Is It Safe To Use Bitcoin? An Ultimate Guide In 2024

Are you interested in Bitcoin investment but have questions about the safety and security of using Bitcoin? Are you worried about the security risks while investing in a Bitcoin and searching that it is safe to use? If yes this article is for you it will guide you well about Bitcoin and you will get answers to all the questions about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been down nearly 60% in recent years. Cybercrimes are rising day by day because of the lack of legal framework and contribute to the development of risks.  It is reported by the Federal Trade Commission that INR 27 billion in cryptocurrency was lost due to cryptocurrency fraud. There is also a problem of falling prices along with the risk of criminal attacks and all these issues make anyone think and plan about the security of their bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin a Safe Investment?

While understanding the security of Bitcoin it depends upon how you define the security. This year the price of Bitcoin dropped from almost. Loses like that can send investors running for the hills for any other asset class. If you consider security an investment with a relatively stable price then bitcoin Bitcoin may not be safe for the investment portfolio. It means that Bitcoin’s mercurial status may be changing.

Bitcoin is becoming more integrated with traditional financial markets and it seems like there is significant participation from the retail and increasing from institutional investors. Historically bitcoin is considered more volatile but it has become a mainstream alternative asset more recently correlated to a large cap of technology. If you are considering a bitcoin a digital gold rather than investment security you can add another dimension to the security question.

Bitcoin technology is relatively considered safe it is not always anonymous and depends upon the passwords. The address of your crypto wallet is publicly valuable, while Bitcoin disguises your personal information. Hackers can use web trackers and cookies to find detailed information about the transaction including private information and data. If you consider anonymity as the definition of security, Bitcoin might not be considered entirely secure.

Your cryptocurrency is only as safe as the crypto wallet you are using for keeping your money. If you lose your password or someone gets access to it you may see the disclaimers not “SIPC protected” or not “FDIC insured” that are attached to the Bitcoin. It means that the firm that holds your crypto investment has failed neither of the bails stops will bail you out. It’s considered worth noting that none of these concerns are related to the security of the Bitcoin network itself.

Tips to Consider Before Buying Bitcoin:

Due to the high volatility and the security risks of Bitcoin, it’s necessary to consider the reasons for buying before you trade for any of the rupees for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Is considered a highly speculative investment. The risk and the reward profile of the bitcoin are different from the investment of most stocks and bonds. We just recommend investors invest capital they are willing to lose.

Are you interested in buying Bitcoin as an investment? It’s recommended that you keep your exposure to a minimum because no one can predict and guess where the market will go. Many financial advisors recommend keeping Bitcoin less than 5% of your portfolio.

Risks of Bitcoin:

Like other investments, bitcoin is not free from the risks. There are many risks to the cryptocurrency from the market risk to the regulatory risks and cybersecurity risks. Market risks are usually considered the biggest risk associated with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin also reacts to interest rates inversely. So after increasing the Fed rates, bitcoin typically takes a Dip because the investors start leaning towards more safe and stable investments.  Cybersecurity is another chief concern of digital asset holders. Make sure to keep a strong password because your transactions are only safe and secure when your wallet information and password are secure. The threats of cryptocurrency are increasing day by day.

How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe?

The safety of your Bitcoin usually depends upon the way you store it. Your choice of wallet of crypto and the encryption levels it uses play an important part in keeping your coins safe.

Cold wallets are not connected to the internet and are secure from hacking and other security issues but cold wallets are considered less convenient than hot wallets.  Cold wallets are subject to theft or insecurity. Hot wallets are more convenient because you can access your cryptocurrency from anywhere when you have an internet connection or cell service, but they are more prone to hacking.

Consider a prudent strategy by using the combination of hot wallets and cold wallets, with more assets in cold storage. It’s recommended by the experts that must read the terms and conditions before signing up for a wallet and service.

Security Precautions:

If you want to use the Bitcoin currency must consider the security precautions that we are going to tell you.

1. Backup:

To keep your bitcoins safe and secure backup your entire Bitcoin wallet early. In case of a device failure like your computer history, a regular backup will be the only possible solution to recover the currency in a digital wallet. Must include all the wallet data files and then store the backup at different secure locations like USB, CD, or any other removable device. Make sure that you are using a strong password on the backup and then encrypt it.

2. Software update:

Keep your software up to date. If the bitcoin is UN updated and the wallet is running on UN updated bitcoin software can be a soft target for the hackers. The latest version of wallet software will have updated definitions and fixes in place and then enhance the safety and security of your Bitcoin. Update your mobile phone and computer consistently and also update the software to make Bitcoin safer.

