15 Best Instagram Followers Tracker in 2024

Are you an Instagram user? Having a large number of followers? Curious about your followers? Are you unable to track down your followers or who unfollow you? Wants to know the benefits of these tracking tools?

You jump on a very correct page. This article will help you get every answer you are having questions about in your mind. Many people millions of people are using Instagram nowadays, Instagram becomes the top-rated social media app because of its high value to the public. There are also some public figures like actors, and politicians who get more and more followers but sometimes you want to check who followed you and who unfollow you for that purpose. People invent many tools to track down their followers easily. You have to read the full article to get a complete picture of those tools

Instagram is a social media networking app used for video and picture sharing. This app also helps you to get famous in public by promoting yourself. It’s a free social media app. Many people will follow you and like your pictures if you give them interesting content. Content is a very important thing in each video or photo. Content is the thing that attracts the you have to take a strong grip over the content material.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing social media app that is run by an American company named META platform. For uploading pictures and videos Instagram gives you many options to edit your pictures and make them more enhancing. You can also tag the people who are available in your photo with you along with your location. But for uploading you have to first choose whether you want your account to be public so anyone can see it or you want private so just the people who followed you and whom you followed will only see your content.

Instagram added most of the new features like reels, IGTV, and Instagram Direct. Instagram also provi6ghe a platform for advertisers so that they can easily promote their products without doing physical hard work they just have to promote it on Instagram. Today in the digital world people usually prefer to stay at home and do whatever they want from their phones. And phones provide them each and everything which they need. So both customers and sellers both are getting benefits, one just has to upload it promote it other just has to open it and buy it. This is the easiness of the internet nowadays.

There are also food pages like Optp, KFC, and MacDonald you can also order your favorite food by sitting on your bed Just a click away. The Internet makes human life very easy but on the other hand, it also makes the person lazy. You can search for any person sitting on the opposite side of the globe and text them to see them. Distance is nothing for Instagram users. These are things are just one step away that is creating a Instagram account for getting all these opportunities you have to download Instagram and create an account only then can explore everything.

Instagram Profile:

After creating an Instagram account you have to set up your profile first which will be visible to viewers. You can add photos videos or reels to your profile picture. From this page, you can track your followers or whom you followed. The profile page is the first thing the viewers notice about the account so it should be with a good image, username, profile name, and bio data should be up to date.

The Instagram profile is the main page that will give you followers or which will also make your viewers lose interest in your profile so you have to check your profile mostly and make it viewable.

Instagram Followers:

Instagram is a social networking media app that will give you popularity in less time than you can’t even imagine. You just have to get followers, the more followers the more famous you are. It’s all just a followers game. But making your followers list long you have to do some hard work. Firstly as we said before Instagram profile should be that much strong which will attract followers to open up your profile or gives you a follow. The profile should be updated after every 2-3 days as viewers want new things every time they open Instagram.

Sometimes people also buy followers by giving money so they will follow their account and in that way, their followers increase. But some don’t like to play with money they work hard and add interesting or enjoyable content on their profile that people enjoy and like a lot which also gives them more followers. Instagram followers are the main thing that makes your account, after reaching a certain range of followers you can also apply for verification of your account which will give you a blue tick with your account, which shows that you have a verified account.

Benefits OF Instagram Followers Tracker  Tools:

By knowing about your followers or the content they are liking from your feed you will get an idea of which type of content most people like this will help you to make interesting content and engage more and more followers to your account.

These tools also have the benefit of tracking down fake accounts once you get the idea of which followers check your account and liked comments shared but those who didn’t even visit your profile once just follow you without checking your activity can be the fake ones run by some bots you can just remove them from your followers immediately.

You can also see the accounts who used to follow you but now unfollow you there must be a reason for doing so maybe they are not enjoying your content this will give you the idea about changing your profile and upgrading it.

Best Instagram Followers Tracker 2023:

As Instagram is a top-list social media app, Instagram followers trackers also play a major role in these times. With time passes your followers increase or if doesn’t happen you can’t be able to track down your followers who have followed you and who unfollowed you. For this purpose, many trackers are invented to track down the accounts that followed or unfollowed you.  Below we will discuss the Instagram followers trackers:

1. Followers Analyzer:

It’s a free app available for download on Android or IOS, it’s a simple and easy app that provides a variety of features for their customer’s ease. The follower analyzer gives you analytics about Instagram followers. You can easily see who has followed you and who unfollowed you .it also tracks down your new followers through mutual friends. You can also see who comments on your post and who likes it.

