when their value has increased, investors may profit. Binance thoroughly examines these businesses. 


For anyone ready to put in the time and effort to construct a successful crypto portfolio, Binance offers limitless options with its cutting-edge trading platform and a broad range of digital assets. 

It’s critical to keep up with market trends and changes on Binance, as well as to be aware of the hazards associated with trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Now that you’re aware of all the numerous ways you may use the Earn platform of the organization to earn passive Binance interest rates, all that’s left to do is choose the one that works best for you. 

You don’t have to choose just one strategy, that much I can tell you right away! You may actually utilize as many of the Binance earn services as you did like, at the same time! You can certainly choose your favorite and best-APY services on Binance Earn, don’t forget that you may earn cryptocurrency while learning on Binance! This can be a terrific way to supplement your present passive income while also broadening your understanding of all things crypto and blockchain technology 


How Can I Earn Cryptocurrency For Free? 

Some of the most popular methods for earning free cryptocurrency include faucet websites, airdrop giveaways, and browsing the web with the Brave browser. Another method for obtaining free cryptocurrency is through the YieldFlow portal, which rewards users for yield farming, staking, and lending idle cryptos. 

How much can you make using Binance? 

If you’re interested in trading and want to learn more, consider joining relevant Telegram groups and interacting with experienced traders who can offer advice. Conclusion: Earning $30 a day on Binance is possible with the right strategies and a well-informed approach. 

Is Binance Available in Pakistan? 

You may join four trustworthy exchanges in Pakistan, the most popular of which are Binance and Kraken, which have a combined 99,000,000 active users. After you join up for an exchange, you must verify your name and address as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. 

Does Binance make Everyday Payments? 

Simple Earn enables you to earn daily incentives by depositing digital assets for flexible or locked timeframes. You can subscribe or redeem practically at any time, giving you the freedom and liquidity to manage your assets while receiving daily rewards. 

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