3. Multi-Signature:

The multi-signature has gained popularity and it involves transaction approval from different people. It reduces the threats of theft or attack, as a single controller or server cannot carry out the transactions. The people who can transect are decided earlier when any one of them wants to send or receive the bitcoins they will need others in a group to approve the transactions. This is then called the shared wallet and it should be used with precaution.

If you have gained the option of using the multi-signature make sure that you have the social circle of people using bitcoins and trust them before joining the wallet.

4. Seed Phrases:

Seed phrases are a series of randomly generated words that prove as the master word for your Bitcoin wallet. This phrase is also called the recovery phrase, mnemonic phrase, or mnemonic seed phrase. This phrase allows you to recover your lost keys when you lose your storage devices or access your wallet. Your keys are encrypted and this encryption generates the series of words that gives you access to that wallet. The seed phrase may look like this

  • Snake rather than window lab
  • West Industry Trap night
  • Volcano One money link
  • Jacket absurd detect inspire

You have to enter the phrase same like this follow the same sequence and if you can’t memorize them just write them down at multiple places. You can go for the purchase of a titanium stamping kit to secure and save the seed phrase in your safe.

5. Encrypt your Wallet:

Encrypting your smartphone and wallet allows you to set a password for anyone who is trying to withdraw your amount. It will help protect against thefts but it cannot protect against keylogging hardware and software.

Never forget your password: Make sure that you never forget your password otherwise your funds will be permanently lost. Unlike your bank, you will not find the same recovery options for Bitcoin. If you’re logging in to your wallet after many years it’s important to remember this password even at that time.  Use a strong password: A password must contain letters or recognizable words that can be considered very weak and easy to break. Strong passwords must contain letters, numbers, and punctuation marks and there should be 16 characters. The most secure passwords are those that are generated by programs designed specifically for that purpose. It is difficult to remember the strong password so keep it noted somewhere.

6. Offline Wallet For Savings:

Offline wallet is also known as cold wallet and it provides the highest level of security for your savings. It involves storing a Bitcoin wallet in a safe place that is usually not connected to the network. When it is done properly it will offer a very strong protection against the computer vulnerabilities. Using an offline wallet in combination with backups and encryption is always a good practice.

Offline transaction signing: it involves having two computers that are sharing the same part of the same wallet. Disconnect the first one from any network. It is the only one that holds the entire wallet and can sign transactions.  The second computer has a connection to the network and only has a watching wallet that can create unsigned transactions. This is the best way to secure your new transactions with the following steps.

  • Create a new transaction on the online computer and then save it on the USB key.
  • Then sign the transaction with the offline computer.
  • Then send the signed transaction with the online computer.
  • 7. Hardware wallets:

Hardware wallets are considered the best balance between very high securities and then easy to use. These little devices are designed from the root of the wallet and nothing else.  No software can be installed on them making them more secure against computer vulnerabilities and online thefts. They can allow the backup so you can recover your funds if you lose the device because of any issue.


Cryptocurrency is used worldwide and is not losing its popularity with users or thieves. Because they could steal from others than earn a living, it is important to store your Bitcoin keys as safely as possible. Cold storage methods are the safest of all to store your keys but at some point, you have to connect your storage device or enter your keys to use your Bitcoin effectively. When you need to access and use your keys use the offline device only storing the device in a safe place is the best way to prevent hackers and strangers from attacking your data and stealing your crypto.


1. Why is the Bitcoin Fee so high?

Bitcoin fee is high because most Bitcoin blocks are only 1MB to 1.5 Mb and each block process a very limited number of transactions which leads to long waiting periods and sometimes results in a higher fee.

2. Is Bitcoin Real or Safe?

Bitcoin is not an actual currency like the Canadian dollar but Bitcoin is a commodity that can be purchased and sold by using other currencies similar to purchasing a bar of silver.

3. Does Bitcoin Return the Money?

A Bitcoin transaction can never be reversed, but it can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds.

4. Can you lose a Cold Wallet?

Yes, cold storage might include the paper on which you have written the keys, a device not bigger than a USB Thumb drive, or one that resembles a small cell phone.  These can be misplaced easily so if you are having one make sure to develop the habit of saving them, save the keys in all of them you will not lose them all at the same time. As cold wallets are not connected to any internet or any other device they can’t be hacked. If you connect them to the internet then there are chances of hacking. Cold wallets get lost by the users if they lose the keys, there is no chance of being attacked by hackers.

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