This app has a vast range of features it shows you your top commented or top liked pictures, video, or statuses, and also who tagged you mostly.

Its premium purchase feature will give you multiple accounts sign-in and will remove ads.

2. Crowd Fire:

CROWDFIFRECrowd fire is an all-around app that is available for both iPhone users and iPad users. It’s a social media app management tool but it’s also an Instagram followers tracker. It provides you the names of accounts that do follow you back and also those that don’t. It’s a free app but also offers premium purchases for one month or 12 months.

The free version of crowd fire is very limited but it also gives you more features to enjoy, but if you want to use it regularly you have to buy it you have to pay for it.

3. Wow Making:

WOW MAKINGThis app makes it easy for following and unfollowing others. Your Instagram account analytics can find out with the help of this app. This app also has in-built purchases for its advanced feature.

From this app, you can also find your real followers or non-followers. You can also learn from it which post is going successfully, getting more comments or likes.

You can easily check your posts or whether your profile is going up or down so you can manage it.

4. Hoot-Suite:

Hoot-suiteThis app is only suitable for IOS software. This app is also capable of doing multiple functions it also follower tracking. It collects data from analytics of Instagram.  It tells you the high-rated post of your feed. It also provides you with the top performance of your account handler.

Hoot-suite also has an inbox and some users also use it to get to different social media app conversations

5. Followers Insight:

followers insightThis Instagram follower tracker app is available on the google play store. And it offers a huge variety of features to its users. It gives you the track analysis of all posts and stories. It also gives you the name of accounts who visited your account and viewed your stories and posts. It also gives you the names of viewers who viewed your stories after its being deleted. It also gives you the chance to add people to your whitelist. This app is without any charges this is a free app but with lots of ads.

6. Appyfurious:

APPYFURIOUS LLCWhile using this app other than tracking followers on Instagram you can also monitor the performance of your posts, and you can see which post is getting the most of the spotlight .you can track down the people who followed you and unfollowed you with the help of this app.

Its basic features are free but with premium purchase, you can get extra features for your use.

7. Follow Meter:

FollowMeterThis app follow-meter is available for free on both Android and IOS. Basic features are available in the free version but for updates, you have to subscribe to it. They have 3 plans weekly, monthly, or yearly. This app allows you to see the people who view your story or content without following you. You can see the people who unfollowed you recently, blocked your content, and follow your account. This app also allows you to see the most engaging post on your feed and the most followers who comment likes on every post of your profile.

8. Monomasic:

This app is one of the most Favorite apps of users. Up-till now its rating is still high, everyone gives it 5 stars. You will get many features in the free version but for upgrading it you have to purchase its premium version.

This app will help you to look after the gain and loss of followers, you can also learn from this app who has blocked you, or unfollowed you. You also point out your most loving followers who comment and like your every post. Multiple accounts can also be managed with this app.

9. Cc Soft:

CC SOFT  is the Instagram followers tracker tool that provides you the more information about the management of your Instagram account. Like all other apps for this function, this tool also provides you with the most general features in a free version for the advanced version of its features you have to buy its updated version.

In this app, you can unfollow or follow anyone using this app. This app also has a different auto button in which you can just make a list of people whom you have to block, follow or unfollow then this app will automatically do that function.

10. Quadro Tools:

This app allows you to find out who follows you and who unfollows your account. This app has another name tracker for Instagram followers and non-follower and it accurately works according to its name. Many people give it a g star rating. but some complaints about ads.

It gives you a detailed image of your Instagram account, who followed you who unfollowed you, who liked your post who commented, and everything happening on your account it will tell you.


This article was to help you to find out the best Instagram follower trackers. At some point, people want to know about their followers and also who unfollowed them. The above-given apps will help you a lot in tracking your followers and these apps also help a lot in other processes like checking the engagement of your post and managing your profile. hope this article will be helpful to you.

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